Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ESTAS TONNE: "Timeless Burn Out/ feat. Reka Fodor", "The Song of the Golden Dragon" & "Cuban Dance"


***** ESTAS TONNE/ YouTube

***** EMAHO MAGAZINE: Music in the words of Estas Tonne ... (interview)

This posting will be another favourite of mine as far as guitar work ... to highlight some of his work and honour for the music/ arts honour roll section of this journal will be Estas Tonne. A remarkable 21st century guitarist and self described troubadour, who was trained/ schooled in classical as a child in the former Soviet Union/ Russia, moved to Israel and dropped playing for over a decade, then picked it back up, with strong enthusiasm in New York City after 9/11 ... and now is global with a strong following. As far as genre? ... I dont think there is one, nor does Estas care to be categorized into anything, his playing is also very spontaneous, "unrehearsed" even for an album (which is rare and unique), or get- together such as below in the first video with Fodor Reka ... kind of like a spiritual sort of thing, or like when you just get with friend's and just do a jam session, just letting it flow from within ... describing his music as something like an adventure and journey with a message of the new consciousness and paradigm through music. Where he tells stories without lyrics even to where he would encourage the person listening to create their own story just listening to the instrumental (more above in the Emaho Magazine link interview).

I wanted to focus this posting of Estas on the basic's as far as production and keep it raw as possible, this is a guy that worx well on the street and solo too, being just an amplified 6 string acoustic with all finger picking combining lead, rhythm and bass in one by himself, with a touch of folk, latin, gypsy, classical and rock, to where it makes like a full ensemble. But Estas can just work well in any size venue or setting large or small, so I chose a few below to enjoy. Estas Tonne is the creme of the crop though in his field, and if you love great guitar work like myself, he is a treat! And wishing a fruitful career and best to Estas to come ... so enough from me ... Enjoy!


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Estas Tonne & Reka Fodor- Timeless Burn Out @ Budapest [Hungary 2014] HD ... Thanx to GERI DAGYS

Estas Tonne- The Song of the Golden Dragon- Stadtspektakel Landshut 2011 ... Thanx to LIEBENSTEINMOVIES

Estas Tonne, Cuban Dance ... Thanx to ESTAS TONNE TOURING




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Beach Bum said...

Estas Tonne, Cuban Dance (parziale), Ferrara 2013

I definitely liked that video! I'll have to check him out further.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... glad you enjoyed it guy!