Friday, May 18, 2012

SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S ... Simple and with No Needed "IF'S" "AND'S" or "BUT'S" ... A Total Workout (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.1)

Thomas.H.Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

This is Part 1 "Yall Street/ RC's Spending & Budget Cut's" is another new series for this journal to only do my small part as a fiscally conservative and concerned American citizen, to offer some idea's for "real" cut's needed in our spending, since all we hear these dayz from our elected official's/ attorney's on both these polarizing side's, as far as to where and what cut's need to be, whether it's our Social Security, education, public service's, utilities, health service's/ accessibility, etc. etc, and it's also done with a tad humour as well, just to show the clear as day bullshit of our political representation across the board of course. Part of the series title "Yall Street" I chose because when it come's to this massive spending that our rep's like dishing out, we have to remember, it's NOT "Wall Street's" money, but "Yall Street's" money ... your tax dollar's!

This isnt intended to advertise for any particular business, but again to offer suggestion's on where cut's SHOULD and COULD be made only ... you know ... out of concern ... and of course having at least a lil more transparency and especially accountability. The first video below from ABC News that I picked up on during another piece last year, but still importante this year, because still till now, nothing has been proposed or done about this, nor have the cost figure's been made transparent, and you can bet your ass we spend million's on these and other luxuries ... yet, we are nickle and diming us the taxpayer's to death to make all these other cut's in much needed service's to America and it's people ... of OUR OWN money at that ... I mean ... we dont need fucken babysitter's to watch our money for us ... why not we watch our own money, eh?

The 2nd video and link of course is a solution, which I guarantee you, I or most could plan, implement, approve and sign off in less than a week, without even wasting any time of Congress or the Senate, or dayz, week's, month's of endless closed door meeting's, debate's, etc, etc ... quick and simple ... this is how easy this shit is to do in  reality for most American's who actually worked for a living before, I mean ... we do this in our daily budget's all the time, eh? This Total Gym for instance has even been advertising a special $14.95 trial offer, 30 day money back if not satisfied ... and YES ... ya'll could even get a tax write- off on it, if ya'll miraculously decided that ya'll would actually pay for it, instead of us, and due to the salaries we pay ya'll, it could be well affordable at around $600 buck's, even come's with a warranty. It's also compact enough to where you can put it in your office, stick it in them big SUV's ya'll have, etc, etc.

Yes ... I got my workout this afternoon, and REALLY worked ... outside and in 90 degree temperature, in the sun ... and I'm an old man at 56 ... if I can, I'm sure ya'll can do a lil more work as well as healthy as ya'll are, in ya'll's climate controlled facilities, eh? ... other than that Good Night!

***** ABC NEWS:  Cost Of Congressional Gym's Kept Secret (newsread and video)


***** TOTAL GYM (As seen on TV) All the info on this product here

Rosalie Brown's Total Gym overview ... Thanx to TOTALGYMDIRECT

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