Friday, January 22, 2010

U.S. SUPREME COURT FISTING PT.1 ... Now the "HAVE'S" have MORE .... and the PEOPLE have LESS ....

I know this is not a pleasant posting, or another round of BS to make everyone feel better. However this journal since day one never was made to be popular, or to follow political parties, agenda's (personal or otherwise) or to attract folk's for any reason. It is simply a look at reality from a non biased perspective, and what I term as "Another View of the News". Of course by now ... most American's know or had heard about this Supreme Court ruling to be fair to corporation's and ... union's alike ... but ask yourself .... who of just them two for instance has more influence because of financial strength ...heh? Let me be more frank ... we just got fisted ... for those who dont know what "fisted" mean's ... it mean's were getting fist fucked ...okay? I like to thank Mr.Keith Olbermann (Countdown/ MSNBC) here for his comment's on corporations being citizens, even though some I am sure will think of course it is hysteria ... but for me ... well ... all my posting's over the last almost 2 year's clearly say what I think ....

Keith Olbermann on on "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission" ... Thanx to MMFLINT

Is it hysteria over a simple ruling? Well ... I reckon that is for every individual to decide for themselves. Throughout this journal I have pointed out time and again of what I term as the "3 Entities" which is the 3 controlling entities of the free world, being mega corporation's/ financial institution's, mega religious organization's (all also intertwined with the rest of this cesspool, just a different department) and then the mega government's who as Mr.Olbermann frankly put's it as "prostitute's" .... thank you Sir! Nonetheless ... most of this journal since it's beginning is basically about that and how we are, will, and have been ... well ... getting screwed. With this new Supreme Court ruling it just shove's that fist a lil deeper. I am sure that many will put some twist on this for their political agenda's ... and some may just totally ignore it. But one thing is for sure, rest assured whatever side you are on of these two polarizing popular side's, you ARE GOING to get screwed as well, even if your independent, unless you become part of the cesspool.

My personal opinion on this is not of the right or the left ... I alway's thought both side's were mostly crap ... and just figured on voting for whatever was the lesser of two evil's so to speak for whatever decade it may be, and where I am. But to me ... that is now even out the door with this ruling .... I mean ... if we thought that we had folk's taking payoff's before ... we aint seen nothing yet! They bought our left and right prior to the first voting on health care reform through payoff's, they got that all in a road block. Now our own Supreme Court they even have locked in, and I am not going to just blame this on Justice Roberts ... as I have said time and again .... this has been being worked on for year's ... and the only reason so many did not see it ... is because of the distraction's that they create through their power's to keep us struggling and pre-occupied with everything beside's them. This took year's to create ... and the work's of all side's.

I remember the time with my buddies over 25 year's ago watching a St.Louis Cardinals football game at Busch (beer) Stadium (St.Louis) ... and my buddies thought it was cool since we were all drinking beer that the stadium was named after beer. I told them ... wait 20 more year's or so ... when every stadium has a corporate name on it and then see what you think. Probably 90% of every stadium in the nation today has a corporate or financial institution name on it ...Cowboys Stadium in Dallas being one of the few that dont ... but they announce every touchdown or field goal as the "Bank of America" goal/score ... so they weasled through that as well. For me, I just feel that "all 3" (including union's) should be eliminated from influence in our election's and pay off's to rep's, and like the rest of us "people" (since they all want to be treated fairly, and as "people") ... if you want to play your part in the election's, including CEO's and these leader's ... stand in line like the rest of us and ... well ... it's simple. We havent done this in recent past? There's alway's been lobbyist's? Well then ... maybe it is time to change that ... heh?

One may argue that this is being fair to union's as well .... but you see ... for me ... and this is only my opinion ... I feel that the government of the people should actually represent the people, and this type of ruling even put's the people more at a distance than before ... and pretty much lead's to ... the entire government being totally controlled and dictated to by the corporate, finance, and religious entities ... with no real representative from the actual people of the land ... but only those who are approved by the entities. Not that it hasnt been like this for some time obviously ... but this just lock's it in stronger. I have posted time and again that what is happening ... whether we see it or not ... is we are ending up with less and less ... and them with more and more. You cant even say that thing's are better or your making progress when you take two step's forward then three step's backward. You cant say a half million job's that been created mean a thing when you are comparing it to several million that been lost, add the population growth, and the 2 million or so legal immigrant's that are brought in per year through corporate influence to supply domestic job need's, when American's could actually use the job's ... it simply dont add up.

Rest assured if not now ... for whatever reason ... a time will come ... when American's are just going to say enough is enough ... and take other measure's to secure their best interest's ... something I've done back awhile ago. We should have all seen this coming though ... we simply didnt pay attention to it ... and instead listened to the folk's that just push for political agenda's and benefit. Who's fault is it? It's our fault .... we have all the "tool's" to change, but refuse to do it. The left will save us ..... or the right? Well .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, that's a nice thought.

POST NOTE: I had to delete the last two paragraph's here, because after reviewing them, I thought it sounded or could be misunderstood to make one think that I am saying if you dont vote democrat you are doomed, and that would not be fair, because this journal certainly is in no way to try to make anyone vote any way ... if I were to do that ... it would be unfair, period. So let me just give my opinion here on HOW I would vote if an election were held today, in other word's ... I'll rephrase that. There is no alternative party to choose, at least any that would work, or my guess is that some may go independent to make it look like they are disgusted with their party, and I just dont trust that, so I see the GOP as all bought and paid for right now, and feel like them as a majority in the house would make the ride worse, so I WOULD MYSELF at this time vote DEMOCRAT ... Okay? That's solely me and my opinion only.


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