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SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN: "The Unfinished Business of Financial Reform" ... (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.11) ... with Ranch Chimp Intro

Part 11 of the "Elizabeth Warren" series is a listen to a recent speech this last week that the Senator gave at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College ... I just wanted to record this in this journal because it as usual is so straight and gets right to the root of our national and global financial issues, the cause, the history such as the last time during the Great Depression what happened, and prior to the Great Depression a need for President Teddy Roosevelt at a time to use a sledgehammer method back in the day to tackle the challenges, and the need today to tackle the current mess were in, but not just from the people, but the need for strong leaders/ politicians such as Warren to ACT. We are lucky to have a Senator on the Senate Banking Committee with the knowledge and experience in law, banking and finance as Warren, who is not in constant fear of these parasites, especially these times of rampant corruption that has contaminated business and government/ politics here at home and globally ... because some of the members of this committee, I really question their performance and obligations. I have been asked time and again ... why I focus much on things like finance and law/ legislation? ... simple ... because it is vital to our societies stability on what makes and breaks us ... in the future it will be different, but this is importante right now to make it to a better point. For years like many other Americans I just voted blindly and really didnt pay much atencion to the political arena and candidates, most Americans are busy, plain and simple, and dont have time or patience to examine politics closely, and many could even care less about voting ... unfortunately many who dictate us and our Congress know this and capitalize off it. Again ... the people of this country have all the tools necessary to change this around overnight and clean this up, many others around the world have less tools than us and wish they had what we have to battle this.

Elizabeth is more known and ridiculed by some as an extreme leftist, some on Wall Street and conservative media views her as and openly calls her the Devil ... but despite all the pop- culture talk, that is so inaccurate as well as politipop nonsense ... Elizabeth is about as pro- business and capitalism as you can get, she went through a time (exactly like myself, is why I can relate to her) when she was a Republican ... voting Republican, believing that maybe trickle down would work, because by it's design and purpose or theory it should work (of course with some rules) and has proven that it can reduce poverty and expand/ grow wealth time and again historically, she believed that the GOP/ Republican Party like myself as a former straight voting Republican, stood for what they say they stood for, and agreed on things like business being the ones to govern business, because who better to do and manage business and meet it's need's than business? The way the system is designed .... it should work well and even reduce poverty, increase wages, broaden wealth, create an arena of more competition and players, a healthy and robust free market and healthy global trade that gives incentives to play and win to a wider arena of contenders/ players ... but it has been destroying itself because of certain players who manipulate the game rules. Elizabeth is more like a capitalism hero to me if anything ... her outstanding resume and strength speaks for itself.

Politically though, many in the establishment part of these 2 dominating political parties that criticize Senator Warren are disgracefully un-American and some of the weakest as far as leadership qualities that I have ever seen in my 59 years, that have no sure plans or anything for that matter to present that takes immediate action, it's no wonder that millions of Americans have no faith in them ... your average worker and neighbour is more dependable and competent getting job's done than them. Even though the Democrat party is overall weak, the Republican party has no business trying to highside rubbish talk about how pro- American, pro- troops and pro- business the Republican party is, lets face it, ya'll especially on the Republican side in recent years have been more anti- American interests and basically a flunky herd of multi- national corporate/ banking and religious fundamoralism ass- sucking fruitloops, creating one obstruction after another in Congress simply because you cant get your way and are such pussies about everything, then to top it off, you have disrespected this President (Obama) like no other Congress had ever to a President, he tried to deal and be bipartisan and you still disrespect him, I wouldnt blame the President if he just got uncivilized on your asses, cause ya'll deserve it ... maybe an accidental elbow to jaw bump on the basketball court or a loose club on the golf course. Many Republicans are going with President Obama right now on this fast track of the Trans Pacific Partnership because it serves the mega corporate interests, and even though because of our economics desperation to build more trade, jobs and business ... it has not been transparent, and what has leaked about it, gives corporations a heavier voice and hand and less voice and hand to our own government/ sovereignty/ Constitution ... Congressman Alan Grayson explains that here. Dont get me wrong, trade is good, BUT ... it's the fine print of what it consists of as far as the contractual legislation we allow tossed into it, and be obligated by law to let them call the shots, not the American people, smaller to medium size businesses/ companies and banks ... and looking at recent history, who would even remotely trust a fast track rushed through a few months after the 2014/ 2015 Republican Congress mudslide victory where after 6 years, many Republicans all of the sudden like/ favour the President and want it rushed? ... that dont make no goddamn sense unless its about special interests dipping their hand into it ... so you know what the score is, eh?

Today (like a century ago) you have this culture of weakness combined with excessive greed in too big to fail business, a taxpayer subsidized corporate welfare state monopoly of sort, that cant stand on their own without cheating, manipulating, and getting bailed out for failure after failure, that whine, wimper and bellyache everytime they take a hit and expecting the small people/ taxpayers/ investors to take the fall for their actions and get them out of a bind they got themselves into. If and when these entities take a hit, they bring down so much else with them they are so financially intoxicated with ill planning and so accustomed to taking no responsibility for themselves ... and yet, our society is so twisted in pop culture thinking through their garbage media ... that we even mistakenly call these overbloated soft misfits ... elite. I actually admire and praise those who display strength and leadership qualities, are innovative and creative, those that stand out from the crowd and that are achievers, as one could see throughout this journal, which I dont see in these parasites, or any elite qualities or much quality at all, who some cant even lead themselves, let alone anyone else ... that severely lack even discipline or any integrity (after all, these are folks who create nothing but scams, and basically have everything given to them and are not physically or mentally handicapped) ... and I will tell you ... these of today are so disgracefully weak ... I wouldnt piss on half of them if they were on fire, or give them any bailout, and only hope they get a swift kick in the ass out the door. Elizabeth sums this up perfectly, but not just the usual talk we get out of some of these frightened candy- ass politicians trying to run for whatever office, but actual steps taken and plans on how to fix what is broken. I also linked below the video the transcript/ read for those who rather not listen to a 36 minute video/ speech and link to her reform proposals. This will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" of this journal ... and Thank You Senator!

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Senator Elizabeth Warren: The Unfinished Business of Financial Reform ... Thanx to SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN

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