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DONTRE HAMILTON: "Excessively BEATEN & GUNNED Down" ... America's SOCIAL COLOURS & it's Gang Mentality ... "Dressed to ARREST" ... The "Polo Shirt & Dockers Pants" Edition ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.20)

Dontre Hamilton (dressed to impress)

(dressed to arrest)

Part 20 of the "Police Brutality" series of this journal/ blog will be to examine the death of Dontre Hamilton, and of course another officer that basically got away for now with murder. With all due respect to Dontre's familia here, the part in the posting title being about "beaten & gunned down" may seem harsh, but the reason for this title is to show accurate wording on just what happened to Dontre, because regardless of the twist's/ spin's or fashionably acceptable media wording ... this man was NOT a criminal, and done nothing to deserve the extreme beating and multiple gun shots that were handed to him by this police officer. I would want the wording to be accurate if this were my own child or familia member ... does it enrage people? ... of course it does ... and should, it would be improper and an insult to Dontre and his familia to sugar coat this, and try to paint some twisted politically correct version of the reality of what happened. First to open this posting will be some words from Dontre's brother Nate below ... then I will add my part after.

Nate Hamilton outside the federal courthouse ... Thanx to MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL


***** MILWAUKEE- WISCONSIN JOURNAL SENTINEL: Bullet struck Dontre Hamilton in the back, autopsy says (newsread/ video)

***** DEMOCRACY NOW: Ferguson, NYC, Milwaukee: Protests Erupt as Officer Cleared in Killing of Unarmed Dontre Hamilton ... (video and transcript)



Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally ... the left photo is just getting out of morning shower and hair messy, slapping on an old t- shirt and some jeans ... the right side photo is wearing a polo shirt, docker slacks with my hair slicked back with hair styling mousse. Which photo of me would some "beat cop's" be quicker to look at and try to profile?


***** NOTE: Right now especially in America this is a very importante subject of concern for ALL people, including even those police officers especially that do a great job and love their job's and serving their communities, who there is NO issue with them ... but some of the higher ups in their department's that have political motivations and obligations are different, making the situation more like instigating a war on people instead of bettering relations. For police it allows them time to look over the situation that they are in and push themselves for reform's in their departments and improve their image, from those who disgrace and misrepresent their shield's. For the citizen's it's also importante to attack this on every level you can, WHILE we can, since so much of our rights are being attacked and manipulated by the big money powers, even taking advantage and using our political representation, while holding their political career's as hostage. But this sort of thing has a slippery slope to it, especially with the added security we need in our cities these dayz due to international and domestic problem's such as retaliatory terror attacks, or other thing's that danger all, so making sure we take care of home and ourselves is importante as job#1 ... this is one of those thing's that will have an impact on all of us, not just poor or people of colour, it will grow and escalate further and further. I encourage any reader of this particular series, to at least run through this entire series, to view some of what is happening in our country ... those who know me and I talk with daily here locally in Texas and others, I am able to even get more detailed and personal on related subject's, than I can on this public blog/ journal on what is needed to get done, and want to hear input and suggestion's from other's on what is needed to do to improve the condition, because there is alwayz need for improvement.


Reading up on this case and looking at the autopsy report linked above, there is no way you can say that this officer (Christopher Manney) simply reacted in self- defense, as a matter of fact ... that is why the police dismissed/ fired him, they said of course that it was simply against their policy, calling it an interdepartmental charge of violating "core values" (Hmmmm ... imagine that) ... but it is a Hell of alot more than just police or policy codes, so that press release from police official's is outright bullshit and not good enough. Plus they as alwayz want to exempt themselves from any responsibility/ liability/ accountability, so when (and ONLY when) it comes down to outright MURDER of an innocent citizen ... they start engineering wayz and words to distance themselves. Simply firing this officer does not a goddamn thing, but let the officer go back into some community and get hired by probably some fly- by- night security service and get a job as perhaps "captain" or similar, strictly because of his so called law enforcement experience.

Looking at the number of hits to the victim (Dontre) and especially where those hits were directed, just from the officer using his night- stick alone, shows that this officer was focused on killing this man ... being orchestrated and premeditated, then on top of that, if those multiple blunt hits to the skull didnt kill him for sure, he shot Dontre 14x times at close range in all critical areas top of the body, and even after he is down, more in his back ... no way can you survive this ... it was more than excessive ... it was extreme hatred/ anger, or more like a revenge killing/ execution (without even any revenge motive) ... so it is far from not standard procedure, but any procedure ... this was just plain slaughter ... nothing else, with laws designed and inadequate police training to make it all legal. And listening to this officers radio call in after he slaughtered this man, calling for help because he got hit with his own stick, is cowardly and disgusting at least ... and a display of emotional and mental illness. After you beat this man to a pulp, there is not even any need to shoot him as well.

***** FBI- Civil Rights & Color of Law Violations

They will say that Dontre grabbed the officers night stick and hit him ... looking closely at this, it was most likely because this officer was so radical and first beat this man, that Dontre out of just fear, had to grab the stick from the officer, knowing what this officer was going to do to him. If Dontre would have hurt or killed this officer defending himself against this excessive brutality, Dontre would be a different news story and made to look like a bad guy in the media, even though it would have been self- defense in my opinion and justified by the common law of nature, and possibly by some written laws from what I been reading ... Example-- "Constitution Society: Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest". Bottom line, Dontre committed no criminal offense or was a threat to anyone. With my experiences in these matters, I would even question if the so called "hit" on the officer was even intentional or even a hit, as I point out what qualifies as assault on an officer in this series also, meaning that just putting up your hand to cover your head from a hit/ blow is technically assault, or grabbing the night stick while in swing to your skull to prevent it from hitting you is also technically assault. The only cause for this officer to shake him down was a report from people at a Starbucks coffee shop, that there was a "black man sleeping on a park bench", as a matter of fact ... other officer's that previously answered this so called complaint, checked him (Dontre) and walked away. According to report's, Dontre even had an apartment where he lived alone, according to autopsy/ toxicology results ... no drugs or alcohol in his system ... why would he be sleeping on a park bench? ... maybe he wasnt even sleeping ... maybe he was depressed mentally or other reason's ... where is the public threat?

Dressed to impress ... most acceptable in society

Related image

Dressed to arrest ... least acceptable in society

The familia of Dontre should be outraged, the American people should be outraged as our leaders try to drive our standards of living and wages into the dirt, then driving citizen's into likely victim's of this type profiling, prejudice and hatred. To try to make us think that this is correct and fashionable to attack citizen's based on this. They think that people will just pipe down and wear out, or will just feel sorry for these officers with enough media coverage ... but it wont work, and wont happen, as it never did in the past and wont happen any time soon. Because it's not just wrong by any written standards or laws ... but by nature, so to resist and fight this is in order, and to fight/ battle this is Democratic and what this Republic is about and dies for if necessary, and this familia of Dontre and every other victim and citizen's should go at this until there is change in legislation that allow's this to happen.

Oakland/ Bay Area


Dontre's crime was nothing more than what they term now as a "quality of life" crime, and this is coast to coast in America with many death's ... being dressed basically to arrest is the "probable cause" here or "reasonable suspicion", he didnt dress in this case to impress, or to look socially acceptable to probably the folks at Starbucks coffee while they may be pumped up with caffeine wearing their polo shirts and dockers, and when your a person of colour, that even add's to the paranoia ... some of these folks are the same kind of folks that would cross the street if they see you, just to avoid any close contact with you, because of your colour or dress/ attire. This is exactly the social colours (like gang colours) and gang mentality that we have more of in 2015 America with its love of corporate greed, correctness, and neo type communism and fascism is all. Just an updated version of what we had in the past and repackaged into more pop- culture acceptance and force- fed by legislation through politicians and their financial supporter's, who twist our thinking with their word's through media.

Word Out ....

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