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This posting will be a Part 2 of the Russian sponsored media RT/ RT America and an update on this current battle over spending and pumping more money into the BBG (Broadcasting Board of Governors) to outspend these foreign sponsored news sources, the wimpering and whining of Capitalism Hill (aka Capitol Hill), the new cold war that has become a bore, some lore and more. In Part 1 linked below, I paint a broader picture of what media of any is about. Another link I added below PT.1 is from a posting a couple years back where RT again is calling America basically a "Great Lie", which is SO TRUE too, and I am one that actually loves my country, and it's the exact reason I write these related posting's, at least hear them out. But before I add my part to this, the link below with newsread and video will cover the current mess that inspires this Part 2 posting.

***** RUSSIA TODAY: House panel urges US to fight Russia's 'weaponized information' ... video/ newsread


***** PD/ RCJ: RT/ RUSSIA TODAY (PT.1): SOS John Kerry calls RT a 'Propaganda Bullhorn' ... "BULLHORN'S & BULLSHIT" ... The "NEW Cold War & INFORMATION Assassination" Edition ... (NATION of BS PT.11) 

***** PD/ RCJ: AMERICA 2013 & The GREAT LIE ... with The Best of The Best that "MONEY CAN BUY" (The AWAKENING PT.29) **** I posted this RT piece for it's straight forward look at what America has became more increasingly over the last couple decades ... this is like a wake up for American's, not to CUT DOWN my/ our country, BUT to embrace it and cherish what we value and encouragement to preserve our liberties.


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

No doubt, there is probably no one easier to push the buttons of than uninformed angry people, no matter what country they are in ... I mean ... the controlling powers depend on this. I myself am open and listen to ALL media regardless of who financially sponsors it or not, so my appetite in media is about as wide as my home literature or my music collection ... I mean ... I frankly wouldnt give a shit if it was sponsored by neo- Nazi's or whatever, if I find it worthy of atencion, I will view or read it. This is what I see America, democracy and the rest to be ... I am all for what those who control us brag that they want us to be about and tell the world that we are about ... competition, sharing globally/ culturally, free enterprise, open market and capitalism and much more. Bottom line, is that I DECIDE what I want to view/ read ... not some pre- paid corporate controlled starch suited windbag politician in Washington or some other corporate, political or religious mouthpiece. And I like RT America as well as many other's and appreciate their work ... Thank You RT.

John Kerry and Hillary Clinton may say that we need to pump more money into our media to compete or favour our particular slant or whatever, which is great ... but what many up there on Capitalism Hill dont realize is that they again are missing the point. Many folks go to alternative news sources because those sources are covering issues of concern that our corporate media's cant touch on as much for one reason or the other, issues that many may find of more concern and having more of a focus what we want to know more about. It is the viewer's decision and responsibility to read between the lines or even various slants and weigh for truth and integrity. I agree with Rep.Rohrabacher of California in the top linked news video to an extent ... that sure ... Putin/ Russia may have an agenda/ slant ... but to realize that we have our own flaws. The hilarious part of Rohrabacher's statement was when he looked around at his political constituents and said "I would hope that were honest enough with one another" ... I couldnt help to laugh ... I mean ... your in a chamber Sir ... that is saturated with pre- paid compulsive lying, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... but nothing wrong with "hope".

The thing is ... that there are many in these 3 controlling powers that work together of corporations, government and institutionalized religions (what I label as the "3 entities" in this journal) that would like to have more restrictions, censorship and control over what we view and read, which frankly have too much control and restrictions as it is in my opinion with all the sugar coated politically correct media we have and so much control over our information technologies, yet they all want to have no restrictions on themselves, and its only a game between them of personal battles. Secretary Kerry will say that we need to boost our media edge and to "spread" democracy globally with it ... which is great ... but ... right now considering our own domestic problems and imposed policies Mr.Kerry ... many Americans would like to see more democracy spread here, since it has been becoming less and less in our own country ... and I hardly call some of what we see our nation do around the world as simply spreading democracy. I mean, since this is all about love, democracy, freedom and the rest ... I would suggest that ya'll practice a little more of what you preach ... at least if you expect anyone to halfway believe any of your bullshit.


'Second class Americans'? US fails to rescue its citizens in Yemen ... it's Russia who does the job ... Thanx to RT  **** Here is a sample of some RT News that some in our US Congress find as offensive and propaganda, but see how much coverage you will find of this on our own American MSM. Here you have Russia rescuing American citizens this last week from a Saudi bombing campaign in Yemen, while America declined to rescue their own for whatever reason. Although I myself am not saying that I feel we have a responsibility solely to rescue every American that is in some place like Yemen, I mean ... my question would be what are they doing in a place like Yemen with all the trouble there has been there?, some may be there for humanitarian reasons, business/ corporate reasons, visiting familia, etc. But the point of this being of the embarrassment and exposure in this news coverage of some of the actions of our own government that they would like to have swept under the rug.


We have some really good politicians who try their best to function and work in such a corrupt environment, and those I praise for what they do. But ... we have those who just refuse to think and look at the entire picture in a tight situation ... and some may take the most simple to solve thing, and over- complicate it, drive more misery and paranoia doing so, then whine later who's to blame. Reminds me of wanting to simply change the serpentine belt on your car engine ... when your monkey- wrench neighbour walks up asking to help, then decides they need to dismantle half the shit under the hood of the car to do it ... and put it all back together afterwards all ass backwards. The solution is easier than it looks ... bring back the solid integrity to news and try covering more than only what the money sponsors will allow, be more diverse, more informative, competitive, open and free in thought, planning, editing and creativity ... after all ... is this not what we claim to value? ... and everyone will benefit in the longrun, including those investors who spend an arm and a leg trying to shut out competition instead of improving themselves ... ya'll have no one to blame but yourselves.

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