Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DRIVING/ CELL PHONE USE PROHIBITION: ... Milking that extra Buck you Save on Gas ....

A week or so ago ... the Federal Government was proposing to raise the gas tax by 50%. Yesterday in Washington (monday 12 january 2009), the National Safety Council called for a nationwide ban on cell phone use while driving ... of course ... the cell phone industry opposes it ... but not to stand up for our rights ... but their opposition is to get the money that the government would otherwise get ... let me explain.

First of all ... some of the ban's/ prohibition's should be of no suprise to any of us if you understand how our system work's. Hell ... my Dad was telling me about all these thing's almost 40 year's ago ... and everything he has told me ... well ... came about, or is being worked on at present . And we all know of the traffic distraction's of that person in front of you at the red light ... who doesnt see the light turn green because they are ... well ... yapping away on the phone. Or that person who is in front of you driving across the lines and doing 25mph at the same time in a 45mph zone. But what the bottom line is ... that alot of folk's just have a difficult time doing 2 thing's at once ... and many are not that good of driver's to begin with. I am a very good driver, mucho experience, dont have wreck's, can stop on a dime, and probably drove enough miles to go back and forth to the moon a couple times and some.

Look ... there hasnt been a day ... where I dont have to toot my horn to get that person yapping at the light to get the lead out of their ass ... or to wake up the person driving too slow and slowing down the flow. But ... I must stand strong against the ban of cell phone use while driving ... a couple sub- division's in the Dallas area already do this. We get more and more regulated ... while those who govern and dictate to us ... get less and less regulated ... is that it? I use my cell as well ... when I am driving ... most of my call's are only a minute or so ... because I dont"chat" ... and dont like talking on the phone to begin with for long length's, unless absolutely necessary. If I have a call that will take some time ... I will pull over somewhere. I do this on my own ... not because I am programmed to do so, or fear the mighty government. It's called "disciplinary consideration".

We are alwayz told that all of this that is imposed on us is for our own good, and it's the "safe, sensible, and responsible" thing to do. As for me ... dont feed me your damn weak stupidity about what is for my own good ... when you cant even control your own bowel's! Or it's the crap of ... "think of the children" ... screw all that crap ... they dont give a damn about your children either ... if they did ... they wouldnt take this country down a destructive path for our children to inherit!

This is all about milking another buck out of folk's. They say that cell phone related accident's have an annual cost of $43 billion ... Good!!! ... because their probably drawing 5x times that amount in premium's! Were saving that extra buck on gas ... and public transport ridership is up ... and they all know it ... so they can fine the crap out of you for these "new evil's" they created ... and the opposition ... in this case the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication's/ Internet Association) can oppose it and ask for "education" over "legislation" to sell class room hour's to you where they get the biggest chunk of the revenue to have you take classes on the wrong's of using a cell while driving.

What in Hell are we? Adult's or babies? What in Hell do we need next? Someone to hug us when we cry? ... Geeeeezzz! There are a whole list of other thing's that can distract us when we are driving as well ... should we prohibit all of them too? Give me a break Mate!



concerned citizen said...

Yeah it has gotten out of hand. All the laws about saving the children...
Like sin taxes these laws are popular, with legislators looking for lobbyists & via versa they are easy laws for lazy legislators because they work on the emotions of the voters. Everyone has the illusion that they are actually doing something with these types of legislation.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your input Concerned Citizen(Ms.HM)...Well...you sure as hell hit the nail on the head calling this"emotion's play", "legislator/lobbyist paling"
"easy law's/lazy legislator's" "public illusion's" about what's it all for,etc. Um,um,
um...aint that the truth! When I think of this milking machine,I think of that ole rock&roll classic from the 70's..."C'mon and take a free ride" by Texas' "Edgar Winter Group". You know how the "game" work's apparently,many dont...and you also know how they also have a way of weeding out those who dont play their games sometimes amongst themselves. And they alway's tell us to do the "right" thing. Is that to follow in their footstep's? :)
Later Ms.HM .