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WAR ON CIVIL RIGHTS 2015 with Charlie E. Cobb, Jr: "This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed/ How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible" ... The "RACISM to CLASSISM" Edition ... (BLACK HISTORY MONTH/ HARMON LOFT PT.9) & (SELF DEFENSE PT.28)

Charlie Cobb (Author/ Activist)

(left to right) ... Stokely Carmichael, Charlie Cobb, George Greene (1963) of the SNCC

This posting called "War On Civil Rights 2015" will serve 2 series in this journal ... "Black History Month" (which is a series personally dedicated to Harmon Loft as well ... a mentor of mine as a kid that I point out in Part 1) and the "Self Defense" series both. I chose a Charlie Cobb interview, who worked in the early 1960's civil rights movement and was very active in it in Mississippi starting in the SNCC as a civil rights activist, and today an author/ journalist who will share a lil history and about what inspired his book "This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed" and why guns helped make the civil rights movement possible down there especially. But this posting is also kind of personal for all those locally that have been great in sharing their concern about what we are seeing happen to America, and looking at the various solution's that are needed. The fact is, in 2015 America ... our rights are being attacked more than ever (which is why I call these times a "War on Civil Rights"), including even the voting rights ... which was a big issue back then in the civil rights movement, are being attacked AGAIN and suppressed in various states. And this attack in one way or another is on every tax paying American that has to work for a living, small businesses and across the board ... so it has went from openly racism, and became sugar coated in political correctness to where today it's classism, but still strongly prejudiced on people of colour without calling it race ... if that makes any sense. But first the interview with Charlie from former Black Panther member and host Eddie Conway, then an added video of a former American militia founder James Johnson speaking to the Senate on gun rights back 20 years ago, then of course some input from me after.


***** NOTE: I have been asked more than once, and by new recent Arab immigrant's for instance ... what is the big deal with black history? ... or why it is so special?, etc ... and many of these folk's that I explained this to had no idea what all black American's have done as far as molding the modern Democracy America is today, the impact on American rock, jazz and R&B music and arts, to many invention's, to the cowboys and ranch hand's that built the new west, to medicine, to all that served this nation in our military, etc. And what is remarkable in most of this, is that these folk's were brought here as slaves, stripped of their culture, religion's, languages and families, and deliberately for year's denied to even get ANY education or to have any rights whatsoever as even being human, even some punished just for trying to learn to read or write for that matter ... I cant think of ANY immigrant culture to this nation in our history that has had to go through this and overcome the obstacle's put in place, even by our own founding government and leader's ... these folk's had to really fight and go through Hell to just be recognized as human and brought into any kind of mainstream of society, yet contributed so much to the construction of it. And time and again, so many here in America tried to sweep their history under the rug and act as if it never happened. The struggle and fight of African American's are also what done so much as far as expanding rights for ALL in this nation as well. So that's why it's importante and special historically.



***** YOUTUBE/ VIDEO: "How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible PT.1" ... Thanx to TheRealNews

***** YOUTUBE/ VIDEO: "How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible PT.2" ... Thanx to TheRealNews


Seattle Panthers Feb. 29, 1969 @ Capitol in Olympia (WA) to protest gun control bill




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American Militia Leader James Johnson Speaks to Senate in 1995 ... Thanx to NATIONAL LIBERTY FEDERATION **** I wanted to add this bonus video of James Johnson speaking to the Senate 20 years ago, before I add my part.


Huey P. Newton Gun Club- Dallas 2014

Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"



The reason you see a growing concern over civil rights today, is because it needs to be revisited right away, and this is why you see also the growing number of group's getting involved and so much social media on such. The bottom line is ... a half century ago so much action was taking place, and progress has been made, but 50 years later, we are back at square one, and this need's American support across the board, it doesnt matter what race, gender you are now ... you will get hit, it has to be especially frustrating to African American's because it looks like years of hard work down the drain almost, and most of this is simply a result of the same oligarchic disease that contaminates our government/ politic's ... and as I wrote earlier in this journal ... that this time it will go global, which is what we are starting to see now more than ever ... they're basically fucking up society all over the globe ... through our politics and financial systems.

It is at the point now where damn near every one of the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution (Bill of Rights) is being violated in some way, and those of lower incomes and especially those of colour are getting hit the hardest. The 4th Amendment is guaranteed almost to get violated daily when it comes to search and seizure, residential door's being bashed in, even many times with paperwork screw- ups and mistaken identities, actually kicking in the wrong door's. The 1st Amendment is basically in the shitter these dayz, not just on the right to peaceful assembly (which is regulated to a point of almost no assembly), and free speech is all sugar- coated to politically correct speech and everything you do and say is picked apart, especially if you do it in social media, and to petition the government concerning grievances takes forever with run around after run around. The 8th Amendment as far as excessive bails, fines, cruel and unusual punishment is collapsed as well. The 6th Amendment I could talk about till I'm blue in the face (see this series "Incarcerated American", because that can be a long complicated mess), and you should know at least a little about law when going into the courts system (do your homework and have as much to say in it as your attorney, or fire them), you may be working poor and get a speedy trial, without the trial part, with a public defense that basically worx for the prosecution in your county/ state/ city court, etc ... get hustled into a cop- out plea and go down, to profit privatized prisons on a petty offense (courts work different between city, county, district, etc). BUT ... these are still rights ... and if you DONT utilize them, you will never see them in force ... so it is importante to fight back.

The 2nd Amendment is no exception, although it is being constantly pigeon- holed as being as the cause for so much violence and evil, at least American's are more well armed than ever in the history of this nation. When some of the latest protest's in Ferguson (MO) went down, the police wouldnt even send any police to protect small businesses from looter's notice ... it was local militia's like the "Oath Keepers (a look at American pre- programmed and masochistic pop- culture political bigotry view of what well regulated militia's are)" that volunteered to protect, board up and stand guard over small businesses and properties in that community (and the government tried to STOP Oath Keepers from protecting Ferguson properties, citizens and businesses) ... the police were quick to surround and protect government building's and the police headquarter's, but that's about it ... which shows that they dont care about your community or your businesses ... those Oath Keepers probably saved millions in damages, just simply showing their presence, that's how simple it was. In Dallas today you have militia groups like the "Huey P. Newton Gun Club" taking care of their own communities in areas of town like South Central Dallas or West Dallas, and because they want to keep a visible presence as well to let police know that they are guarding also the members of their communities who are too often abused or killed and have their rights violated.

A half century ago in the civil rights movement there was tension between Dr.M.L.King and Malcolm X over methods to get results ... Malcolm X accusing King of being too passive, and Dr.King saying that Malcolm is too violent and in the south it can only cause alot more bloodshed of black people, King had to work with a more peaceful approach than what Malcolm may do and say in a place like Harlem/ NYC ... sadly they both were assassinated, both having to pay a price. Peaceful assembly, voting, and alot of working for legislative changes is importante, and because we have rights we can utilize ... but also remember that America is a nation that was bred on violence, bloodshed and guns ... and today what you see is all the aggression and violence being handed out is from corporate/ political influence, not from the people when it comes to these rights issues. Today in 2015 ... a well regulated militia is as importante in this nation as it ever was in history, not the talk about ... "lets ban firearms" from the people, and everything will be fine ... it WILL NOT be fine. One of the reasons why Mr.Cobb is still alive to talk and write about the condition back in the civil rights movement of the 1960's ... is because he was defended by rural black people who were armed ... otherwise, he may be dead. He didnt understand this at first coming from the city and going into that environment at such a young age, but learned in time.

Also let me add that I see Malcolm X and Dr.King as different as day and night, and only are both recognized for the same thing by some ... simply because they were in the same era and both argued for African American rights. What I mean is, Malcolm I see as a segregationist, while I see Dr.King as a integrationist, so todayz society in America is more like Dr.King's vision, not like Malcolm's (but I admire both for their leadership qualities). Malcolm as well as King both were pro- gun though, and both to protect their people and properties is why, King was denied firearms license though. Malcolm was also heavy into the Islamic faith for a while, King was Christian. One guy told me back awhile ago that he viewed Malcolm X as no different than the Ku Klux Klan is why I bring this up ... there is a big difference though between them, being that the KKK back then actually terrorized and murdered in a horrific manner innocent people and was even a very strong political influence in Washington with members working on Capitalism Hill (aka Capitol Hill). Malcolm was just one that believed that if we couldnt get along together, that we should be separate and was a black nationalist of sort, similar to how I view things like extreme religious views such as more stricter forms of Sharia Law which I dont believe is healthy in our democratic society, so "if" necessary, like Malcolm, I believe if our wayz cant coexist in a healthy beneficial way, we should seperate until we evolve socially to that time and place is all.

It takes alot as history shows to maintain rights, because they are alwayz under attack at one time or another, and nothing is too easy. We should be very grateful that we do have rights to assemble and bear arms as we have ... I feel sorry for people in some of these countries to see what they have to go through when they want to be heard, going up against tanks and amoured military/ police with only sticks and bottles as defense and NO armour themselves, and there are forces out there that dictate our political representation who would love to see the entire world like that, including us ... just more defenseless. Some say that peace is the only answer to assembly and protesting grievances ... and passively waiting ... I disagree, peaceful solutions are great if possible, but not one way is the solution, if they were peaceful with the people I could understand, but that IS NOT our society, they are violent on us, and manipulate our rights and laws ... period ... we even pay their salaries to protect us, what a rip off that can be, eh? Some say that our guns is no defense against such strong forces ... it is defense though bottom line, look at these ragtag militia's who are less armed with sophisticated weaponry in places like Afghanistan, not even the USA or Russian (military/ occupation) over a couple decades has been able to make them submit, and we spend billions to fight them, so dont tell us that no defense is a reliable defense ... that is just foolish thinking.

I alwayz hear political mouthpieces saying we need to be cut of this and that entitlement, public services, schools/ education, infrastructure repair, etc, while they spend recklessly on everything they choose or are directed to by billionaire lobbyist's (and the nerve of these folks telling us what to do with our own money, and telling us we have to pay for the losses of some like Wall Street is insane), that we need to take personal responsibility, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps or other nonsense ... this coming from people who are basically weak and frail as far as leadership qualities, overpaid, and insist and legislate that we need to give welfare to them and their Wall Street friend's. Well ... American's are taking responsibility by defending themselves and country by right, duty, and a sense of patriotism, and are the ones also doing all the work and paying all ya'll's bill's ... so shut the Hell up ... and be grateful you even get a goddamn paycheck from us instead of a foot in your ass, and shown the door election day.

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