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RELIGIONS OF PEACE (PT.1): Created by RICH People, To Keep You POOR & at WAR ... The "War, Widower & Widow Maker" Edition ... (HUMAN MORALITY PT.16) & (You Dont Serve God, God Serves You PT.2)

Part 16 of the "Human Morality" and Part 2 of "You Dont Serve God, God Serves You" series for this journal will be to make a few point's on all our religion's of peace ... I mean ... it's that time of the year again and we will be hearing here in America (like a broken record) talk of "peace on earth", "good will toward's men" or whatever other popular holidayz talk, all to make us relax and spend more money than we can handle for the holiday season, then after all said and done comes the new year, and we make more new year resolution's to stop doing what were doing or whatever,  or some may worry that the end is near ... all pure nonsense of course ... but ... most of us seem to love it. This week we are being bombarded of course with these corporate financed election's, where we are also encouraged to stay at each other's throat's, over which multi- million dollar sponsored and hand selected politician's we choose to lead us. This is why you may hear that you should never talk about religion or politic's in the workplace, because both can be hazardous to our being peaceful and loving.

What do the Christian identity Ku Klux Klan and Militant Muslim's have in common? ... they both hate Jew's and both wear sheet's and hood's ...


***** NOTE: I tend to call these mega religions "institutionalized" more often than "organized" because they seem on the other hand to keep the human mind "enslaved" to a degree, or are at least designed to do so. In other word's, I figure if a person truly believes in a higher power of the universe that created them in it's own likeness, given our natural given instinct's and looking at the universe and nature as "creation", and knowing that the "mind" like the "universe" is alwayz "expanding", it would make common sense that it is also our "job/ responsibility" to liberate and expand our own mind's, not to keep them institutionalized and simply bowing to some other human who claim's that God put them in charge of everything, and you are basically "their" trained dog. The smaller offshoot's of these belief's, such as what we may look at as "radical extreme" branches, or what I call "fundamoralist's", I just simply look at as "cult's", similar systematic set up, but personalized to a specific hatred, cause or political agenda.

One of the most "twisted" thing's I have heard out of these mainstream religions, is the denial/ disbelief of "evolution" and even science ... I dont understand how one can believe in a higher power/ creator, yet DENY the very creation and nature with evidence of such through scientific fact that you say you believe that God created. I mean ... if you believe in a "creator of higher power" YOU MUST believe in the evolution of life process and nature as well, being ALL part of the that same creation you claim to believe, eh?




***** PD/ RCJ: "EDDIE GRIFFIN: RELIGIONS & POLITICIANS" ... Just wanted to add this posting/ videos for a look at religion's and politic's with some humour on a lighter side. However ... there is truth in what Eddie has to say here as well ... sometimes I find the most truth in humour actually, just like with Bill Maher as well.


Part of what inspires this posting though ... is the verbal attack's this last week on comedian, talk show host and political commentator Bill Maher, who I am a fan of, but not for his funnies ... but actually for his honesty and what he has to say. He is being called now a racist because of what he said about what he call's "militant Islam", what do his view's on religion have to do with race? ... beat's the shit out of me (?) ... even pop culture movie star's like Ben Affleck are on the attack of ole Bill. I support free- speech, which we have by nature not law (the law/ right on free- speech is basically politically correct speech these dayz), but of course as I alwayz stated throughout this journal ... there are alwayz consequences to it too. Bill just doesnt make point's or his opinion toward's Islam, but all religion's, politic's and related rubbish, but mainly because of their destructive nature ... I mean ... just look at any history with a clear head. And Bill frankly is very understanding, tolerant and liberal on his view's concerning this particular issue ... for example, I myself am not as liberal as Bill on this issue, and more like a religious- cultural segregationist as I explain in this posting, so I commend Bill for his tolerance and understanding, I also do not believe in meddling in their affair's in some of these countries, and if they were to attack mainland USA, I would attack back full force with every type missile and air attack I have available, in a quick relentless pursuit with EXTREME prejudice, not seen since we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki ... and we set them mother fucker's straight real QUICK! I am really not sure if there is anything in history that has caused more war's, death and bloodshed than religion ... I mean ... other than daily natural or accidental death of the species. From looking at history, it appear's that religion and even politic's as 2nd place, are about as deadly as it get's ... and not just to our species, but the entire planet and all of nature, or what we call "God's creation".

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I know that there are alot more people that follow religion's for positive reason's, and alot of churches out there that try to do good thing's and help folks, and they serve as a place for socializing, bonding and bringing together folks, in fact some of the most generous people that I have ever met in my life have to be religious people, especially Muslim's, because they seem to lack that extra mile of greed and doing for profit ... for example, I known American Christians that give their tithe/ money to the church, then write it off on taxes ... then I known Muslims from Middle Eastern countries that also give a generous tithe but expect nothing in return or a tax write off (my own daughter questioned me asking why people give in church, then expect to get it all back in taxes?, she just thought it was kinda hypocritical, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... that's as far as "people" are concerned though ... and even Atheist's that are very good folk's, many even donate money themselves to some cause, just without the religious reason's, as well as Pagan's and Satanist's, so it's human nature. But ... there is a flip- side to everything as well ... and that smaller percentage of negative folks causes the most casualties, hatred and death percentages unfortunately. Still the fact's are that there is alot of destruction and harm that result because of religion and it's side kick ... politic's. Politic's ... the same thing ... most is meant for positive goal's, but that too get's corrupted by a handful of the same ilk. I have met and befriended alot of folk's over the year's that follow religion's, including familia member's ... but at the same time, I have been called wrong, evil, villainized and condemned to Hell more times than their popular religious scapegoat Devil character by some religious folks. Is it because God hates folks like me or wants to send us to eternal damnation? ... of course not ... it's because those people hate me, because I dont bow to them, and put up with their horseshit and lies.

Catholic clergy and Nazi officials, including Joseph Goebbels (far right) and Wilhelm Frick (second from right), give the Nazi salute. Germany, date uncertain.

Catholic clergy & Nazi officials, including Joseph Goebbels (far right) and Wilhelm Frick (second from right).

We today have a society that is especially bloated in pop- culture and political correctness ... I mean ... you cant call anything for what it truely is without getting folks angry, and especially nauseating is this new pop culture term called "religions of peace", or having to hear nonsense about corporation's and investment banker's being the saviour's of humanity and are in business to save us all money, and pre- paid political puppetry being advertised as leader's that will free us all, while making endless legislation to enslave us more than we already are, religious leader's advocating to kill each other, rape our children and women in the name of religion and claiming that God sayz it's all cool. And this holiday season is no exception, soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving for instance, and talking about our european ancestor's who came here, sat down with native American Indian's, smoked some shit in a pipe and made peace ... when history show's otherwise, that they came here and invaded and killed countless Indian's, hustled them on bunk land deal's and had war after war ... all of course backed by their religion too ... same with invasion's down in south and central American countries, some good Christian's slaughtering Indian's and forcing them to believe their religion, or some Muslim's of today, killing folk's who dont follow their belief's and killing other Muslim's as well ... the Nazi's for example done similar, and in our own country with it's period, and even the inquisitions period with more slaughter from Christian's in the name of God along with the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) with the same ole thing, just to name a few of these lover's of peace.

Sadly at the same time, we force- feed these belief's and man made complex institutionalized and organized religious system's on our children (not even the most well known prophet's ... Moses, Jesus or Muhammad, would have had a thing to do with these institution's according to any teaching's ... and some of the wealth and action's of some major religion's is incredible with huge financial and political power's), generation after generation, to groom our children/ offspring to be like us and to even in many cases make the same mistakes as us, and teaching our children to thrive on hypocrisy, while turning any concept's of spirituality or God into not just political pandering, but big business and show business. I have never been a religious man, and have never seen any connection whatsoever to any concept of God or spirituality, I seen religion's as mainly started by a bunch of rich people (kings and ruling class) to keep poor people in line and in servitude to them, and stagnate our progress, to only move forward when they instruct us to, or they decide to change what was once evil into good, and promising them no matter what miseries we inflict on you ... dont worry, you will get a reward when you die ... how convenient, eh? I have to wait till I die to get my treat's? ... in the meantime I am supposed to kiss your asses, bend over and take it up my ass, give you my trust, money and everything else? And of all thing's ... God told you to tell me this? ... so God of course put you in charge and my nature and opinion which is also supposed to be God given mean's nothing? So they are creating a concept of "God", that they DONT SERVE, but using it/ God to serve their control interest's over other's basically. If God and the spirit's were telling us this, to go out and destroy the Earth and our fellow human's ... they must be either pulling a cruel joke, or those who are telling us this are lying.

I too have my own belief's of course, yet I dont really share them much out of my circles, because it would be a waste of my time, like pissing in the wind for the most part. My belief's though dont mandate handwritten law's that tell me I need to kill other's for "no reason" or beat the shit out of my wife ... discriminate, harm or kill gay people or related trash. Nor would I even support ANY country financially or otherwise as OUR OWN government, politician's and mosques/ churches do, with this kind of trash, abuse and slavery of young girls and children, which we ignore and politically support this trash even financially directly or indirectly with our hard earned tax dollars ... I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT TRASH LIKE THIS, nor would I give 10 cents of our tax money to this, any arms/ defense, or buy your oil. I have daughters and a granddaughter, and this kind of treatment to children is plain disgusting shit ... and frankly, our politicians and religious clergies that support this shit on both sides and continue to do business with this trash ... are scum in my opinion, who should be physically punished, beaten, imprisoned or whatever necessary. Ayaan Hirsi Ali also has plenty to say.

Spirituality of today I see the same way as some of this cyberspace/ internet ... where it is more "art" or even "entertainment" (a cheap form than anything), or just "made up" propaganda and conspiracy theories, and off from physical reality and out of touch with nature, science, humankind, or/ in such, mixed in with some facts and history. Being that over the centuries it was created into everything "but spiritual", if that makes any sense, with a whole buffet of character's that were man made, and have no regard for nature, any concept of what God may be or has created, or even life ... so I dont take much of it seriously, or have much use for it, or fear of it. Same with some of this internet/ cyberspace, that I find not much use for ... you find some unidentifiable character's on here mixed in, anonymous made up characters, some basically what they call troll's, using other's photos or images, saying all kind's of thing's that the person posting just simply creates, creating a fictional character, website or whatever, to try to stir or influence peoples emotion's, opinion's, for good or ill, to control and manipulate, psychological enslavement, political reason's, or for whatever reason ... which also I have no use for, any more than having much use for some religious leader's and their concept's of what spirituality or God may be. I have my own belief's as far as God, spirituality, nature, what is naturally acceptable and unacceptable, because it is a part of every one of us, and does not come from the handwritten law's of those who dictate in some fashion or try to control our thought's to bow to them. So I have not any reason to think that there is much credibility to what they say/ write ... so nothing more than fictional made up character's and idea's that they create, with some of their own fear's/ phobia's ... it's the same thing created by a person or group whether it's a manufactured spiritual world, entity, or cyber space character or fiction book/ movie ... so I kind of view them the same in that respect, and take not much of which seriously.

This holiday season coming up, since this is the season of peace and love, good will toward's folk's and the rest ... it would be nice to see more folk's that are religious of these various religion's stand up to this persecution and call alot of this nonsense for what it really is, and stop trying to sugar coat, twist and the rest, for all these folk's that do what is clearly against the popular term called "God's creation". After all, this is not storybook literature, art or some fictional Hollywood movie or story ... this is the reality of the present and past condition ... so it doesnt need to be twisted into something it is not, eh?

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