Monday, April 16, 2012

FRACKING: From EARTHQUAKE'S to BREAST TAKE'S ... & "The FRACKERJACK Debate (PT.1)" (Global Warming PT.14)

One reason for me to post on this fracking issue for Part 14 of this series, is because my suspicion's over at least 5 or more year's have been getting slowly confirmed here and there through research, so not because it's any direct connect to "global warming" ... but another arguement by the same group's over what we are doing to the earth, okay? I'm not a bloody damn scientist, or frankly dont know much of anything when it come's to science, other than what any grade school kid such as my grandkid's would know. And I am very pro- energy, despite what some may think because of this series and/ or title ... my only question is this ... Where do we at least draw the bloody goddamn line on some of our action's, or at least use a tad of common sense? ... Fair enough?

For 5 or more year's now, I have been witnessing first hand the economic benefit's of all the fracking that has been going on all across the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, partly one of the reason's why our economy hasnt felt a sliver of pain here it seem's, and seen and talked to a couple folk's in Arlington for instance that get royalties from fracking on their land, and they are happy camper's. At the same time, I've never known much of anything that doesnt come with some kind of price to it. I also mentioned to so many folk's around town now for year's ... that I feel that some of this massive fracking were doing may be contributing in some way to the wave of earthquake's we have been seeing here over the last few year's, again ... not because of my scientific knowledge, but just common sense looking at all this mega frack jacking were doing, tearing up thing's and extracting from underneath the surface big time. I mean ... it's hard for me to swallow that all that's going on in this shale region and other part's of the country and globe, that there isnt any kind of ill effect, eh?

We have folk's sink faucet's on fire these dayz, women with breast problem's galore, earthquake's almost as frequent as what I seen in LA, just much weaker, etc, etc. Several recent one's with the epicenter of the quake's just being not far north of the DFW Metroplex in Oklahoma ... this all of the sudden just popped up over the last decade for no reason? You can go ahead and call me a nut ... but I still cant buy that. The thing is ... like everything else we bloody debate over ... it get's away from fact and data and end's up to become another political circus show, where all common sense is tossed out and fact's get manipulated, and no one give's a shit about tomorrow and only about the present political agenda and economic/ investment's figure's, etc. All I'm asking for is a lil more research before we just go hog wild, and a lil more oversight and regulation's, with alot more idea's put in from folk's that dont necessarily have a political or profit motive ... you know, like scientist's and related engineer's, eh? I think you get my point here, so enough from me on this.

New reports say earthquakes "man- made" by Fracking ... Thanx to THEBIGPICTURERT

***** COMMON DREAMS: USGS: Recent Earthquakes 'Almost Certainly Manmade'

***** PR WATCH: The Fracking Frenzy's impact on Women

***** THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: USGS Official: Fracking Doesnt Cause Tremors




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