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BERNIE SANDERS 2015 Texas: Independent Vermont Senator Town Hall Speech to Texans in Austin ... Concerning "POLITICAL REVOLUTION" ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.23) ... & "2016 Elections" POST NOTE

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This posting for "From The FOXHOLE with Bernie" series will be to hear out Bernie in one of his recent speeches he done at a Town Hall in Austin a week or so ago, and explaining why our state and country need some type of political revolution ... regardless of what political background you are or favour most ... ya'll agree that something is currently politically wrong in this country and been for several years now (*** I added/ linked below on this page a "Press TV Report" and posting that accurately explains what is politically wrong/ inefficient). There is probably no one locally here in Texas that I talk about more in casual political conversation concerning our issues than Senator Bernie and Senator Elizabeth Warren over the last 5 years or so. I have briefed so many folks here in Texas on Bernie in this time, many who never even knew who he was, and many came back to me with positive feedback how they really liked this guy ... folks even from various political tastes ... but ALL had one thing in common ... being that they agree that America has issues that need to be dealt with, and the establishment of either dominating party is missing the boat, or just plain not doing a damn thing worthwhile.


Bernie is considering running for President of United States, but he need's to see if he has that grassroots support needed to run against the powerful corporate and billionaire dominated political cesspool of today. Bernie actually addresses so many issues that concern most Americans and Texans, but he actually work's hard behind the scenes and really bust's ass drafting legislation, proposing amendment's and preparing petition's, working hard for our vet's, children/ students, senior citizens, small businesses, trade relations, jobs, domestic infrastructure repair need's that are past due, and taking better care of our asset's/ finance, consumer protections and our rights ... the things that concern ALL of us. So many popular politician's constantly get in the media in speeches especially during campaigning and simply rehash a list of all our problem's and concern's like a broken record rehearsal, yet not taking any action on their talk ... well ... Americans ALREADY damn well know what the problem's are ... Hell ... we deal with them daily ... we dont need more damn talk out of them telling us what the Hell we already know and feel the pinch of ... we need work and action ... Bernie has a solid record/ resume of action. Enough from me though ... and give the man less than a half hour of your time below. Bernie dont start till after about 6 minutes into the video, local Texan Jim Hightower does the intro.

2015.03.31 Bernie Sanders speaks in Austin Texas ... Thanx to MAGICJACKATX ADVENTURES



***** PD/ RCJ: U.S. CONGRESS/ 2013: The MOST CORRUPT and UNREPRESENTATIVE LEGISLATURE on EARTH ... A "Press TV Global News" Report  **** this is just a report that I wanted to add/ link in here to give an idea of what this country is up against


***** 2016 ELECTIONS POST NOTE (added saturday 18 April 2015)

I wanted to add a post note here on the 2016 elections since Hillary"Dead Broke"Clinton has made her official announcement to run for President in the Democrat Party, and she has been pretty much already bought and paid for. Bernie if he ran ... in this race would probably have to run as a Democrat because of the 2 party control. Hillary Clinton although she is very "qualified" and been being "groomed" for President, has a lack of trust still with many Democrats on certain issues ... and although Bernie and her are friends, they have some big differences. It may be wise though if Clinton chose a running mate like Bernie or Elizabeth Warren, despite their corporate controlled differences ... and all the big money of course is on Clinton, they been clicking this deal secretly even with the Obama endorsement of Clinton for awhile now that I covered a couple years ago it's been so long and "pre- planned". Also because since Clinton threw her hat into the arena this last week (and so far unchallenged in the Democrat Party), all she been doing is basically trying to be more like Bernie or Elizabeth and rehashing what they been saying for the last few years, trying to paint a new less corporate controlled image of herself basically ... Hell, even Republican candidates are copying Warren and Bernie, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) and doing the same thing in their speeches ... that is why Sanders and Warren are trendsetters or leaders, because how they deal with voters issues, then you have those who follow their leads basically and have ton's of corporate/ lobby money thrown behind them.

I dont know if this could/ would happen or even if Bernie or Elizabeth would even accept such, I am just saying that the establishment Democrat party these dayz is not looking too much better than the establishment of the Republican party due to all this new corporate money influence and outright corruption, and both parties are even somewhat divided within their own. But if a major candidate with all the support and money like Clinton wants to really try to improve their image as well as the party, they will have to have someone with some credibility and a record of such by their side ... this goes for Republicans too, that is why Tea Party types been gaining ground also on the Republican side, and besides .... this way of politics is going to change in time anywayz, so may as well get it on the road now ... people/ voters are sick and tired of the way things been going regardless of what side they lean towards. The Vice Presidency may not look as much by some, but with the right VP, it can really influence the President for either good or bad as well, depending on the strength of the VP ... I mean ... take the Bush/ Cheney administration for example ... Cheney clearly ran alot and influenced Bush, not the other way around, so I would see Bernie or even Warren as more of a positive influence with plenty of experience both to someone like Clinton. But we need a better selection of representation and leadership in this country for sure from the President on down.


Jane (wife) & Bernie Sanders



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