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POPE FRANCIS: "Emissions Mission & The 15 Diseases of The Roman Curia" ... A CALL for ALL to Download Your THINKING APP to Upload Your BRAIN CAP ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.35) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.36)

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This posting will be to highlight some of the work and efforts of Pope Francis who has been alot more action than talk in his little time as Pope, and will serve 2 series of this journal ... "Public Patriots" & "Global War'n'ing" both. First some newsread below from Democracy Now and The Washington Post, then I will add my part and why I chose to put him in these series of this journal, and the importance of his work.


***** DEMOCRACY NOW: Pope Francis Callas for Action on Climate Change & Capitalism on a Planet "Exploited by Human Greed" ... (video/ transcript)

***** THE WASHINGTON POST: The 15 ailments of the Vatican curia, according to Pope Francis ... (newsread)


***** NOTE: I tend to call these mega religions "institutionalized" more often than "organized" because they seem on the other hand to keep the human mind "enslaved" to a degree, or are at least designed to do so. In other word's, I figure if a person truly believes in a higher power of the universe that created them in it's own likeness, given our natural given instinct's and looking at the universe and nature as "creation", and knowing that the "mind" like the "universe" is alwayz "expanding", it would make common sense that it is also our "job/ responsibility" to liberate and expand our own mind's, not to keep them institutionalized and simply bowing to some other human who claim's that God put them in charge of everything, and you are basically "their" trained dog. The smaller offshoot's of these belief's, such as what we may look at as "radical extreme" branches, or what I call "fundamoralist's", I just simply look at as "cult's", similar systematic set up, but personalized to a specific hatred, cause or political agenda.

One of the most "twisted" thing's I have heard out of these mainstream religions, is the denial/ disbelief of "evolution" and even science ... I dont understand how one can believe in a higher power/ creator, yet DENY the very creation and nature with evidence of such through scientific fact that you say you believe that God created. I mean ... if you believe in a "creator of higher power" YOU MUST believe in the evolution of life process and nature as well, being ALL part of the that same creation you claim to believe, eh?





Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally. New Years Greetings 2015! Just because it looks sunny and beautiful in this picture here in Dallas, dont let it fool you ... it was like in the lower 20's, with a strong wind chill in the teens, so it was downright cold, I was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, a long sleeve sweatshirt and the jacket.

Pope Francis' work is so importante, because anytime you can get a major figure in a position like him to bring to light problem's that we have and at least force them to get addressed in some manner is a positive for everyone. I myself am not religious and actually loathe these mega institutionalized religion's as you can see throughout this journal ...  but the reality is, is that this religion has well over a billion people worldwide, and million's of people that depend on words of advice from this leader, millions love him, and cherish every word they can from him ... so what he has to say is not only a wakeup, but enlightening, and food for thought. In todayz society of technological dependency, you also have many that almost need to download some type of app to their smart phones it seems, just to think, which in turn in a way enables them to upload their brains/ thinking unfortunately. So much out of religion's leader's you hear the term "God's creation" ... yet, you see almost a cult mentality of destroying that "creation" that they casually and pretentiously claim they have respect for, and many religious folks and leaders spend so much time trying to make excuses as to why they feel a need to destroy our natural environment like a relentless pursuit of some sort to level's of outright insanity and poor judgement. In this case the Pope is trying to at least do something about our emissions as one of his missions. Many today that are so called "leaders" or "elite" whether in the church, government/ politics, finance (the "3 Entities" of world powers), have spent decades with endless nitpicking, bitch fights, and tossing our global warming issues on the back burner, with one runaround after another, and not much of a damn thing getting done, and hardly anyone in these position's want to say what need's to be said.

The Christmas address he gave to the governing council (Curia) of the Vatican was really a good slap in the face and long past due, as far as the 15 diseases that they are plagued with. I am sure several of these deadbeats today only wish that this Pope would have never been elected. Do some take it as an INSULT? ... they should, and they deserve it! While they were sitting on their royal asses expecting more of the centuries old blessings and ass- kissing from the Pope, they got a swift kick in the ass as a nice lil Christmas gift. Many of these folks in this order look lifeless and half dead, as if you would need a damn crane to get them off their asses, not to mention do any damn thing worthwhile. This institution has been largely a worthless disgrace to most of what it claim's to stand for, where you have over a billion folks worldwide who been financially and spiritually feeding it and accepting it's incompetence as far as addressing even many of the social need's of todayz society and what's needed as far as leadership, and all this pressure of recent from the Pope on many issues and criticism could not have come at a better time, when we are saturated worldwide with issues that need atencion. The Vatican is a very influential power and well soaked in world politics and money, and has shown to not live up to a damn thing that is required of it ... to those who support it. So someone needs to crack the bloody damn whip ... those Holy men in this order that feel he is too harsh ... look at it as a type of Bible lesson such as when the Nazarene Jesus figure cracked the whip on the money changers in their Holy surroundings.

Of course even though millions love the Pope and really appreciate his work and message, you also have many that have done nothing but criticize the man, such as these evangelical fundamoralist type cults like here, that frankly dont do a damn thing positive, but try to sell tabloid type media horror stories, those who look for devil's under every rock, preach constant doom and gloom, call folks like the Pope the usual ... like being a Marxist, Commie or anti- Christ, etc, etc. I mean after all ... isnt this Pope trying to at least do what you say you admire so much about your Messiah/ Christ figure Jesus? ... mingling with average folks as well as those higher up's trying to enlighten, being more socially acceptable even to those in need, those who may be in the lower classes or even socializing with prostitutes or those condemned by the government and church ... a church/ synagogue, that even Jesus according to writing's and Gospel loathed and its institution with passion ... the same type clergy that ordered the government of Rome to execute him. Those religious fundamoralists like above or within the inner order of the Vatican are exactly the same types that would persecute and execute Jesus again if he was around in the 21st century ... in fact ... he would be labeled in these times as an "anti- Christ" or "Devil" by the mainstream churches/ religions. Why? ... because religions are more or less made to create a sort of political ideology of the ruling class and to conquer and enslave, Jesus as a man, would have been appalled to see what they have done to his name, and against this whole bloody corrupt institutionalized religious system.

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Infidel753 said...

I don't give him much credit for recognizing global warming or the harm done by inequality. That's sort of like recognizing that the Earth is round. But it's going to be great fun watching all the right-wing Catholics tie themselves in knots trying to reject what the Pope says while claiming not to.

Many of these folks in this order look lifeless and half dead, as if you would need a damn crane to get them off their asses

Hey, all that boy-raping is kind of exhausting at their age.

Those religious fundamoralists like above or within the inner order of the Vatican are exactly the same types that would persecute and execute Jesus again if he was around in the 21st century.

These people are damn lucky Jesus was just a fictional character (and they act like they know he was). If he was real and was watching what they do in his name, they'd be in some very deep shit on judgment day.

Ranch Chimp said...

This guy has done more than any Pope I ever seen as far as pushing these concerning issues into the open, whether its the sex scandal abuse cases, the LGBT rights issues as far as acceptance by mainstream Catholicism, the extreme corporate/ banking greed, the reckless environmental handling and other things ... so for me it isnt much as far as him "recognizing" it or giving credit to that ... for me its the fact of "pushing" these things in the public the way he has been, cause it seems like hardly anyone else in this corrupt institution is. My view is looking at the 10's and even 100's of million's that at least listen to this man, sure, many may not loosen up and continue to be hardline asses ... but many may also stop and look at themselves and their overly strict views and non- acceptance of simple things, like maybe their views towards contraceptives or such, or perhaps being more fair to LGBT folks, seeing that some of these abusive priest's need criminal convictions like anyone else, instead of just a slap on the wrist and therapy at a golf course resort, taking a good look at how their money in the Vatican is spent and redistributed by who and why, or many other issues, etc. As far as what impact he will have? ... I guess only time will tell ... but at least he is doing alot more than those who been sitting on their holy royal asses for decades ... and I actually think the guy loves his job!

Thank You for your comments here Infidel ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I may add here Infidel as far as your comment about these in this order governing the Vatican "acting like they know" that Jesus was a fictional character ... I would think is because this order actually knows the history of how the Biblical Jesus stories were created and have all the original documentation locked away in their vaults of secrecy, where it was debated/ argued amongst their earliest roots (after 325ad) when they put together the scriptures as to what would be printed/ written and what they chose to exclude, create/ manufacture and include. My point is, that the average Christian/ Catholic have no idea of that history of the beginning of the church and how it was done.