Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Resolution's.....Do they work?.....

Seem's like I hear alot of folk's around me every New Year that alway's have a list of thing's that they will get done for the New Year. I knew alot of folk's that have went on diet's, quit smoking, quit drugs/ drinking, what have you, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I wonder if folk's sometimes like pedophiles tell themselves they are going to quit molesting kiddies for the New Year? {: )

But all crap aside ... personally speaking ... I never made a New Year's resolution once in my entire life ... never quit a damn thing that I recall or made plan's to, never was born again ... or sought out spiritual guidance, say I wouldnt do this or that on a certain date or next year, be a new person, or nothing I can recall. So I dont know if any of this would work for me or not. Not that I dont have goal's or challenges ... Hell ... I have as many challenges as the next person. I guess I just deal with them as they come up. I do know if I set out to do something ... I never BS myself No#1 ... I actually do whatever I say I am going to do ... which sometimes were thing's that were not in my best interest ... but ... what the Hell ... you live and learn ... heh?

But just folk's that I see daily in life ... most have these resolution's that they take on the beginning of every New Year ... so if it work's for you ... DO IT! I reckon I'm one of them spontaneous type fella's ... that just jump's up and does thing's at the moment ... just for the Hell of it.

I know one thing ... I wish some of those that we pay on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) would make some damn New Year's resolution's on the crap they dish out to us over and over ... and get a little more action ... especially on domestic issue's.



Manifestation said...

Hi Ranch Chimp.Good to know your ideas on resolutions.Well it all depends on individuals and their ideas as they like and dislike.I really wonder why one like a fact and why not other.Recently found that the way we look the things,as such appear.Well good to know you have challenges as everyone possess.It's only the shift of mind whether we accept the ideas or not.I never ask you to change .Be yourself and be true to yourself.I like the way the blogging is done indeed.Thank you.

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Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your visit and comment "Manifestation". Of coarse I agree with you on doing what is good for you. I think we all change as we evolve mentally. I know I certainly have changed from the person I was 30 year's ago. Am I wiser? Perhap's...I dont know in some area's though. But some thing's have never changed to me, one of them being as you said..."being true to oneself". Thank You Manifestation.