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This posting will serve both the "Global War'n'ing" and "Public Patriots" series of this journal. First to highlight an interview on "Democracy Now" with Naomi Klein, where she point's out problem's and truth's concerning this big news and political controversy over this Keystone XL Pipeline extension (New York Times newsread and video). This is also very importante right now, because understand that when this new Congress comes in January 2015 dominated by GOP ... I expect to see some of the most fast- tracking anti- environmental legislation being rushed through the Congress and Senate, so fast, it would make your head spin, if it goes the way I suspect it will ... so hope that I am wrong. I expect them to really come out big- time on especially this anti- environmental thing, as far as getting as much legislation passed as possible, trying to take property rights, regulation's and everything they can down ... why? ... because there is a shitload of money to be made by a handful of folk's ... not the majority of us/ people though. But I also wanted to include this posting and Naomi in the "Public Patriots" series, because of her stand on this issue and a couple other thing's that I strongly agree with her on, especially this forced globalization rubbish being marketed through this neo corporate global communism of today, that I myself touch on so much throughout this journal. So she is into alot more than just environmental issues, and should be heard out. So first, the "Democracy Now/ Naomi Klein" link below with some transcript and video ... then some word's I would like to add after.

***** DEMOCRACY NOW: Naomi Klein: Reject Keystone XL Pipeline, We Need Radical Change to Prevent Catastrophic Warming ... (transcript and video ... video should start after 29:00)


left side- tar sands extraction site ... right side- remaining forest ... this image alone should clearly show ... we're creating a problemo ... plain and simple

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Boehner: Keystone XL veto would be like calling Americans 'stupid' ... Thanx to THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER

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I actually agree with House Speaker Boehner above on part of what he sayz about American's being stupid ... I mean, he and his party should know so well, eh? ... being that we vote for so many of these worthless types to represent in Washington, as well as believing the bullshit that they feed us ... and U.S. is the best of the best when it comes to manufacturing BULLSHIT. The latest bullshit is what bring's me to this part of this posting ... I mean ... all the Hell we been hearing on this Keystone Pipeline expansion is ... "jobs, jobs and mo jobs", like a broken record at that! {: ) The idea that this would even make ANY significant impact on job creation is REALLY stupid! The figures that mainstream media's and politician's supporting and rushing this expansion, has been over 40,000+ job's. What the real truth to this I would bet end's up over a couple year's, is MAYBE some construction job's, where they beef up the figures saying that the job's will be created by these worker's buying more burger's and fries, clothing, or other item's ... being that it would sustain some existing job's in those service and retail areas ... NOT CREATE job's ... there is a difference ... they slice and dice the figures and feed you some newly calculated and manipulated figures as usual is all. In fact ... as I have stated year's ago in the start of this journal ... looking at all the REAL math when it comes to job's ... you CANNOT get out of this job slump the way we are going ... period ... I said that 6 year's back ... and it should be evident by now. There is no bloody damn way with the 100,000+ or so new folk's and graduates entering the workforce annually, immigrant's being brought in by big money to replace American trades and manufacturing worker's as contractor's, and all the newest automation's in production, manufacturing and service, with the rate of TRUE unemployment, and the million's of lost job's over the last decade, that you can solve the job's issue the way we do thing's, NO MATH will show that you can. So blow off all the job's talk nonsense besides maybe refineries and such like on the Texas Coast, and Texas already has alot down here as it is.

Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Keystone XL Pipeline ... Thanx to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN ... a video I wanted to add from Sen.Warren, that makes this clear and simple, from January 08, 2015 I added later after I done this posting ....

Bank on it ... that there is NOT ANY movement to create job's with our overall politic's in this nation, if there WAS, they would be doing something about the manufacturing sector's and infrastructure renovation's or related ... WITHOUT bringing in contract worker's at discount prices from China like they done in California, saying they couldnt find welders in California (see ABC NEWS link), after they locked in the government contract money. They couldnt even find welders in neighbouring Oregon, Arizona or perhaps Nevada either?, to where they had to go clear across the Pacific Ocean?, that there show's you just how full of shit some of these people are in our government, and if it was up to me, I would take any loss fee's/ expenses out of their damn salaries, budget's and bonuses! Which now you see the problem's with even that new Bay Area bridge! ... and check out some of the bonuses that are shelled out on thing's like this! Some of the other issues when it comes to like road's infrastructure in America, is the milking of our tax money by foreign investor's who get us to foot tax dollar's to their private business so that they can simply charge outrageous toll's to use their road's ... but, that's about what their idea and vision of "globalization" for business and job's amount's to.

We have a good infrastructure design set up in America, however ... we are in desperate need of renovation's/ repair's to keep it up, of ALL our port's (air and sea), bridges, and road's especially in every major metro area across the nation, and especially in the northeastern corridor. IN FACT ... to be more honest ... the big money does NOT WANT to create too many job's ... they want to keep the job market tight, and worker's desperate and scrambling and willing to work cheaper and cheaper and to push more austerity ... that is the ONLY "job's plan" that any of these folk's have credibility in creating, period. The treat's or benefit's that would come from this expansion pipeline is basically more dog bones getting tossed to American's, while these energies investor's make record more billion's ripping what remaining earth, forestry and wildlife we have left, we will end up with nothing but a few more dog biscuit's tossed to us, and even more smaller, like when you buy some candy and they sell you a smaller size for the same price and call it a "fun size". This thinking and expanding the mass exploration and extraction of fossil fuel's is just fossil thinking, period ... and in time will be buried with the rest of the dinosaur shit. We actually treat, reward and give more respect and atencion to our dog's/ pet's than what our Washington representation overall or these international neo corporate communist's give to us ... so buying more of the mainstream political is stupid once again on our part.

Unfortunately like everything else in this mess of today ... it has turned political ONLY with no practical and reasonable thinking ... so much for instance was riding on the political career and aspiration's of Senator Landrieu (LA), and scrambling to get votes from the Democrat's to rush this through. You may think it's a victory for the environment since it didnt pass the Senate narrowly (1 vote) the other day, or because President Obama vowed to veto it when it comes to his desk. Well ... it is only a temporary victory, but nothing to get excited about, believe me, they will push this through probably after the first of the year. The thing is, they already have pipelines and production galore, all this is about is boosting production and flooding the market's. President Obama summed it up perfectly when he painted it as simply Canadian oil (and not even really oil, since it has a shitload of work to be done on the tar, to even get it on the market ... this is basically garbage, or rubbish in and rubbish out) ... being pushed/ pumped/ fast- tracked through our country via pipeline to the Texas Coast and sent off to other areas of the globe ... that's about it ... NOT to bring down our prices at the pump, and if the prices do drop as they did in this recent short period (the recent large drop isnt a result of production as much or like the late 1990's, but mostly because of unregulated market speculation), it hasnt a goddamn thing to do with politician's or a slower pipeline, transport, production or related nonsense, it has to do with the global market ONLY. And like every other market will go up and down like a yo- yo. There is also an increase in risk with these low budget type expansion's ... whether accidental or being that there may be attempt's to sabotage these pipelines, they cover alot of rural areas and have alot of vulnerabilities, and easy accessibility with not enough security ... with the rise in rebellion toward's America for instance for whatever reason by whatever group, how long will it be before someone decides to use this as a war strategy against us?

Some may think ... what the Hell is the difference since we already have mega pipelines and the areas of Alberta are already torn and ripped to shred's, might as well just go for the gusto and pump it faster, eh? NO ... we should delay it and delay it and add every obstacle in it's way we can relentlessly ... besides ... didnt they say they want to love us more and create job's that sustain over time? ... well then ... pumping more and working on it faster will just get that area all stripped quicker, then they will move to the next and the next and next (and as your cost per barrel go down from the flood of oil, it will have an impact on every invested dollar of business that bank's on this market and industry, which alot can lose their asses as a result, and have another recession because of such). So there, slowing it down will preserve the current job's we have, eh? ...  no ... ya'll dont want to hear that angle, or other transport idea's ... only the cheapest and quickest way WITH minimal employment ... whatever can boost ya'll's profit's ONLY. And we will have to attack this over and over and over, because they ARE NOT going to stop, this posting and pipeline is about only one area in one continent and country, they have plan's to extract every bloody damn thing they can globally ... and in a hogwild manner at that! You HAVE to watch them, regulate them, fine and penalize them or whatever you can ... why? ... because they are out of control like any addict. Let me make it simple here for the person that doesnt keep up with this that much ... these folk's are similar to those crack and meth addict's that run up and down the freewayz and street's in the city, or on all the rooftop's of buildings, breaking into the street lights and air conditioner unit's to steal the copper wiring, so that they can get that next bump/ hit of dope ... they like the addict are desperate and out of control, and will rip apart anything and everything they can to get their fix/ money, or like a gambling addict at the tables in Vegas, that will borrow on their home and saving's to try to get lucky cause they are so mentally intoxicated they "feel" lucky. We have to enforce strict laws and regulations in our major cities as far as being able to sell these stolen metals to recycling companies ... the same with these folks raping the Earth ... you have to have tighter laws and restrictions on being able to just do what they want, or they will take every damn thing you have.

Another thing on the last note concerning this new- wave addiction with new wayz to drill, mine, frack and the rest ... we commonly look at these folks and what they do as being heroic almost, saviours of civilized humanity, go- getter's, even elite achiever's or whatever, for peddling these energies and ideas to us. This is ALL incorrect and a blind understanding of what some of these action's and those are ... there is no long term benefit in what they do, nor even innovative, creative or unique thinking, and there sure as Hell is not a damn thing elite, creative or anything of any value of these folks that knowingly and relentless destroy and damage everything in their path for their personal gain with not even a sliver of regard for nature or much else, many of which just made a bunch of money more or less by gambling and rigging the system with their money. Many of these paper and plastic type elite folks that we praise and even admire today are parasitic ... a type of vermin if anything, they are no more elite or have any value, than those who may break into, loot, and destroy businesses in their "own" communities while protesting ... you wouldnt look at those as elite or true leaders, any more than we should look at these that recklessly destroy our environment, communities, cities and rural areas as such ... so you shouldnt look at these other's that run these industries and their political pre- paid flunkies (politician's who even many display severe weakness, lack of integrity, and are sauteed in corruption) as "elite" in ANY way or definition either for their proven/ shown action's of just being destructive and trying to influence and lead all of us through their propaganda and horseshit to think like they do. I would know ... after all ... I actually admire and praise those who are TRULY elite, creative, with leaderhip qualities, those that are strong, rugged individualism, have great business and innovative ideas, and those who have superior qualities about them, as I point out all through this journal.

I'm not a guy that would throw a brick through an oil company window, nor do I drive one of these electric car's, or have a scientific background or related ... so I'm not even hardcore on this. I realize the importance of oil production and our massive petroleum need's, damn near everything we wear and use comes from it, BUT ... what we are seeing here is out of control and insanity ... in other word's ... this is more about GREED than NEED. I also am disappointed because I listen to the energies investment programmes that market this madness, when there is hardly any talk on them concerning other energies investment's besides fossil fuel's ... and the fact is ... that the future is all about greener type energies and resources ... and THAT should be marketed the most, and to any serious investor's. We will have to change the way we do thing's in this area, the destruction we are causing to our planet has been enormous over the last century ... even if global warming WAS NOT an issue ... it is clear that we are destroying our planet with this madness and this "extreme energy" as Naomi would put it. I also hear talk because of this severe snow and cold like up in Buffalo (NY) and the north U.S., people saying that this proves the globe is not warming ... this is NOT true, this IS EXACTLY what would happen if the Earth was warming ... what do you think will happen when the weather pattern's change and storm's are stonger than ever with heat and cold? ... exactly what it's doing now in our summer month's and our winter month's, with elevated amount's of precipitation and the rest. If anything, dont we need to at least clean up our filthy wayz and habit's?

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***** POST NOTE: Concerning job's in America though, even with our pay decreases and REAL unemployment figures, we are still doing "fairly well", and still creating job's instead of losing them at alarming rates such as during the last part of the Bush/ Cheney administration. On the environment, we are also doing not too bad, and I point this out to compare to some of the other largest nation's of the world, we still are a very competitive nation. BUT ... it is importante to push hard on these issues, because we have been recently dropping back in many area's ... understand, that is importante to keep a strong work force and middle classes because one of the reason's we do so well, is because we are such a large consumer country, we even have so many advantages as far as port's, river/ water wayz transportation, trade and much else ... it is importante to keep this to sustain what we have worked so hard to create over the last century ... and I KNOW it can get BETTER than what we are currently doing. Part of improving has to do with also making sure we have tight environmental rules, I mean ... you sure as Hell dont want to go so unregulated and get totally trashed out ... look how bad large countries like China and India got with too relaxed regulation's. Folk's like myself dont want to drive energy companies out of business, we/ I want your business, investment's especially domestically, with more diversity in your research for such ... and we guarantee defense protection as well to our international investor's, and want folks of all business to make decent profit's ... but there HAS to be protection's as well ... going hogwild does not even serve the best long term interest's of those icon's either. The money spent for example for processing this tar sands stuff may not be such a great investment to throw so much into, if/ when those oil/ petrol prices drop, looking at the cost's to the company of even the structures/ plants to do this, so you need some balance not just for environmental reason's, but for economic reason's too.



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