Thursday, January 1, 2009

NEW YEARS DAY 2009 ... and all I can think is ... "The END must be NEAR" : ) (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.1)

Jack Van Impe: Time Bomb 2000 Ad ... Thanx to MELISH99

New Years Greeting's to anyone sober enough to read this.

NO THIS IS NOT A DREAM ... we are actually in 2009ce/ ad ... Thank God we made it for another year of lying, cheating, financial and political misery, getting cornholed by the church, the state, and the corporation's ... for those of us who are die-hard masochist's ... it dont get any better! :)

It's also a day every year that I cant help to think of a couple of my favorite spiritual messenger's ... Rev. Jerry Falwell (RIP) and Rev. Jack Van Impe the master of "Thou shall not bear false witness". (ole Jack is in trouble). I mean ... I recall back in 1999 when ole Rev. Jack "FlapJack" Van Impe was telling us he was supposed to give us a message from the Almighty ... that 2000 was going to be the end of the world and the computer's were going to shut us down as well ... and other crap that slip's my mind as I write this. What made me wonder about ole brother Jack at the time and his sincerity was he was selling a video pack of this apocalypse along with some easy read ... and he had a layaway/ payment plan to pay it off on your credit card ... you know ..."4 or 5 easy installment's" crapolla. I wanted to buy ... but then I thought to myself ... "Well Hell ... according to brother Jack ... if I bought these on the payment plan he has drawn out ... he wont be able to collect his money ... because the last couple payment's would be scheduled for 2000 ... and it will be all over?!" Jerry Falwell ... and some other's had similar crap to sell.

I am expecting to hear alot more in the next few year's ... since the Mayan calendar stop's 2012 CE/ AD ... why it stop's? Hell ... I dont know! ... maybe they ran out of ballpoint pen's and recycled paper! Maybe they just wanted to have a little fun ... and thinking ... they will end it ... so we all who read it in the future will get scared and crap on ourselves thinking the end of the world was here. But no doubt ... this should sell some copies in the next few year's ... no telling what it will get twisted into when the paranoia expert's get done with it!

But ...... what the Hell ... it's all in good fun ...heh?




concerned citizen said...

You are never at a loss for words are you? :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your visit Concerned Citizen. Uhhh... that's a difficult question to answer. I mean...looking at other journal's/
blog's...I dont feel I have ENOUGH word's...or at least word's that are captivating. I can only write thing's as I speak them in person if I were talking to a person on a one on one writing skill's are lacking...if you compare to actual writer's. But I hope ya'll had a good one,New Year's Eve that is..take care!