Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OCTUMAMA (PT.4) ... Nacho Average Mama or Litter of Critter's ... from "Fanfare to Welfare to Warfare"

This Part 4 of "Octumama" has been because of the recent mega coverage of Octumama 2012 ... and to add something fashionable to this journal as far as "pop culture morality drama" ... since I havent been covering too much of the other fashionable news about these political dipshit's that are beating the masses, media's, and each other over the head ... while trying to run for President(?) ... which is downright pointless, because we already have a President for 2013 as I have pointed out before ... President Obama ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  However the newest news on Ms.Suleman (aka "Octumama" or "Octomom") below, then of course ... some added word's from the ole Chimp here.

***** HOUSTON CHRONICLE: Octomom gets death threats for accepting welfare ... (newsread)

I have maybe been a tad too harsh on Ms. Suleman in my past posting's, but not for the reason's that most are. I mean ... the bitching about this woman today is mostly about this posing nude morality nonsense, and the usual related. So I will give Ms. Suleman credit on that part ... at least she has hustled to make a buck to support that litter of her's. But the bitching about her nude or topless work has been enormous, and all over YouTube ... even women complaining not just of that ... but because she is so skinny and wonder why they cant be as skinny as her having so many babies or whatever .... the solution is simple ladies ... do something about it ... stop stuffing Twinkies and watching the tele to control or give you an opinion ... workout, diet, or do something. The other issue concerning the food stamp's, I wont blame her here either ... I mean ... a few year's ago ya'll were jumping for joy over this lady popping out babies like the season's change, watching her reality show's, other tele show's (while still stuffing ya'll's faces with Twinkies : ) and not whining nearly as much then ... you know someone is going to have to support these lil one's somehow ... $2000 a month in food stamp's aint shit compared to the amount's we let our government waste on contract's, earmark's, and other related spending ... at least it's goddamn going to feed the kid's and not Wall St! She hasnt been drawing constant assistance for the last few year's though.

Again ... regardless of how heartless this may sound or commie ... this is why I see a need for government supported contraceptive's, abortion, and the related ... we are so mentally consumed overall as a society with fiction, fairytales, tele show's and movies, religious morality issue's from ancient middle eastern creed's, etc ... we have lost damn near all reason and logic. Some have said/ commented that my familia is too big for instance ... well ... no one in my familia is asking for government assistance either. I have one cousin for instance who is a divorced single mom, work's damn hard, has one daughter ... didnt ask for shit, she toughed it, put a freeze on having more kid's, and since she couldnt afford college ... her lil girl enlisted in the Army, and is now in Afghanistan just to get a college education paid, providing she make's it back home alive. I also have one daughter that has one son, yet a 5 bedroom/ bath home, fairly nice ... but she too plan's and just dont reproduce because of a change in season's with hubby ... and they could afford to ... pulling in about $XXX,XXX per year between her and my son- in- law ... but they DONT ... why? ... because they THINK. Many folk's like other's in my familia who may have 4, 5, kid's or so, do so, because they can afford it ... not to draw food stamp's!

Octumama is trying hard though, I will give her that much ... I mean, over the last few year's she has really hustled, even a fitness instructor ... I think she was anticipating on making a lil more money though in the longrun off her popularity, and it didnt work out quite the way she thought maybe. But still ... taking gambles like that and having litter's of critter's like that without thinking straight is stupid without somekind of safety net. The outrage over the issues such as welfare and such is incredible ... where were these folk's a few year's ago? ... what did ya'll expect? but some sending her "death threat's" again? (some Californian's threatened her a few year's ago as well) ... most of these anonymous yapper's are coward's, introvert's, psychic vampire's, etc in real life to begin with, and can only make any threat's while hiding behind computer screen's, the other's who come right out and identify themselves and make these statement's/ threat's, are lost psychologically and/ or out of touch totally with what's going on. But dont bitch at the woman for drawing some welfare on having 14 kid's, she has worked hard despite how I may disagree with her litter performance ... bitch at some of these loser's who continuously draw welfare and do nothing but sit on their fat asses and continue to reproduce to get more assistance, without making an effort to do NOTHING else.

Word Out ....

***** RCJ: "OCTUMAMA" PART'S 3, 2, 1



Demeur said...

Morning RC. Having worked with low income people I can tell you first hand that there isn't one of them that wouldn't trade places and have a job. The idea of the welfare queen is a myth. There are a few with no self discipline but they are few and far between. Most are old or disabled or have mental problems.

What I hold against this baby factory was that she didn't have the foresight to read about what was normal when she had the invetro. Even her own mother thought she was nuts. And I feel sorry for her kids when they grow up because look at the role model they have. She might hustle but with that luggage she'll never be anything but a ward of the state until the kids are grown and she is old if she can make it that far.

Ranch Chimp said...

I know about your "work" Demeur, and you know me, and you know goddamn well that I'm not talking about welfare queen myth's here, okay ... and I known and talked to alot of folk's that had to draw assistance for some reason or another ... so dont twist or fuck around and try to put word's in my mouth, eh ... get my drift Bud?

Infidel753 said...

Death threats over $2,000 per month in welfare benefits? When mega-agribusiness is raking in billions in welfare ("farm subsidies")? Don't these idiots have any sense of proportion?

Just heard about the tornados -- hope everything is OK!

Ranch Chimp said...

You got that right Infodell about the money raking part! What got me too,is all the morality bitching from folk's especially on her nude photo's, etc ... I sware, this country seem's like it's going backward's or something ... geeezz.

Oh yeah ... the Metroplex got hammered man ... you know the score, it's "tornado alley" etc. But me and some neighbor's went to do some spotting earlier, we got spared, the closest one to our street/ neighborhood touched down appox. 3 miles northeast in the heart of Addison a busy area (Addison Airport)(and DFW got over a 110 plane's or so damaged from these huge hail stone's), we spotted it forming as it moved over our neighborhood (NW Dallas), it's a unique weird feeling and atmosphere when they do, and then once the rotation get's strong,it's swoop's down quick as shit! But all over the Metroplex there is damage ... a few block's here and there, various suburban neighborhood's, some in the city ... at least a dozen or more formed over the Metroplex this afternoon, each touching down various time's and point's, they kind of bounce when they get going. The average ground time on a torando is approx. 5 minute's ... but today one in far south Dallas got tracked and was on the ground moving for 30 minute's, tore up about 300+ home's and businesses, which is a significant increase in ground time ... I seen a video some folk's took, and it hit a trucking company too ... these large 18 wheeler's were flying hundred's of feet through the air, piece's of houses building's etc ... it was a sight. they just touch and jump guy, you dont know where they will hit either once they start going, they dont have technology yet to determine that, I mean ... they will totally rip apart maybe a 3 block area ... and never even touch the next block or a branch on a tree, it's weird how they work, that's why we were eyeballing the rotation over our neighborhood, we just got randomly lucky is all.

Thanx for your input here Infodell ....