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JESSICA LIESMANN: "Don't Mess with MAD MOTORIST MAMA" ... The DASH, CRASH & BASH Edition ... "My Girl ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.8"

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Jessica Liesmann & son Jaylen

Part 8 of the "My Girl ... Ladies a Lil on the Hot & Spicy Side" series will be another local Dallas posting to highlight some defensive action taken by Ms.Jessica Liesmann yesterday here in town. Basically ... this dude/ suspect allegedly jacked some guyz ride/ car outside a convenient store at gunpoint after he held up the store down around the Fair Park district in South Central Dallas, then dashed off hitting a few freewayz with it (S.Central Expwy, R.L.Thornton & LBJ Freewayz) ... it was a Dodge Challenger he hijacked, and believe me, those have some good pickup and speed (I love the Challenger), he took DPD on a high speed chase that ended going all the way to the Lake Highlands district of NE Dallas ... then when he got off the freewayz and took to the street's ... boom! he crashes into cars at a light in an intersection, one van he hit's into, the driver/ Jessica gets out to basically bash the dude for hitting her van, her teen son is laying in the median injured in pain, and she confront's this suspect really fired up (this suspect is also armed at that, although I'm sure she didnt know). Basically Jessica was pissed, and who can blame her? plus, just last year, she lost her 4 year old son Jaylen (death) to a medical condition, she didnt like seeing her other son hurt ... she was smokin hot and ready to rumble ... and the way it looks ... if DPD wouldnt have arrived at the scene so quick, she looked like she was about to give this suspect some ass whippin, that he well deserved too. Anywayz ... great work Jessica to you and your boyfriend Charles, good to hear your son TJ will be okay too! Some video/ newread below.


***** NOTE: Dallas Police advises citizen's to not take this approach when/ if your car get's hit like this, and to "let police handle it" ... a couple people here in Dallas also told me they thought Jessica was wrong for getting out of her car and attacking the guy/ suspect, and that it is assault ... another guy told me she could have got shot (suspect had his piece/ gun on the seat) ... which is all true ... being she could have got shot and it is illegal to assault someone that hit's your vehicle. I see this a lil different ... this suspect in my view was using his car as like a battering ram, and NOT a mistake of just failing brakes, especially at the speed he was flying, it was 20mph school zone and max speed limit anywayz is no more than 35mph when school zone hours are not active (not 60- 70mph) ... it appear's clearly that his intention's were to try to slide at a high speed between the lanes of car's in the hope of knocking them out of the way to clear a path, with no regard whatsoever for anyone ... and as far as I'm concerned deserved an ass whippin.


Woman in minivan stops high speed chase in Dallas- 2/ 11/ 15 ... Thanx to KENT GARRISON

***** WFAA8/ ABC: 'Mama bear' confronts accused carjacker 

Woman attacks chase suspect who crashed into her van ... Thanx to KXAN 


***** UPDATE: Southwest KIA dealership in Mesquite offered Jessica her choice of 3 new KIA vans as a donation for her troubles, here below she is in her new KIA Sedona, she is happy, so there is a happy ending to this! {: )

Car Chase Momma Bear Jessica Liesmann gets new car ... Thanx to THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS


My Girl (The Temptations) Tuca Oliveira, Guilherme Dini & Eduardo Maran- Cover ... Thanx to EM HOME STUDIO ... this song is what partly inspired the title of this series (out of light humour at the time), the song originally was wrote by Smokey Robinson for The Temptations, I have the original in the first posting, but was looking for a cover version sifting through YouTube to dedicate to Jessica and found this, which was so good of a cover by these gentlemen that it will be also added in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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Infidel753 said...

Nope, can't blame her for that -- I'm sure her "assaulting" the driver who hit her like that was illegal, but just imagine trying to get a jury to convict her of anything based on that.

Good job to the Kia dealership giving her a new van. They know good publicity when they see it.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ya Infidel, your right as far as trying to find a jury to indict on something like that, but a couple folks here in Dallas bellyached over it too that I talked to, because they see it as assault. However, in this particular case, IF she would have been charged with such, looking at it close, it would have fell into a class C misdemeanor category assault, which is citable as per officer's discretion ... in other word's, he/ she could/ can "bust" her, but they wont, because the county jail would likely turn the case away (due to space), and the officer would have to waste a few hour's on that in "book- in" as well as the write- up, only to be turned away, so they write a citation like when driving w/o license or small pot/ weed or some related class offense, to where they use their own judgement on how they want to handle it ... thus meaning on cases like that, there is no jury anywayz ... and I think IF a jury gets chosen (usually by defendant request only to challenge charges) on a citable offense, it is in a municipal court instead of a county court, which only has a kangaroo style 6 person jury at that.

Oh Hell yeah ... that van/ SUV or whatever they're called was a good deal (Hell ... I would take an asswhippin myself just to get one free {: ) ... that there is around $26K/ $30K value, and like you say ... it's great publicity/ advertisement for the dealership, and they can write it off on taxes, so everyone won ... well except the dude who pulled the score/ heist.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also notice how DPD handled this case when they took down the suspect, remind you this was an armed suspect who just robbed a business at gunpoint and hijacked a car, I didnt even see any guns drawn by officers, only bracing their sidearm without kicking, beating or related ... just goes to show, that it is not necessary to shoot to kill and excessively beat everyone that is a felon pursuit case. So good work by DPD as well, cause this dude has prior's related, you can bet he is probably going to do time again.