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REPUBLICAN MUDSLIDE 2014: Senator Bernie Sanders ANSWERS American's Question's ... The "OLIGOPOLY & Political ORGANIZED CRIME" Edition ... with input from RC ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.21) & (The AWAKENING PT.37)

***** BERNIE SANDERS: Make Election Day a National Holiday (petition) ... a bill proposed by the Senator to make election day a national holiday called "Democracy Day".


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Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (KY) ... right after this mudslide victory on American democracy ... this image went out ... you call this "change" ? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )  ... this is more pre- paid political nonsense {: )


This post mid- term election's posting will serve both the "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" & "The AWAKENING" series of this journal. Below I wanted to post this opening of Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) on CNN with his response to the election outcome, then video from the Senator, having his brunch chat on the Thom Hartmann show, where he's takes question's from American's for a one on one response to explain what the condition is in America ... especially now, after this massive mudslide of Republican OLIGOPOLY financed power in Washington. This is something that many mainstream politician's should do, but unfortunately these dayz, there is hardly any personal touch between politician's and the American people, besides basically campaign political talk paid for strictly by these oligarch's and affiliates. The video is lengthy and I couldnt find a written transcript to add of it, but it is well worth the listen ... and Thank You Senator Sanders for staying in the trenches for your country! After ... I will add my own input.

***** Because Wall Street and Washington politic's have such an impact on todayz touch and go economy and economic issues related in America ... this posting will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" piece of this journal.

The Anti- Obama Agenda ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS

Brunch with Bernie ... Thanx to THOM HARTMANN





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

Now the football game type strategy and political play that I been talking about throughout this series like in this posting about voter suppression a week or so ago last, has came to reality ... I mean ... this is all that they needed ... so that game is over ... "been there and done that basically" ... time to move on. And there is no reason for the President to apologize after this election result's as far as I'm concerned, or feel sad or whatever ... it's time for the President to come out swinging if anything. All those Democrat's that discouraged even the President from showing up to campaign for them out of fear ... fuck ya'll ... you are as much to blame for this shit as the Republican's ... the GOP's game plan was to divide the Democrat's (the same way they keep our states divided instead of the bullshit term they use as them being united), and spend 6 year's with paid propaganda to paint the President as the reason that Congress cant get a damn thing done. This President may not be the strongest President we have had, but about the most bipartisan and even pro- business and fairly liberal President in my lifetime (I'll be 59 in January), he has reached across the isle many times, been strong on defense, and gave out so many olive branches as it is and bent over backward's to deal with Congress ... he tried ... they didnt ... period. Not even his (Obama) real plan for health care reform was even presented straight and twisted into a Healthcare SnoweJob basically, and those Republican's that been blaming everything on ObamaCare ... it was part of your engineering, which you diced, sliced and spliced into something else to line the pocket's of your money master's ... there was never no damn reform in the wasted money or milking it, or even a public option that the President pushed for ... the Democrat's as well turned on the President and contributed to that engineering and legislation.

The mainstream media on this election was absolutely nonsensical ... CNN and ABC for examples were covering this strong, and actually acted excited over it ... some of the media journalist's acted like they were cumming in their pant's (orgasm) they were so excited ... and saying after the win thing's like "what does this mean?", "the American people have spoken", "how Washington is going to change now" or other nonsense, but I understand that they are "paid" to bring on that excitement and enthusiasm ... after all ... if they dont, they'll probably be in the unemployment line ... so they get frightened like many of the politician's did on the Democrat side ... you know ... the political correctness, ass- kissing and the rest. I dont see any damn reason to think any damn thing is going to change, or anything in Washington will be better, even for Republican American's ... if anything, it can just get worse or go into more gridlock. As far as McConnell now saying that he understand's the people and time for them to get to work and the President to hand out more olive branches or treat's or whatever ... in my opinion ... the only damn olive branch I would give you if I was the President, is one up your ass. This whole thing is seriously rigged with both these polarizing sides getting caught in this oligarchic web of basically political organized crime. Not only is there not any change for the good of America overall, but it mean's not a goddamn thing, but more of the same ole shit, and no ... the American people have NOT spoken, just a low percentage, many didnt speak or were even heard in any fashion at that! ... so the mainstream political media asking this nonsense is pointless ... you been "had" basically and fell for it like anyone who got hustled on the street.

The hilarious part to this ... is to see a year from now or so, once this Congress start's pushing their recently unspoken agenda ... is how many Republican American's will appreciate what those who they voted for are going to attempt to do to this country. I mean ... it's no secret what the agenda was in the past and what they spent so much time and money on over the last few year's to get into the position they are in now, from privatizing your Social Security to Wall Street investor's, to trying to privatize your Post Office to sell it to the highest bidder, so they can take it over with a bunch of independent minimum wage contractor's for delivery, and your customer service out of some place like Mumbai, India ... try to replace your Medicare with some voucher's to shop around at various insurance companies, state to state and changing plan's in between administrative screw up's annually or whatever, like happen's with folk's fly- by- night car/ auto insurance or similar. How will you feel if they attempt to abolish or downgrade somehow the minimum wage? ... womens rights to choose? ... abolish your right to sue even for malpractice if a mistake is made on your new overpriced discount medical care or surgery? ... how will you feel if they even cut more from our veteran's who are some of this nation's true elite that put's their lives on the line? ... or screwing our student's and education more than they have already? ... or other thing's I point out in these series related ... I could go on and on with this. The fact is that these are all thing's that they want to do (and even some Democrat's) ... encouraged by funding their political campaign's through their corporate communist allies ... I'm NOT making this up ... they been very clear about this, and openly proposed it in the past. I am not saying that a strong Democrat Congress would have stopped this ... just saying that they would have been an obstacle if and when this is pushed harder ... and at least be a bargaining type chip. Unfortunately neither of these 2 sides are listening to the American people anywayz. And there should be alot of Hell raising to come from coast to coast in our nation in soon time, if these folks in Washington do what they been planning on doing, and bring some kind of political revolution if anything in this country.

And this awakening is needed more than ever, to be spread by everyone who can across our nation in all our individual cities, town's and communities on every creative level you can come up with. This requires alot of one on one contact, meeting, town hall type event's or whatever, along with this social media. What I write in this journal is simply for public view and can be accessed by anyone, but my pressing these issues I do far more intimately and personal on a one on one level locally with so many individual's of various walk's, and small local group's, where I can get more personal and we can talk openly and freely without every word and thought we have being in public too, so they can feel more freedom from political and partisan correctness. So it isnt just a matter of online media or tweet's or whatever ... it's a matter of thousand's and million's of us taking to the street's in our communities to enlighten for the preservation of our nation and what liberties as well as democracy we still have left, especially standing with our younger generation's and children and making sure they see the reality, because of all the pressures and distraction's they are challenged with. This also includes signing petition's, large public protest's, boycotting of good's/ product's and services, and workplace walk- out's and strikes, to just holding up sign's over freeway overpasses and other obstruction's ... after all ... revolution can be achieved in various wayz and on various level's, it takes all, not just one way of doing thing's or a boxed in tradition. Again ... these power's as I have wrote time and again throughout these posting's actually put strain on us in society besides distacting us, by tightening wages, living standard's reduction's, putting the financial squeeze on us, and try to drain us basically to further psychologically suppress us ... why not make sure we return the duties, and give them Hell all the way around, eh?

So this will even awaken American's more on what need's to be done as Bernie clearly explain's above, and eventually even drive a higher voter turnout, as long as there is still that right to vote, which need's some serious updating, because not only the voter turn- out is too low, but we cant even be sure these dayz if any of the votes are counted correctly for that matter, which I wondered time and again, because where my voting has been here in Dallas County for year's, it's just electronic (you know ... like ... computer's and machines are capable of mistakes, malfunction's, or even tampering too), no verification that your vote has even been counted or print- out ... who is overseeing that end, eh? ... a "for profit" corporation maintaining the machines? If any positive change for America comes from this last election ... I would be shocked! Creating job's by taking away the minimum wage requirement? ... what kind of job creation would that be, eh? and how many American's on either of these polarizing sides would even want that? ... who would want to create more poverty and problem's in our communities, that we have to all live in? ... after all ... these folks rigging our democracy and political system, dont live where we live, shop where we shop, or anything related ... why would they give a shit? It is the working and lower to upper middle classes, smaller companies and corporation's that keep our economy up and strong for the most part ... damage that, and everyone hurt's more, including the biggest business. But I been explaining/ writing about this rubbish in these series and journal since the start of it (probably 6 year's now or so), so enough from me, cause all I see here is the same ole song and dance, and as usual after every bloody damn election for year's now, trying to be bloated and promoted in the media as something it isnt. And NO ... Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush for 2016 IS NO CHOICE ... which is already in the media, more Clinton Bush crap is nothing but more of the same ole rehashed and repackaged deadbeat shit too.

Word Out ....


***** POST NOTE: I am not saying here either that there are no positive idea's when it comes to being conservative or conservative thought in our system of democracy at all, especially when it comes to business and spending (and I am NOT really a "liberal" as painted by American pop- culture politic's, I embrace some conservative, liberal, socialist and even libertarian values, it depend's on the issue, whatever worx for my country and it's best interest's, as you can see throughout this journal/ blog). BUT ... I am only going on WHAT THEY themselves have been proposing to do, and especially strong over the last decade ... I mean ... these Republican's of today are alot different than folk's like former President's Eisenhower, Reagan or the likes ... in fact, I seriously doubt that many of the old school Republican's would even go along with some of what you see today. Much of it is bad for American business and trade across the board on the various level's, and not very pro- America or even pro- democracy at that. And too much is being dictated by just a handful of power entities with enormous wealth ... who have NO intention's to let their profit's trickle down to ALL business and keeping a healthy business and social environment for America and ALL our allies who share business and trade with us. So ... only time will tell over the next couple year's EXACTLY what their agenda is, and if they truely will work with this President at that ... understand that I see no reason or evidence that this is going to happen with what they have presented and proposed so far.

On the other hand, nothing is for FREE or comes without a PRICE, this sudden mudslide victory for the GOP was tailored as getting rid of so called "Obama politic's" (which they created a "Boogeyman" characterization to begin with through propaganda media and alot of money) ... notice, they had no agenda or offered nothing ... and even suppressing million's of voters. For year's now all they gave us was endless war/ defense spending, attempt's to privatize anything the people own to corporate ownership and unregulated manipulation and legislation's, tearing down consumer rights and protection's, workers rights, womens rights, voters rights, failure to invest on massive infrastructure need's and education domestically (they spent billion's rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan for instance, but of course billion's also to blow it up first so they would have something to rebuild {: ), allowing bank's that we bailed out to screw us on mortgages and our properties, without proper oversight and penalization, refusal to work with the President, and time and again walking out to take long vacation's (at our expense) or actually shutting down our government, childish petty bitch fights, and the list goes on and on ... my point being is that they won this on selling NOTHING WHATSOEVER, but as alwayz year after year ... lies and word's of no substance. Again ... I am NOT making any of this up, look at the abundance of history and facts out there ... it is clear as day, what America has received from those who represent us.

This other corporate election coming up now 2016 ... they will have to do some real hustling over the next 2 year's to actually try to sell voter's ... if they continue to just do all of the above, they may get a suprise in 2016 and alot of new voters as group's across the nation work on getting people proper ID and signed up to vote (especially in Texas with it's large urban population's and many group's). But BOTH these dominating parties know clear and well that they are disliked by the majority, so they once again, will do everything they can to save their political dominance and empires. My guess is that they will come up with something to sell, like raising the minimum wage (cause they know from stats that even many Republican's support it, and the Dem's would jump all over it like a cheap suit on sunday), and Republican's know President Obama will go along with that ... and Republican's will try to use that as a sales gimmick saying it happened under their rule or something, if they do raise it, I also expect some stipulation's to it, or to try to make a buck/ dollar somehow off it with their lawyer's drafting up some clever legislation ... or maybe picking apart and revising this ACA/ ObamaCare, or similar crap. But ... bottom line is ... they will have to come up with SOMETHING to sell/ trade. And my guess is that sooner or later because of this reckless incompetent governing on both sides, when voters get up to par with the new voter regulation's and spend a couple year's getting people registered and so forth ... I dont believe the GOP or Democrat's will have enough to sell or present going the way they been, and with the history/ track record they have, and with all that, alternative political choices will gain ground out of outright anger and rebellion ... which I would hope happen's personally speaking, and is bound to happen sooner or later ... I too am thoroughly sick of this oligopoly duet.


Papantonio: Corporate Media Wins 2014 Midterms ... Thanx to RING OF FIRE RADIO ... (added 18 November 2014) ... an extra video here from Mike and Abby that I wanted to include that show's another serious issue and the corporate communism factor.



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