Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Mortgaging of USA: ... And the "Global Economic Transition" to come ...

Even though the important mainstream news of the day is "Evil Israeli's attack kiddies in Gaza school's" ... or "Oprah Winfrey's new diet without staying quiet". I wanted to write about the "transition" that is to come as far as global economic's, what we may expect in the next few year's ... and the unfortunate action's of mortgaging America right now. And I barely know where the Hell to start ... because I could write pages on this crap. But the bottom line is what I have posted about this before ... that this MUST come about. Do most of us like it? Hell no! But there are many thing's in life that we will not like ... that we MUST do to continue to change and adjust as we evolve.

I have wrote on more than one occasion of the hardship's that will come over the next few year's ... but yet I say that also thing's are going to get much brighter as well. It sound's like I am speaking out of both sides of my mouth ... I know. But the bottom line is ... the failure of some economies and crashes of market's is what will transcend into a new economic boom ... look at the long term ... instead of the short to see what is going on here. So it is important to not let the downturn discourage you, look at what will come of it in the longrun.

We dont want to mortgage America ... but understand we already had ... period. And if we didnt do it now ... we would have eventually had to ... as I posted earlier ... the sooner we get these thing's to pass ... the better off we will be. Understand ... that tradition alway's changes as well ... and America has been a cornerstone of modern change. No nation is an island anymore ... today's market/ economic's are too interdependent on each other ... and America is a "key" player in the new global market ... Hell ... we damn near wrote the book on today's capitalism and free market! National security is more important than ever now as well ... this is all protected by keeping the constitution alive and strong and democracy ... and even democracy itself as we know it will have to have modification's in an increasing delicate global interdependent society. New technologies to come may make some of feel like our privacy is being violated, but we will learn how to change and adjust to needed reform's as well ... and also enjoy new benefit's that will come as well.

We need not worry because the communist Chinese have so much vested here ... they wont try to impose communism any more here then they did when they got back Hong Kong from the Brit's. Besides ... China is going to have domestic problem's of their own that will be detrimental socially because of this transition in their homeland amongst themselves ... to where ... communism will also not work for them in the longrun ... they will also have to look out for us ... because they will have so much vested interest's here. Other new third world player's will even invest here ... this will create job's domestically and production and export. The new green energies will be also a big market to come ... and alot will be done right here in America!

All we are seeing now is the new economic transition taking place ... and all this will stabilize soon ... once we figure out how to adjust to it ... then we will be on our way. In the meantime ... these new alliances financially will have so much at stake and invested ... it will help us all on the new battles we will have to come from these radical religious movement's and their act's of terror ... because together ... we will shut them all down once and for all ... all ... in time. They will grow and look strong in the next few year's ... but dont be fooled like them ... they will dissolve. Besides ... we will have to face new opposition's in the future ... because of another transition that will come as we evolve to the next level of being. Stay alert ... and defensive ... and we will be fine.

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