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JADE HELM 15- MARTIAL LAW & The Militarized Police TAKEOVER of America ... Being PROACTIVE vs. OVERREACTIVE ... The "Cries & Lies of the WORLD CONDITION" Edition (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.9)

I was meaning to do a posting on this "Jade Helm" thing, because I have talked to several folks in Texas about this who live in the more rural areas/ smaller towns over the last few months ... and a blogger Infidel753 up in Portland mentioned this to me the other day, asking me what I thought about the heavy talk here in Texas about it. I was slow in doing a posting simply because I was sick of hearing and reading up on it, but I will do this posting putting it into the "Corporatcommunazica" series as Part 9, because it is mostly connected to the corporate style inspired communism that we see today, where your largest holders of wealth have control over many of the largest banks, markets and corporations ... which all have a control over the American and global politics as well as our military, so not just in America. In a way, we all have a common enemy as people, regardless of our race/ nationality, religion, gender or political affiliations ... again ... this is "our" personal experience in 2015 America ... but the whole so called free world is being dominated by the same crap, which I have wrote about quite a bit throughout related series in this journal since it's start. First I linked to some brief newsread and video below, then I will add my perspective following and try to simplify it to an extent.



***** FACT CHECK.ORG: Jade Helm Not Martial Law

***** KXAN- NBC/ AUSTIN: Gov.Abbott directs Texas Guard to monitor Jade Helm 15 operations



Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

Alex Jones is mainly being attacked as America's No#1 conspiracy theorist and those that follow and agree with him. Alex and folks like him are self described "Constitutionalists", some folks and even some in government dont like Constitutionalists, yet when their rights are violated or cant get certain legislation passed, they run to embrace the very thing they previously didnt like to support ... the Constitution. Folks like Alex are also ridiculed for it by politipop- culture, President Obama himself was a senior Constitutional lecturer at a University, the President though is not criticized and labeled as such by the pop- culture (the President is truly bipartisan even, yet called a socialist, commie or muslim), ANYONE who speaks truth or questions, or has a fair amount of integrity, or speaks out of the box, etc, is pigeonholed as a "nutcase" or "extremist" in our pop- culture society ... others such as Ralph Nader, Sen.Elizabeth Warren, ex- Congressman Dr.Ron Paul, Sen.Bernie Sanders, Congressman Alan Grayson, Sen.Ted Cruzex-Navy Seal & Gov.Jesse Ventura, Rev.Jeremiah Wright and ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner as examples are also criticized as extremist/ nuts for what they do or say ... even today, our Department of Defense call's the founding fathers of our nation extremists. But Alex and those associated are just concerned is all, and who can blame them? I mean ... what you have is a nation (USA) full of lies and bullshit, pre- paid politics, partly controlled media, constantly screwing the American people out of one thing or another, ratholing all the wealth, tearing down our standards of living and pushing austerity, manufacturing wars, occupations and invasions that are not freeing anyone or making things more so called democratic, but basically raping the earth of all it's resources, life, labour and anything of trade/ monetary value, and if anything ... destroying any definition of democracy. That IS WHY you have conspiracy theories, questions, skepticism and anger ... so Alex is not a crackpot and at least should get some credit if anything for bringing this to light ... he is just passionate and full of energy ... even though I sure as Hell dont agree with all he sayz. I even will credit Gov.Greg Abbott/ CCP (Corporate Communist Party) of Texas for including the Texas Guard for oversight, and I sure as Hell disagree with the Governor on damn near everything he does, and sure as Hell didnt vote for him (I voted for Wendy Davis) ... but it gives some of those more rural area Texans where this is a strong presence a bit of calm knowing this.

I felt that JH-15 is also healthy as an exercise for our military, being the various terrains they chose to do it in, and especially during the hottest months here in the southwest for that desert atmosphere, the woods, mountains etc. One of my daughters best friends since childhood for instance is being shipped out to Afghanistan soon (U.S.Navy) and she will not be able to attend my daughters wedding ... when we can get our military to exercise at home and a more realistic atmosphere besides simply on base, I feel it's a plus. I also thought especially in some of the towns that it would be great business for local businesses ... I mean ... there is going to be alot of spending on recreation, eating, shopping, etc. I feel it is also good to be on at least home soil other than foreign soil, and we sure have the land mass and terrain for it ... and it's less expensive. At the same time it gives us citizens a closer view of military preparations, procedures and information that we may not otherwise have easy access to ... and help's form a sort of kinship between the citizens and those serving in duty, which makes it harder for those who serve to go against their own down the line. Foreign war preparations are necessary, we seem to be in constant war and America has more enemies because of our actions than we had in a long time.

As far as martial law ... again ... there is no need to impose martial law ... there are more laws, curfews, restrictions and surveillance as it is than you can shake a stick at. Understand that the last thing those of wealth and power would want to do is impose a solid militarized police state or martial law ... it IS SO disruptive to societies, business, the markets, and would have a global ripple effect and promote chaos in some form around the globe, not just here, besides, they do pretty good controlling the masses with bullshit media, propaganda and scare tactics as it is ... remember, their No#1 God is money/ wealth. But YES ... these exercises WILL be used for civil disobedience or domestic terror or any other uprise of revolt as well if necessary ... why would they not be?, they're simply economizing on their training. Those who say they would never use any of this against American's on American soil are also full of shit/ lying or blind/ deaf, whether they are citizens, government or military officials. Are there people at the top preparing for civil war, large scale civil disobedience or related? ... of course there is ... with all the anger out there from people, they would be stupid to not prepare ... they know what to expect ... and they have reason to, I mean ... they created this corrupt cesspool and know they angered alot of people, there are consequences for your actions at some point, no matter what level of wealth you are in.

Being proactive is healthy ... those who rule over us certainly are ... shouldnt we be as well? And being overreactive can be unhealthy for either side. The people in our nation are partly to blame for the current condition we have, as well as similar conditions in other parts of the western world. But especially here in America, we spent too much time not paying atencion to what those in power been doing for year's, we lacked to vote in large numbers and dont even utilize all the tools we have. There are people all over this globe who only fantasize that they would have the tools we have such as rights, courts, constitution and all else we have ... let's face it, we got lazy on these issues, spending too much time appeasing some of these ingrates that control instead of demanding what we should. The healthy part of all this is that we learn from it, which will get us off our ass eventually. As far as those at the top that think they can just control this country with any methods of such they dream up in conflict ... dont fool yourselves, wealth is also intoxicating and can numb your brains ... it is difficult as it is to even stabilize places like Iraq or Afghanistan for example with populations of maybe 30+ million or so, who are not nearly as well armed, or with the tool's and resources as American's, or with a population pushing nearly 320 million and geographically much larger ... so be careful how cocky you get and make good in this country so you dont have a bigger mess on your hand's.

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