Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The LION & LAMB attend Easter Service, A "Creative Bible Lesson" & "Paradox of Jesus" ... Dont be ALARMED PT.2- You're in DALLAS! {: 0

Part 2 of "Dont be Alarmed" will be from a local suburbia church service here in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex this last Easter Sunday, and of course anyone who know's the Dallas area, know's of some of it's unique qualities as well, especially when it come's to variety of religion/ churches and some of the sales- pitches some of these local preacher's/ minister's will use to outdo each other and rustle up their flock's and new herd prospect's. This preacher simply call's it a "creative Bible lesson" and "paradox of Jesus". Some may remember Minister Young back a few month's ago with his "Sexperiment" show atop a roof with wifey in the cold back in January or so (see LA Times article/ link below). Many in the Dallas area got their panties in a bind and are in shock over this ... but for me ... I'm not alarmed or shocked ... after all ... it's Dallas!  : )

***** DAILY MAIL.COM: Church causes uproar with live lion and lamb on stage for Easter service

***** LATIMES/ NATION: 'Sexperiment': Texas Pastor beds down with wife atop church

Fellowship Church Easter Service.m4v ... Thanx to HUMANESOCIETYOFFM

***** RCJ: "DONT BE ALARMED" PT.1 (Your In Los Angeles)



Beach Bum said...

“Bring God back into the bed,” by having sex with your spouse for seven days straight.

Avoiding the dirty details I will just say that even if God himself personally told my wife to have seven straight days of sex with me I do not think she would do it.

Ranch Chimp said...

You can alwayz tell her Bum, that it's the other way around, and that God told you that you better have sex with your wife for 7 dayz or he would kill you ... she'd go for it then. Hell Bum ... I'm alwayz looking for a reason to get laid : )

Thanx for your word's here Guy : )