Sunday, October 19, 2014

EBOLATICS/ EBOLA POLITICS 2014: The Republican Party WEAPON'S Of MASS VOTER SUPPRESSION ... The "Politic's of FEAR" Edition ... (America's VOTE BOAT 2014 PT.3)

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

This Part 3 of "America's VOTE BOAT" is just a spontaneous posting I didnt plan, that just caught my atencion while watching and reading some general news stories in the mainstream on this beautiful sunday morning here on the Ranch. And this is one of those thing's that I didnt see coming, since so much is going on that distract's us, so I just now caught this early this morning. As I wrote on the Ebola posting, I would hope that politic's would stay out of this and how hysterical the national panic was getting ... well ... it's even more hysterical today than a week ago, and now there is politic's galore incorporated. But it's kind of easy to pick up on these thing's, once you really take a look, because we cant do anything these dayz without some mega corporate influenced politic's spoiling it, and putting some kind of spin on anything for their gain, whether it's war/ defense, healthcare, economy, job's or whatever, you name it. Since they spend so much time, money, and interest in these thing's like Ebola ... it would be great if we could send a bunch of Ebola patient's to Wall Street and Capitalism Hill, so they can take care of them first hand, eh? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

Notice that the Ebola craze has now taken over all mainstream media along with this ISIS stuff ... I mean ... I seen on the news today that there is now panic in California over Ebola, which hasnt even came within a thousand miles of there, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) Notice if you live in Texas, the new political ad's against Wendy Davis (Texas Democrat Gubernatorial candidate) ... but not just in Texas, but all strong republican states in the USA ... that Wendy along with other states Democrat candidates are comparing Wendy and them to Obama, and trying to make folk's on both sides believe that every problemo in this country is because of Obama (this shit is all staged basically), then saying that folk's like Wendy are simply Obama extension's, there is also plenty of media blaming our so called failed healthcare to contain Ebola better on President Obama and other media trying to connect Obama, Africa and Ebola ... even some saying that the President is behind a masterplan to bring Ebola here to kill people. And now the fear is even spreading louder here in Texas than a week ago ... how convenient, eh? ... right less than a week before early voting here in Texas.

It appear's that this is being used to expand this mass voter suppression ... scaring people from getting out to vote on the left side that may be low income/ working classes, encouraging right wing common folk's to get out and vote with scare tactic's painting President Obama as an evil villian, telling them that Obama and the Democrat's are using ObamaCare, Ebola, and the rest to lockdown America and depopulate the masses, etc, etc. You know that the mega corporate and banking money is feeding this shit, since they have so much invested not just in the media's, but politic's today. Also this week notice that the Supreme Court upheld the new voter ID law's in Texas ... timed just right as a last minute side dish ... to suppress voting even more. Why would they focus so much on this, since both parties are being largely funded by corporate influences? ... because as I wrote throughout this journal ... we are in a football game, and now down to the last minute of the game, the left is up by 7 point's , GOP has the ball and 1st and goal from the 10 yard line with no time out's ... they got to score basically, but not just go for the touchdown, but also the 2 point conversion play after, to win with a 1 point advantage, otherwise they would tie up the game and have to go into overtime if they scored the touchdown and extra point, and their too impatient, cheap, lazy ... and screw up too much, meaning they have nothing else to offer, but cheap rehashed political spin playz. This win would give them even more of their power in Washington ... they are also pushing so hard because they are frightened to lose Texas, they know that Texas urban area's are now more liberal and they been losing ground fast ... and if they lose Texas ... they will lose a Hell of alot in Washington too.

I would love to vote for a 3rd party, I am one of million's of American's and Texan's, who is sick and tired of this 2 party game and monopoly, especially their lil bitch fight's and not getting a damn thing done, too much slacker vacation time and too many treat's, and just their overall weakness as far as leadership representation qualities, but ... I know that there isnt another party strong enough at this point .... so ... I vote for the lesser of the two evil's here, which is the Democrat Party, as I explain my reason's throughout these series and journal/ blog ... I was formerly a straight voting republican for many year's, but the republican party of today in my opinion isnt even pro- America or really conservative on much of anything. To think that you will discourage Texan American's like me and other's from voting using these cheap scare tactic's (and I would even vote in person against the GOP, if the only voting booth's were set up in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital ... that's about how much your petty shit scares folks like me/ us), or trying to make us angry enough to vote for a 3rd party who doesnt have a snowball's chance in Hell at this time ... your thinking is ill. As a matter of fact ... although I would like to vote for an alternative candidate/ party (more progressive in my taste) ... just because ya'll pulled this obvious cheap stunt ... it's going to make folk's like me support the Democrat candidates even more now! (at least this year). In fact ya'll are so damn slow and uncreative as hustler's and politician's, folk's like me can read you blindfolded your so slow. And even if you do win this round ... your bullshit is over in time, especially in Texas ... bank on it.

Word Out ... Get the VOTE OUT too this election day

***** POST NOTE (21 october 2014): I went first day of "early voting" on monday Oct. 20th, and it was pretty busy here in NW Dallas ... but it ran through real smooth too, no delayz, they did ask me for my photo ID, I gave them my drivers license, they looked at it barely and that's it ... no hassle whatsoever ... and I'm one of those longer voter's who also votes on every bond, amendment, proposal, city, county, and statewide. Also let me point out, as far as work, my dayz and hours are very flexible, there are alot of folks that do not have that option.


***** NFL SUNDAY: NY Giants will be here in Cowboys Stadium today at 3:25pm CST to take on the Cowboys ... and DONT take NY lightly because their not as strong as Seattle ... come out with every weapon kicking ass and pound them till the last minute! A stunning NFL show last sunday from the Cowboys who went to take on the World Champion Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, beating them in their home stadium, and dominating the entire game. Cowboys are now 1st place in the NFC East ... I think it's safe to say their defense improved from last year, eh? {: )


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Infidel753 said...

just because ya'll pulled this obvious cheap stunt ... it's going to make folk's like me support the Democrat candidates even more now!

That's what seems to have happened in 2012, when black voter turnout in the South actually went up because people were angry about the vote-suppression laws.

The Ebola hype is amazing because it's so implausible it seems desperate. The Obama/Ebola graphic is an example. It "came here" in the form of one person who had been exposed in Liberia. It hasn't "spread here" except to two nurses who were insufficiently protected by lax hospital procedures. It is "hard to get", otherwise people who were around the three current victims would have caught it. And there aren't any direct flights to the US from the affected countries -- everyone who comes here from there has to take a connecting flight via somewhere else -- so it's not clear what flights they want to stop. Closing the border is irrelevant since not a single Ebola case has been linked to the border.

The Repubs may do well this year because of low voter turnout, but even if they win the Senate, we'll just take it back in 2016. Demographics is inexorably against them. As for Texas, the key is getting all those Latinos to vote. Once that happens and the Repubs lose their dominance in that state, it will change the course of the whole country.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well good news yesterday was that many of those who been on the Ebola watch list of folk's in contact with patient for symptom's are finished and fine, so that help's pipe down some of the media too.

Oh yeah ... it's inevitable that alot of this will come back and bite them (republican's) in the ass sooner or later, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) it cant last forever. Mid- term's is a lil more hard to get folk's off their ass to vote it seem's, I mean, I met folk's that are more focused on getting out to vote in the main 4 year votes like 2012 and 2016. According to the newsread ... this lil stunt as far as the photo ID government issued some feel may have an impact on roughly 600,000 Texas voter's ... I dont know ... and I would hope not, like I said, it was easy for me, but I alwayz carry a state issued drivers license voting or not. We will just have to see, and I sure wish Wendy the best regardless of what the poll's say ... after all ... it only a fwe dayz into the early voting.

Thanx for your input here Infidel ....