Sunday, January 17, 2010

MINISTRY: .... RIO GRANDE BLOOD (Live) .... and .... N.W.O. (New World Order) ....

The "Ministry" is a music group that has overpaid their due's ... and I cannot compliment enough all the hard work and great piece's of art that Mr.Al Jourgensen has been behind ... including the work of the "Revolting Cocks", "10,000 Homo DJ's", all the interactive work with those like KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult", Pigface and the list goes on ... I even know a couple personally that have worked with Mr.Jourgensen in the music industry ... that have described to me the dedication and devotion of this icon. I can tell you that their performance "live" is much more than I expected, to say the least... and excellent live engineering I may add, considering how loud their sound is!

To make it short ... they started in Chicago back around the early 1980's, later relocated to Texas ...where Mr.Jourgensen kept no secret of his campaign against the policies of former President and Texan as well G.W.Bush. Back a few year's ago Mr.Jourgensen announced from his El Paso,Texas home and studio called "13th Planet Record's/ Studios" that he was closing the door ... and to retire the band ... this is after a quarter of a century of work. Al is a genius in my opinion as far as his composition's and art, also one of them multi-task kind of guy's .... he not just does vocal's and guitar ... but you pretty much name it ... and he does it, he is no stranger to hard work!



Nonetheless ... posting this group in this journal is past due ... and deserving of my utmost respect. There is so many great piece's to post ... so I just chose two favourite's of mine here. This first piece was made in 2006 called "Rio Grande Blood" .....Enjoy!

Ministry- Rio Grande Blood Live ... Thanx to THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE PAGE OF MINISTRY

This next piece was created back in 1992 and was nominated in 1993 for a Grammy .... called "N.W.O." (New World Order) ......

MINISTRY New World Order ... Thanx to NASTY BYTE


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