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ANTHONY HILL: "Being Sensible" ... Justifying the MURDER by POLICE of a Model Citizen & Veteran ... The "MANIPULATIVE INVESTIGATIVE" Edition ... (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.40) & (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.21)

Anthony Hill

This posting for this rain drenched Easter Sunday here in Dallas ... will be to look at the case of the murdered US Air Force veteran and upstanding citizen Anthony Hill of the Atlanta Metro area by DeKalb County police officer Robert Olsen, that I wanted to have in this journal. So it will serve both the "Police Brutality" and "Veterans Spotlight" series of this journal. This incident happened nearly a month ago and I been trying to read up on it to see what happened ... and I do not put any cases in this series unless they deserve to be in this series, being that it is outright murder or excessive force or related (an example of the vast differences in cases, look at the Trayvon Martin case here , and Zimmerman was NOT a cop, but a volunteer sort of community watchdog) ... in other word's ... I myself am like Anthony Hill, who recently posted in social media in response to the Michael Brown shooting, that we should not just go around labeling all cops as wrong or bad, the cases in this series prove themselves as what they are. I thought by now as clear as this is, that there would be at least some progress in this investigation, but it seem's like not much, and the longer these drag out allows for more chance of a manipulative investigative screw- up, although ... it has to be thorough at the same time. Many of us have veterans in our families and personally know vet's, retired, active or reserve ... several in my familia and most recently my step- grandson Jerome who just signed up for the Air Force as well. Some news link read below ... then I will throw in my part trying to be as Mr.Hill's grandfather would tell Anthony as a kid, to "Be Sensible" which I would hope the conclusion of this investigation would be for the sake of Anthony's parent's/ familia and girlfriend Bridget.

***** NY TIMES/ U.S.: Police Shooting Victim in Georgia Tried to Follow 'Sensible' Path

***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Supreme Court Considers Dispute Over Police Treatment Of Mentally Ill Suspects


Anthony Hill demonstration in Decatur,GA (march 2015)

Anthony Hill center with his mother Carolyn and father Anthony





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

This is more than just a black/ white issue today ... this is an American issue, a citizen's issue ... an issue of questioning what democracy mean's. Mr.Hill is a perfect example of your upstanding citizen ... you cant try to make up or manufacture more nonsensical reasons to spend endless months with hidden jury panels, biased insider prosecution puppets and more twisted legislative laundering to try to make this any way sensible and/ or justifiable. Of course his neighbour's, familia and the African American community is outraged, and rightfully so, but this should and WILL outrage many more ... in time, because no one is immuned to this, and as I posted in other pieces such as this piece concerning rights ... it will have an impact on everyone in time regardless of race, gender or much else. As you can see in the above HuffPost link, the Supreme Court is even having to deal with this and how the mentally ill should be dealt with ... and the growing outrage has been enormous.

Here you have a man (Hill) ... who is a veteran, worked odd contract work while also working towards his music career as a studio intern, attended college, sang in a church choir, was even a intern earlier at a local law enforcement agency in South Carolina, been with his girlfriend Bridget for 3 years in a good relationship, and 3 years obviously speaks for itself, meaning he must be doing something right, a girlfriend very fond of him, who sayz he likes to cook for her in his spare time, neighbours even liked him, and all were surprised at his actions running around naked that day he was killed, yet in all his mental frustration he tried to remain cool and reassure folks he was okay. His crime is basically being naked I reckon ... and in my opinion, probably one of the most dumb thing's to be ever criminalized ... after all ... are we not born into this world naked?

The trouble with these investigations more than ever now, is the lack of transparency to the citizen's/ taxpayers, with these hidden anonymous type grand jury reviews and interdepartmental investigations, where the victim is focused on more than the one who done the killing, almost a reverse role of the prosecutions job at that. DeKalb County is saying that they want to be MORE transparent and have an outside investigation conducted by the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation), which sounds real nice, but the question is what will they investigate? ... to see if Mr.Hill was someway in the wrong enough to get murdered? ... or to try to get this officer Olsen off with a slap on the wrist? ... I mean, is there not any other possibilities to be investigated? You need more than just local GBI, county or city looking at these cases ... with some independent investigations from those who have a history of credibility. And this would really be difficult to twist for any who try to criminalize Mr.Hill ... he has NO criminal history or is even a doper, or gang relations which is another excuse they use, etc.

Mr.Hill or even his mom Carolyn dont play race bias, which was clear in Anthony's FaceBook concerning police and excessive force, and his mom stated that this isnt a race issue, she simply want's answers and if possible, some justice ... just what any mom/ parent would want. They say as usual that witness reports were conflicting, which you have to expect ... some say he was crawling when shot, some say his arms were raised up, stretched out or down to his sides, officer Olsen sayz he looked deranged and murderous and was charging toward's him. I'm gonna go with what Anthony's grandpa said and try to make common sense here ... if I were a judge or jury member or whatever in this case ... you have a naked ill man ... period ... I dont care if his hand's were up down to the side or whatever, or if he was scratching his balls with his right hand and scratching his ass with his left ... he clearly had NO weapons. I dont see how the officer felt so in danger with all the equipment he is carrying and training he had (including training in dealing with mentally ill) and 7 years experience on how to apprehend or deal with a suspect, especially on this kind of call ... it's obvious that he (Anthony) needed and wanted to talk with someone, even hugging a neighbour earlier just minutes before his death, telling the neighbour that everything will be fine.

Medical records show that Anthony started to have problems in Afghanistan after seeing innocent children getting killed, he was discharged from duty diagnosed as bipolar, yet no prior history of such, and put on pharma drugs, which I believe personally speaking and as you can see throughout this journal like in the "Pharmaceutical Cash Cow's" series, that in some cases, despite how "good" these drugs are supposed to be, many of them we have no reliable history of to see the side effects, and especially in the long term ... I mean, after all ... these drugs are specifically designed to manipulate the way the mind naturally worx ... and it's a multi- billion dollar industry. So I will be curious to see whenever this investigation get's concluded on how they can justify the murder of Anthony ... but I am sure they will try their damnedest ... I know there is no criminal reason on Anthony's part just looking at what is known. Meanwhile poor Anthony's girlfriend is weeping and trying to uplift her spirit saying she knows that Anthony is in paradise, his mom weeping just hoping to get some answers ... and officer Olsen as usual is probably fishing, golfing or whatever while getting his paycheck and hoping that they will clear him and get excused.

Word Out ....

Bridget & Anthony


Woman attacked by Naked man ... Thanx to FOX4 NEWS- DALLAS- FORT WORTH ... a video from here in Dallas' North Oak Cliff section last year that I recalled, of a mentally ill naked man who attacked 2 women in daylight, one on the street and one climbing into her car sun roof ... police had got the call and that the man possibly had a knife ... they apprehended him with no problemo or even hitting the man who actually reacted with violence (Anthony above displayed NO violence, anger or attacked anyone) ... this was good and proper police work by Dallas PD.



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