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SEAT BELT VIOLATOR CRIMINALS in America 2014: ... From Colour BLIND to Colour FINED ... No BELT'S? ... Catch some WELT'S ... The "SEAT BELT WELT" Edition ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.19) & (CITATION VIOLATION NATION PT.11)


This posting to also serve 2 series of this journal ... "Police Brutality" & "Citation Violation Nation". This one will be the seat belt welt's edition to show clearly just how severe a seat belt violation can be in 2014 America, especially if your black/ African American, getting some good welt's from cop's jumping your ass. Some old school folk's like me are amazed to see where our law's have taken us, I mean ... I am one of those guyz that remember driving those large 4 barrel gas guzzling muscle car's of the 1960's and 1970's (first time I learned to drive was in 1968/ 1969, and the car was a mid- 1960's Ford Fairlane), when we paid about 40/ 50 cent's a gallon for gas, car's were so simple, you could actually do alot of your own maintenance ... no we never wore seat belt's (rarely), even hauled ass driving like 110 mph, and it was common in Texas to drive while drinking beer when you got off work, it was like culture here and normal, even cop's didnt fuck with you, there was no open container laws in Texas till maybe 2000/ 2001, and even no seat belt laws until then, if you got pulled over back in the day and had a few drinx in you, the cop would ask if you can make it home okay ... if you clearly couldnt stand straight, they would take you to jail, let you sleep it off and cut you loose in the morning is all. Now they will fine/ penalize you maybe $10,000 to $15,000 by the time your done with defense fee's and all, have you attending classes to repent and acknowledge how evil you are, crying in a group session about how awful and guilty you feel ... or are supposed to, cause if you dont, they will report you to your probation officer that you have no remorse, like they done to me once, after kicking me out of a group session, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) , spend a couple year's on probation paying monthly fee's, pissing in cup's (drug testing), and paying also monthly fee's for the device you hook up in your car that you have to blow into before you can even start your vehicle ... man, I have seen alot of changes.

Seat belt laws are no exception today ... they call it progress and safety, so there has been alot of progress, and even today they have made plenty of progress as far as getting an ass whippin on top of getting fined/ busted ... and if your a person of colour, your even more likely to get an ass whippin from law enforcement, than back in the damn 1960's at that! Today in our political correctness we talk about how colour blind we are, yet alwayz looking for folk's of colour to fine at the same time. So I first posted the video's at the scenes along with some newsread below each, which show clear as day what happened to Jamal Jones in Indiana and Lavar Jones in South Carolina, because of their crimes of not wearing a seat belt. Of course when you look at just the video's it can get you upset, and it should, because this is NOT what our democracy should be about ... but understand how the laws are wrote and what is going on, and what allow's this to happen, this is why it is very importante on our local level's as well as federal to push with our citizen review board's and group's to change these procedures. After I will add my part to this.


Indiana Police Smash Window To Use Taser On Passenger| RAW VIDEO ... Thanx to ANDRIAN SUTIL

***** CNN/ U.S.: Indiana family sues for excessive force after police allegedly smash car window ... (newsread/ video)


South Carolina man shot by police after alleged seatbelt violation ... Thanx to POLICE STATE USA

***** CNN/ JUSTICE: Video Shows trooper shooting unarmed man, South Carolina police say ... (newsread/ video)





***** PD/ RCJ: "INCARCERATED AMERICAN" PART'S 25 THRU 1 ... a related series I wanted to include in this posting, that looks at many of the injustices against folk's incarcerated in America, and the money involved and corrupt politic's of the private prison industry in America


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

The case in Indiana where the car window was smashed and Jamal Jones should have never happened, the driver Lisa Mahone and Jones should have been just citated which takes a couple minutes and it's over. The excuse that police will use of course is that Jones refused to roll down the window further and step out of the vehicle when they requested him to. Okay then ... it is standard when a person cannot show a driver license/ ID (even though he showed a previous citation showing why he did not have such) that they will ask you to get out of the vehicle, because some occupant's will pull out paper's or such or even give phoney names, etc ... especially those who have active warrant's that they know of, it almost never fail's. Jamal Jones didnt have any active warrant's that I am aware of, so simply his refusal to get out was enough for the cop's ... and frankly, I dont see much of a case you can get in court against the officer's here, but just maybe some excessive force at most looking at it closely ... I mean ... I know how this shit worx fairly well, what to do and not to do, etc, etc. The thing is also, is that in Hammond (which is suburban South Chicago) has also laws that say an officer can request this even without "reasonable suspicion" (laws also slightly vary between town's), a law made recent because of cop's that were killed. If Ms.Mahone (driver) was the only one not wearing a seat belt, they would or should have only citated/ cited her and no asking to get out of the vehicle cause she presented the proper license/ ID, etc, and it would have been over (at least supposed to be), I mean, these cop's were careful to do everything legal, they did not ask Mahone to get out of the vehicle that I know of, and wouldnt have asked Jones to if he did not have a visible violation basically. So because Mr.Jones wasnt wearing it as well, is where the passenger comes into "question" ... then his refusal to comply with request's was reason for actual "cause" for extended search and question. They (officer's) also assumed is my guess, that this case was a felon who may flee, since they actually placed spikes under the tires of the vehicle, which in court will allow reasonable suspicion for arguement, and that it was not anything other on officer's Vicari and Turner's part. But ... the officer busting the window from what I gathered had previous write- up's for screwing up on the job, which should help a tad as far as the civil rights end for Jones. It's unfortunate ... but I am only telling it here like it is. So the police and City of Hammond will stick with the cop's on this one all the way I assume.

Of couse I think the use of force was "excessive" in Jamal's case ... BUT ... what so far this look's like would be a very difficult arguement to a jury in any court to find fault with the officer's response ... I mean ... they were using again ... the proceedures that they are trained and allowed to, okay? But yes, I know also that poor and minorities are more targeted when you have check point's/ road block's for random plate run's and searches, and in todayz society there is such a hunger to issue citation's anywayz, since they are a municipal cash cow of sort, rigged to make a buck in the name of safety and security. You cant argue it, because if there is a law against driving without a license, inspection sticker, registration, or seat belt, etc ... well ... you are subject to get citated/ cited, plain and simple. And traffic violation's bring in a fortune, and a large percentage of felony crimes warrant's that get apprehended, are actually accidental just from random stop's like this, where they just happened to pull over a car for a simple violation, and the occupant(s) of the vehicle they (officer's) find out later are wanted, sometimes on serious offenses too. I mean ... I seen murder suspect's that been running for a couple year's and covering their track's well, get busted by accident just from a random stop behind a tail light that was out and they didnt know it, or not wearing a seat belt even. This is where updating to law's comes in as far as proceedures that cop's should and can use. And much has to be done not just on the local level alone, but federal level as well, because of the variation's from town to town and state to state, etc ... pressing hard with citizen's review board's and other group's. The great part is that we live in an age where we can record/ video and document so much, and the outrage and response to some of these news pieces that inspire folk's to get off their ass and push for change across the land.

The other case with Lavar Jones in South Carolina, also a seat belt violation, but clear as day not only excessive force, but endangering the public as well ... notice how the officer acted so quick that he fired his weapon directly toward's the gas pump's, and even questioned if he hit his suspect Levar Jones ... this tell's you that the cop just freaked totally ... this SOB had no idea what the fuck he was doing, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) The officer was jailed almost immediately, fired and charged with felonies, etc. Lavar should sue the shit out of this SOB and department, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) But as far as yelling for justice on this one, this look's to be difficult to even try to get any jail time for this officer Groubert, who previously was awarded a commendation for past action's and looked at as a hero of sort. Sure he is facing maybe 10/ 20 year's possible time, I mean, it IS a deadly assault and questionable discharge of his weapon at least ... but I seriously doubt that this guy will do any time ... here's the deal on this as far as the court end, and a trial ... he and his defense once again will simply state the situation, his fear for his life, saying something like Levar Jones "lunged" in a threatening way to get his license/ registration, etc, (regardless of what it look's like to us), and that he just freaked or whatever ... so he will get sympathy as well from any jury regardless of how brutal it may look. Maybe some counseling/ therapy, 5 or 10 year's probated to maybe 5 of probation if that (I'm not sure if he can get a deferred adjudication on this, but any defense attorney of his would try to get that as well if able to under law), and you wont hear much after, cause everything after will stay on the "low", but most likely this guy will get back into law enforcement somewheres else ... now ... local law agencies may hesitate to grab him based on that felony conviction, but there will be plenty of private security agencies that would probably grab him in a heartbeat ... I am just being honest here ... and explaining the reality. I mean looking at this with a legal/ court's perspective it look's to be a tad difficult to get any serious criminal conviction. As far as any civil damage suit against him/ officer ... unless he is insured or something or loaded with money, I dont know what can be got, the department though is who to go for on this one for a few thing's, and any civil rights violation's may be a tad difficult as well. We will just have to see.

This is why it is so importante to attack this stuff on local level's too, where these law's are made that allow these thing's to get out of control. Because with the anger in many communities these dayz, alot of folks may even challenge and defy police if/ when they get pulled over, just getting sick and tired of the bullshit and abusive tactic's, meaning that cop's will still act with the same force out of their retaliation, and what training and law's allow them to ... I mean, this shit can just go in circles and on and on, since everyone is on the edge these dayz. Understand also, without ANY indictment's, whether it is this case or the Eric Garner or Michael Brown cases or other's ... there CANNOT be any kind of trial, to at least have a jury hear out the cases and decide, you have to AT LEAST get an indictment on some kind of charge whether petty or grand, to at least get these thing's heard out in the court of law ... only then ... CAN a jury of peer's look at the case on that level and exonerate if necessary or find guilty of THAT charge or lesser or greater charges ... so technically and legally, none of these cases are even being heard out, only rigged in pre- indictment inquiries and proceedures behind closed door's. Until we address this, there will be more and more of these situation's and innocent citizen's getting killed even.

Enough for now ... Word Out ....


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