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LYDIA LUNCH: "Touch My Evil", "Atomic Bongos", "3 x 3", "Snakepit Breakdown" & "No Excuse" ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.16)

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Another posting that is long overdue for this journal's music/ arts honour roll society, will be to honour and look at some of the music of Lydia Lunch ... and because of her multi talent's besides her physical beauty, she will also be highlighted for the "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal too.

Back in the 1990's I was invited to her gig in a small underground venue by a buddy and fellow musician Joe, at the time I only heard her name through the grapevine, but didnt really know too much about her or her music at that time, well ... after that experience ... I was hooked! Lydia is just a bundle of raw talent, and keep's it raw and to her root's to this day. She is out of the Empire State New York originally (Rochester & NYC), and as far as a lyricist ... she has to be one of my all time favourites along with another of mine Lou Reed also out of NYC. But Lydia is also a writer, a self empowerment speaker, musically talented as far as songwriting, instrumentally and vocalist ... with a voice that is very flexible and versatile ... from soft and sensual to raw and raunchy, she can fit into alot as far as genre, from an old school jazz style to punk rock to industrial or just about anything ... she is also an actor/ actress on top of it, so rounded all the way around in arts. A lil more as far as the array of folks she worked with in the above links.

It was a toss up for me as far as what to post on this artist as far as music, because of so much I like, so I just chose some favourites of mine below for this posting. Lydia is also like a breath of fresh air, especially here in 2014 with the saturation of backed sewage and constipation in our mainstream society from bullshit to pop- culture cultism to corporate communism to religious fundamoralism to political correctness to mass marketed homogenized and overly produced music bundles and other plastic dime a dozen psychologically programmed entertainment's, that we only like because they are force fed to us in the mainstream 24/ 7/ 365, to where they become well known and embedded in our subconscious. But Thanx a bunch to Lydia and her crew(s) for all the great work ... and best of the best for them ... some listening below ... Enjoy!





Lydia Lunch- Touch My Evil ... Thanx to AWIXUMAYITA ATIYAMUXIWA 

Lydia Lunch- Atomic Bongos ... Thanx to A KISS IN THE DREAMHOUSE

Lydia Lunch- 3 x 3 ... Thanx to ZSOKAMOKA

Lydia Lunch- Snakepit Breakdown ... Thanx to TWISTNOIR

Lydia Lunch- No Excuse @ Knitting Factory- Brooklyn 11/ 15/ 2012 - RETRO/ VIRUS... Thanx to George Stratigopoulos






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