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DeMARCO MURRAY ... Sayz "Farewell" to the COWBOYS ... & "I'm Ready To Work" to the EAGLES ... Leaving Brother's in Dallas and Running HIS GOAL ... to the City of Brotherly Love

(left to right) fiancee Heidi Mueller, their daughter Savanna June & DeMarco Murray

(left to right) Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, Jason Witten & DeMarco Murray ... after 2014 NFC East Championship win

This posting will be to highlight and Thank Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray for his service to the Dallas Cowboys from 2011 to 2014. But the other reason for posting this as well is because this is big local sports news here in Dallas and Philadelphia, Eagles and Cowboys have been one of the NFL's hottest rivalries for decades and the NFC East division. Also because some fan's in Dallas got so bent out of shape over this, that some started burning Murray jerseys and criticizing Murray for leaving ... and in Philadelphia, fan's like this gal are thrilled and excited. But first some newsread and video below, then I want to add some after.

ESPN First Take- DeMarco Murray Signs With Eagles- How Surprised? ... Thanx to ESPN VIDEO

***** ESPN/ NFL: Eagles introduce DeMarco Murray


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

I myself was disappointed to see DeMarco leave as much as any other die- hard Cowboyz fan and teammates were ... I mean ... there are tough choices in this business too, and that's how it goes. DeMarco has proven to be one of the upcoming NFL great's as far as a running back, even though he has had a strong history in high school and college in Oklahoma, he has contributed so much in particular this last year as far as the Cowboyz winning the NFC East Championship and building that team spirit, and being the top rusher in the NFL. I also give alot of credit to the Dallas offensive line who helped him achieve his potential ... Murray worked extra hard this last season, since he was being played alot, some feared of injuries or wearing him down. But considering too, Murray coming into the Cowboyz back in 2011 as a 3rd string backup, he has came a long wayz in a short time.

DeMarco sayz that he see's potential in Philadelphia winning a SuperBowl and wanted to be a part of that ... and even though I am No#1 a Cowboyz fan ... I agree with him ... Philly is a Hell of a team, and only came in 2nd to Dallas last year in our division, they just had some real problem's pop up smack dab in their season that hurt them. DeMarco sayz it wasnt really about money, I have to take that as at least partial truth, because there were other team's even offering him more than Philly since he was up for grab's ... but the $42 million for 5 year's and $21 million guarantee made it also a sweet deal. But it's also obvious that QB Sam Bradford had alot to do with that decision also ... I mean, DeMarco and Sam were tight as roommates and teammates in college. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones couldnt match it? ... NO ... not at all ... in fact, in my opinion, if it wasnt for this salary cap deal, I feel DeMarco would still be in Dallas ... Jerry has no problemo spending, as a matter of fact, Jerry partly inspired the salary cap's in the NFL because of his spending, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... (I wish spending cap's would happen in Washington DC as well, to stop these corporations and investment banker's from buying all our politician's campaign's {: ) Jerry and the Cowboyz had a tough decision to make as well ... we are limited on what we can spend, and you have to decide who get's cut and who stay's, and Dallas has a great crew across the board, this is the best Cowboyz team I seen since the dayz of Aikman, Smith and Irvin back in the 1990's!

Jerry and the Cowboys needed to make as tough as a decison as DeMarco, and in my opinion, DeMarco has to look out for his best interest and go with what's in his heart, and right now ... it's not running to the goal line, but to run to and with his OWN goal's ... and I wish him the best in his pursuit. Also understand ... DeMarco will have to adjust to this new system and the Philly offense been playing the fastest game plan in the league (one of the first thing's that stood out to me about Philly watching them closely last season), that new offensive line will have to adjust to him as well, and that will be a challenge to match Dallas' line on that end for them ... Dallas is tight and easily gave DeMarco what he needed and knew DeMarco well. DeMarco is at a good age too of 27, and need's to keep good protection, because that is also what many look at, is how he can hold up taking those hard hit's and punishment ... so he will have his challenges as well. DeMarco sayz he's ready to get to work ... that's all that count's ... Thank You and have a good one guy ... we will see you here in Dallas in a Eagles uniform this coming sesaon!

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