Friday, January 23, 2009

The "People" pay for an Angus Steak ... and get a plate of Barbecue Wings ....

As I was pointing out in several older posting's ... we will continue getting screwed, because as I write this ... we are still getting screwed big time. And there is much more to come now. What will come about in the next couple years or so, will be nothing like this nation ever seen. Because this is much deeper then any of us are looking at ... except those behind the scenes running these investigations. And Obama knew this was going on ... long ago ... he simply couldnt comment on it ... nor could any other politician in Washington ... as I stated ... these investigations are still ongoing.

I actually started pointing this out to friend's probably about 5 year's ago ... a few didnt believe what I was saying ... because there was no previous headline new's about any of this. Again...this wasnt no psychic type prediction ... which it may sound like (I dont believe in psychic crap anyways ... it's all hogwash) ... but many folk's again simply do not look at the entire picture. Growing up on the street's and getting screwed many times myself ... gave me an advantage in this kind of thing. To see thing's coming before they actually hit home ... on the "game" side. But when I first seen all this crap was right after this Iraq invasion and occupation. Knowing how the "contracting" game works ... especially on government contract's ... and especially from alot of Texas based companies ... the first thing I said was ... "watch out"! I knew we were fixin to get the "bite".

And as I wrote in earlier post's ... that probably after a couple years of this new administration ... give or take ... we are going to get alot of new info on what's been going on ... with all our tax dollars ... investment bankers, contractors, etc. Why will it take that long? Because while the old administration was still in power those investigating ran into snags ... and this will simply take time. Understand that these hustler's are the best of the best! They have the same basic goals as the street hustler ... but their "take" is enormous and their game is so tight ... it involves heavy international laundering, investing, etc. Much of this money is diverted into so many sectors ... and transferred so many times ... it will be so hard to even get the full amount of what is being played ... and just with whom and how. These boy's and gal's really do their homework ... NEVER ... listen to their whining ... or under estimate them ... you will lose your ass in a New York second! So ... this is why I said this will take a couple years into the new administration.

This is also why I been saying to NOT listen to this whining from Wall St., Paulson, or any of them ... this was all a smoke screened diversion simply to grab the mother lode before the old administration leaves office ... why? Because they didnt feel secure with a new administration ... no matter who would have won the election ... they knew folks and the people were starting to ask alot of questions ... and they had to take what they can and run for the hills ... and try covering their track's because what they fear to come. As I pointed out earlier ... the hundred's of billion's that we gave ... done not a damn thing. Not one working American household is feeling any better off ... and we are still grinding down more and more ... in job's, in income, quality of life, and everything else. This is why I said that it MUST get worse before it can get better ... and helping them ... will NOT do jack for us, or even those foreclosing on their homes. Basic math and common sense ... shows you that what they proposed CANNOT work ... and these bastard's knew it! You see ... all these folk's in government even suspected this ... but elections were on ... and they kept us focused on the usual crap ... you know ... like homosexuals marrying or such (which should be a legal right long ago). None of these people give a rats ass about our silly petty hang- ups ... nor do they give a crap about these idiot titles they pawn off on us ... like Joe Six Pack or other crap ... we are fed these things to entertain us and direct our atencion elsewhere ... just like the same sex thing. They will tell us whatever we want to hear. If most American's were "for" SS marriage ... they would have drag queens in photo ops.

John Thain ... former CEO of Merrill Lynch was just fired. Why? because the new merge with Bank of America ... knows what is coming down. They are getting rid of anything and anyone that can be connected in any way with them ... when these folks need folk's to disappear ... they make it happen. Thain was giving out billions in last minute bonuses to associates (employees) just before the merger ... to make the funds disappear ... because they were lining up for a multi billion dollar bite from the taxpayers ... all of this was well calculated ... they all know what is about to come. And everyone is looking to cover their tracks. The only legit people of this crowd was the car makers ... they actually needed the money they were drilled and nit- picked to get.Why do you think they were drilled so hard (auto- makers)?

I could go on and on ... on this ... but for this posting I'll put a lid on it. Basically what we done was pay for a goddamn Angus Steak ... and were served a plate of Barbecue Wings!

PS: The investment banking thing was a clear "make" too ... from at least a few year's back ... How and why? Because American's were being sold loans on every avenue they couldnt afford ... even many American's knew they couldnt ... but we are programmed to think ... that buy now pay later is the American way. You see ... those who put us in these loans knew the law was set up so that even if you lose ... they cant ... in other words ... if you cant pay ... you lose your home for instance ... but they lose nothing cause they're backed and covered ... you're not.



Rita said...

I don't know all the details of course but I believe what you are saying is basically true.

We are programed & set up for this. The nature of business & capitalism is ultimately to make a buck. The bigger a company is the less intimacy they have with the little guy, or as we are now known, the "consumer". It seems our only purpose is to feed the corporate maw. The truth is, we are not the consumer, we are the consumed.

I see it happening all around me.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your visit Ms.Rita.
I dont think I could have put it any far as what we are
"the consumed". This crap is so deep Rita...that even the ones investigating are trying to put these thing's was all purposely done like confuse anyone who looked into their action's...and to when they do get a takes em on another wild goose chase. The connection's can be made...but it takes time and patience.Just watch what happen's in the next couple year's on Senate hearing's,indictment's etc. I personally believe...that some of them...will connect indirectly to Cheney perhap's. I'll leave it at that.