Friday, March 6, 2015

THE WHO: "I Can See For Miles", "See Me, Feel Me/ Listening To You", "My Generation", "Pinball Wizard" & "Won't Get Fooled Again"


This posting for the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal will be a salute to honour The Who, out of London, who are also celebrating 50 years together as a crew and currently on tour. This crew of course has alot of music and are definitely the arena/ stadium sort of crew, they are top notch in album as well as singles classic rock as far as genre, a major influence to so many, Pete Townshend, a self taught multi- instrumentalist, is a Hell of a songwriter too, who get's much credit ... but as far as history I will let the links handle that. Overall the band just was really tight as far as live performance and sound, even though I havent seen them in at least 35 years or so. Pete has a unique guitar style and Roger a powerful vocalist, and everyone in the band can sing well with nice harmonies. What really caught my atencion seeing them live as well, was the bass guitar work of John Entwhistle (I was right up stage front) and the style of how he would roll on the bass, the smoothness of his playing, he would look so laid back not hardly moving while his fingers would lay out this intensive thunderous sound. Keith Moon is such a unique drummer and rated as the best of the best in that category with his style and intensity, but also I can imagine rang up a Hell of a bill in damages on his kit's and hotel room's which he had a thing for too.

I been wanting to have a posting on this crew in here for sometime, so I been sifting through alot of stuff on YouTube trying to find some of their early stuff to focus on their beginning's for this posting, looking through some of my favourites as a kid and song's that are well known, so I finally after reviewing so many, chose these below to highlight for this posting. And Thanx to this crew for all the great music and all those they influenced ... Enjoy!





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The Who- I Can See For Miles (1968) ... Thanx to ROCKHIPPIE1969

The Who- My Generation (Marquee Club 1967) ... Thanx to TERRAPIN7811

The Who- See Me, Feel Me- Live at Woodstock 1969 ... Thanx to QUEENREDSPECIAL

The Who- Pinball Wizard 1969 (Woodstock) ... Thanx to emmedim

The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again (Pontiac Silverdome, 6th Dec 1975) *Remastered* ... Thanx to LZ JOKER




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