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CLEANING UP THE VA (CBS 60 Minutes): REFORM in the VA ... with BOB MCDONALD & SEN. BERNIE SANDERS ... The "Democracy over Bureaucracy" Edition ... (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.39) & (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.22)

(left to right) Sen. Bernie Sanders- Chairman on Senate Committee of Veterans Affairs and new Secretary of Veterans Affairs Bob McDonald

This posting will be to honour "Veterans Day" 2014, and will serve both the "Veteran's Spotlight" and "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series of this journal ... and this is a series of this journal that I enjoy doing as much as the music/ arts series of this journal/ blog. Bob McDonald is the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs and sure as Hell has his work cut out for him ... but this guy has been really trying his damnedest too! Last night CBS 60 Minutes had a piece on him and his plan to clear up this VA issue following the NFL games (and Congrats to the Cowboys on their big win over the Jacksonville Jaguars @ London/ Wimbley), which was really a good piece I wanted to link in here below with a one on one with Bob, and also a video below from the Chairman on Senate Committee of Veterans Affairs Bernie Sanders for the nomination of Bob and what needs to be addressed and overhauled job#1 in our country (country and familia come as priorities in my book), this should have no problemo getting bipartisan support as well, including from our President, who has really been generous in his atencion to our veterans during his time in office. After this below, I will add my part on this issue.


***** CBS 60 MINUTES: ROBERT MCDONALD: CLEANING UP THE VA ... (video/ transcript)


Robert McDonald Nomination ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS



***** MILITARY TIMES: McDonald launches 100- day VA reform plan





First below some video and newsread on this scandal earlier this year in the VA ... when it came up all over the news (but obviously been going on for years), I was almost in disbelief at was I was reading/ viewing, and this is just a fraction of how deep this is. And whistleblowers in this have been coming out coast to coast after Phoenix area got exposed, so this has been sort of an in- house culture all over America!

***** CNN/ U.S.: VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle- blower says ... (newsread/ video)

"Mad As Hell"- V.A. Whistleblowers Continue To Come Forward ... Thanx to MASS TEA PARTY

Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

The investigation's into this VA issue will no doubt be ungoing for awhile because of how deep and complex it is, but I do feel that Bob McDonald was a good choice and he has some great idea's and approach to breaking up some of this big bureaucracy that contributed to this ... this has to be the worst I have seen in my lifetime. And not only Bob being a vet, but also working his way through the American Dream and his work overseeing Proctor & Gamble for 3 decades brings some added qualification's. And I sure as Hell dont blame this on the former Secretary Shinseki either, this was just a bunch of slacker attitudes, too much complex red tape and bureaucracy, and just outright extreme greed as far as bonuses motivating some people ... the whole fucken thing deep within was simply reckless ... and this is not what our democracy is about. This reorganization and clean up, will also be the largest in VA history, but should also do alot of hiring as far as doctor's/ staff needed too.

One of the best thing's also to start, is not just making it easier for vets to access the care they need, but the fact that Bob after reviewing this found multiple more cases that need investigating, that were not mentioned ... being that we also need criminal charges in alot of this (alot of covering up trying to be done in my opinion). To me ... some of these individual's are just as guilty when death's occurred because of their behaviour, as someone like Nidal Hasan ... and in my opinion in the most extreme cases with compelling evidence of this and a fair trial, are deserving of the death penalty, the same as Hasan, and of course appropriate criminal sentencing for the other's ... our veterans I view similar to when our children get abused ... these are importante asset's, and our own, and so many of our familia, friends and neighbours ... who we should look out for No#1. Widespread firing's, reprimand and reorganizing as Bob should announce in the next couple dayz is a great start, but also criminal charges for some.

The VA has also came a long way already as far as improving the service and quality of care needed, so it has NOT been a failure, besides this parasite within the system ... it has been better than ever on improvement's (a friend is being treated for PTSD currently who had a breakdown), this will just add an additional step that need's to be taken, and weed out what need's to be. So I am looking forward at least on this issue to get full bipartisan support without the usual bitch- fights between these 2 parties, and to allow Bob the thing's he need's to get the job on the road and done. As far as attempt's to keep this under the rug or covered up? ... too many folk's involved and too big to keep it on the "low" ... this, like any other, will be exposed fully with time. Other than that ... Thank You to our Veterans!

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