Friday, May 4, 2012

JOHN BRENNAN ... Portland's PDX- TSA meet's "Buck Nakid" ... "That's the American Spirit John!" ... (Dont be ALARMED PT.3 You're in PORTLAND!)

This posting for "Dont Be Alarmed" PT.3 (Your In Portland) ... will be to highlight Mr. John Brennan aka "Buck Nakid" to PDX- TSA Inspector's, this news is probably a couple week's old, but never too old and past due for this journal : ) Ole Buck (John) is a frequent flyer, and has issue's with some of the TSA searches at PDX International Airport ... so trying to accommodate them and help speed up the process of these lengthy searches and such ... he made it easier for them to do their job's, and simply stripped ahead of time (of course in protest : ) And I got to give it to you John ... I like your style Guy! : ) And anyone who's been to Portland, know's what a unique town it is ... I call it one of the last of the great American cities , because frankly it's just that ... Americana Democracy at it's best ... freedom to protest any goddamn thing you choose and not feel out of place.

Oddly this man was arrested for "indecent exposure" and "disorderly conduct", in a city like PDX ... this should not be allowed! : ) I mean ... I dont see a goddamn thing disorderly about him volunteering to do their job for them, as a matter of fact ... it's helpful. "Indecent"? ... huuuuh? ... uuhhh ... are you not born into this world naked? ... dont we alwayz show picture's of naked babies and talk about  how "cute" they are? Parent's covering children's eye's? For what ... your local tele station's show much more graphic thing's than this, grow up! I heard alot about this TSA stuff ... I am one who dont mind searches, I mean ... I wouldnt give a shit if I had to strip butt naked and ya'll wanted to look up my asshole, if it get's me on my flight sooner ... go for it man : ) But for those sensitive folk's at PDX Intl that day ... my heart goes out to ya'll ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... but DONT BE ALARMED ... Your in Portland : )

***** HUFFPOST/ TRAVEL: Oregon Man Strips Down To Protest TSA At Portland International Airport

Police: Named man protests TSA at Portland Airport ... Thanx to ABDIRIZAKXIIREEY



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