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AARON SCHOCK: Representing the PEOPLE or YOURSELF ... and The Costing of the FROSTING ... The "Designer Resigner" Edition ... (POLITICAL CORRUPTION & ETHICS PT.6) & (DEAD BROKE HILL PT.3)

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Rep. Aaron Schock (IL)

This posting will serve the "Political Corruption & Ethics" & "Dead Broke Hill" series of this journal, to take a look at some of the work of those we pay decent salaries and lifelong benefit's to, to represent us ... and in this case, the costing of the frosting we have on the cake, for the soon to resign designer Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock. Washington is alwayz telling us how broke they and we are, how we need to pay and sacrifice more and more, even turn over our social security and life savings to them and Wall St,, make cuts to public services, education, veterans, elderly, etc ... or were all doomed. And when these so called strong leaders get their panties in a bind with petty fights on the job, they act like little spoiled brat's and walk out off the job with pay, and tell us they will abandon us, the job or whatever ... I would say ... just go, get the Hell out and dont let me see your ass again ... I dont care, walk out, close down, whatever ... there are plenty of folks that can and will do the job. Some video and news link below, then I will add my part following.

Why Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock resigned ... Thanx to CBS NEWS

***** CNN: FBI, federal prosecutors investigating Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock Reveals Details About His Allegedly 'Downton Abbey'- Inspired Office ... Thanx to ABC NEWS





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

This shouldnt shock anyone about this guy Schock, but bring more light and awareness about how some of the culture in politics is ... and to never get into a mindset like some thinking that this is acceptable and should be the norm. This man is more concerned with representing himself than the people, or even his constituent's as he claim's for that matter, this man represent's nothing but himself, and dont belong in a position to lead or represent a damn thing. This is/ was a man considered by many in his party (Republican) as an upcoming superstar type for the party as well. Now after these investigations and such ... they're all acting as if he doesnt exist, or they want him to, yet no one talked to this young man before hand in their party and told him how his lifestyle looks in a public office? Which show's even more how out of touch Washington is with America.

I am not so much disturbed with his office decor, as a matter of fact, I thought it was impressive, but NOT as a Congressional member's office, I dont see it as a reflection of the job/ workplace at all, some say it is like a scene set of some popular UK tele series called "Downton Abbey", or the office decor of former First Lady Nancy Reagan ... to me it look's like what I would expect in the outer offices and waiting area of a more upscale satanic ritual chamber, but not a representatives office of the people. Schock's lavish and pop- culture vulture saturated lifestyle dont even reflect his needed qualities to represent American's. This is a man representing Peoria (IL) for example ... world headquarters of Caterpillar, Inc. ... the hard working blue collar backbone of America ... if you been to Peoria, you know what kind of town it is.

Schock had an impressive resume and childhood as a student and working hard as young as his early teens, hustling, investing and even setting up his own private retirement at 14 years old and invested in the stock markets, top's in school, ahead in his grades, a real leader, worked in rural farming as a kid, even being later the youngest school board member at 19 years old, and very cost conservative on spending. So what the Hell happened? ... I dont consider his spending spree's and lifestyle as even reflecting what he valued, and especially if he paid $74,000 for a new Chevy Tahoe, I dont see that as conservative or even smart dealing/ haggling, or the $5,000 podium of his. It is obvious though that he used his skills to nickel and dime tax- payers out of extra gas mileage reimbursement and other expenses. So it's okay by his so called values I guess (as his dad talks about his son's great all American values) to just recklessly spend the peoples money on his personal needs instead of what they intend the money for, eh?

This guy seem's to fly around with plenty of other's in their private aircraft's including the President (Obama) who also spoke highly of him, lives better than most in his salary range, related occupation and community where he sayz he likes to at least spend a day of two once a week. Considering all the vacation time off of Congress and miscellaneous walk- outs over bitch fights and the rest, I have to wonder how he gets any damn thing done on the job, or exactly what does he do addressing some of the serious issues. He said that he is a representative of the economy and focuses mostly on that, especially for the young people, and not a social issues kind of guy, which is great, the economy is very importante for those ... however, what's up with this money spending? ... why is he so gung- ho on bucking against fair/ equal rights for LGBT (gay/ lesbian) citizen's? or rights for those who are victims of hate crimes, against a woman's right to choose, etc?

Some say it's great that he just resigned, I am sure his party partly inspired that, if he is so up and up and hasnt nothing to hide or no fear and a real leader ... he wont walk, but fight till the finish, that there show's me his cowardly colours. He know's also damn well that his ethics/ morals are in question, he know's damn well what he is guilty of. Letting these people just walk away to please our political tastes is NOT good enough, thank goodness that the FBI and others are digging deep into this while politicians turn their eyes away and get on the current politipop gab about their candidacy shows to distract us. These people need to be hounded, hunted and held accountable for taking an oath to represent people ... that is our problemo ... you DONT let shit like this slide ... you set an example, and make solid what we expect out of those like him. If any of us can go to jail for such, so can he.

Word Out ....



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Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

In Aaron's defense he is a good sport. I had a blog in his district caller The Oracle Speaks which had a decent readership. Mostly it was read by republicans who liked to bash me in the comment section or go to righty blogs and bash me there.
I beat up Aaron pretty good. Referred to him as "Junior." The righties that had contact with him, one of them went on to be a big shot organizer of tea bagger shit, said Aaron thought it was funny and had a good laugh. But as I predicted, he failed in the end. It does show how far one can go though with good looks and willingness to tell kooks and fools whatever shit they want to hear.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Joe ... I understand your point and am sure that Aaron had a great personality and seem's even like a fun guy to be around ... I mean, I used to talk about cars, girls, rock- n- roll, and football with Richard Ramirez when he was alive (aka Nightstalker- serial killer), he was a swell guy personality wise too, but Rick had some serious psychological issues too deep inside. I was upset how former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner was gutted in the mainstream, who I admired as a politician, just over something as SIMPLE as "sexting" with a girl, because he was married, his whole political career went down over that, he didnt even engage in sex with the lady, and she led him on at that! Weiner was a very strong voice for the people, I never gave a shit what his personal sex life was about or concerned with his marital relations or agreement with his beautiful wife Huma (that's their business), everyone criticized her as well, simply because she still loved Anthony. In Mr.Schock's case, I wouldnt have any issue with his personal life, or if he even participated in shady gambling or deals with his Wall St. pal's or whatever ... My issue with him, was because he had a decent paycheck/ salary and benefits package from the people/ taxpayers and set for life as a career in politic's, the fact with as business savvy that he is, he would nickel and dime taxpayers and cheat on those thing's, my morals are old fashioned Joe, I am not part of this pop- culture mindset of greed extremity. My issue as well was his gung- ho attitude about bucking LGBT rights and others rights as I posted, which shouldnt even be ANY political issue in our democracy whatsoever, but part of the basic fabric of what democracy means to us.

Thanx for your input here Guy ....

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I want to reply but right now I'm in a situation that might compromise something I'm doing.
Read you all the time RC. Dig your pic. You look like you were a tough dude in the day. No wonder the Night Stalker was nice to you.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Joe, regardless of what I may look like, I wasnt that tough of a guy, maybe a little bold or wild as far as lifestyle back in the day, but I got my fair share of asswhippins, so NOT that tough, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) As far as Rick being nice or whatever to me ... it wasnt that, my point was, I believe that we ALL have nice or good qualities about us, no matter how so called wrong or evil we may be labeled as. Rick had issues with the Satan figure/ archetype that disturbed him deeply, he asked me alot about satanism and related things, since I had a little knowledge in the subject, that's about it on that ... but he was just a regular guy when it came to the stuff that regular guys talked about ... Rick had a harsh childhood, which had a harsh impact on his thinking and issues. Later Joe ....

Norman Rampart said...

Howdo old Chimperoonie!

Glad you're still around old bean!


4D x

(politics is depressing in't it?)

Ranch Chimp said...

Yo 4D/ Norman WASSUP!! (soprano screech) ... Ya guy, still around here on the ole ranch, and my wife hasnt gave me the boot in my ass yet (out the door {: ) I didnt even know you had a new blog(s), I just figured you got "burned out" (which isnt too hard to do) and stopped blogging. Politics??, a lil more nauseating than depressing, eh mate? You look like your well in your photo with a drink in your hand (cheers), I will stop by ... hope things are well for ya'll down in Londontown though ... Thanx for stopping by ... later Guy ....

Norman Rampart said...

Me??? Burn out??? Nah mate....just went on a two year bender. Took me most of 2014 to sober up again ;-)

Boy! It was fun....or so someone told me ;-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Just as long as you had a good time 4D ... that's WHAT COUNT'S!! ... fuck the rest {: )