Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HATE CRIME'S & RACIAL TENSION in Baltimore ... and the Racially & Politically inspired Sub- Culture POLARIZATION & HYPOCRISY of America

This posting hasnt nearly got the news publicity in this nation as far as being a "hate crime" ... and largely has been ignored, except many both black and white on YouTube who are racially motivated to put out these video's and opinion's ... which show's the racial divide and tension that still permeate's our nation and feed's  the fire of such. But too, there wasnt a "murder" committed here, such as the case of "Trayvon Martin" , or the recent case in Oklahoma (which is nearly certain a hate crime) ... but this is indeed a crime and appear's to me as a "hate" motivated offense, at least given the definition of what a "hate crime" is considered to be.

The reason I look at this as such ... is because it is a mob of one race that singles out a target/ victim of another race ... in the video's via YouTube you will hear more than once the so called "N" word being used against the victim, while some encourage as conspirator's to commit crime's against the victim (all felony offenses) ... the crime's here dont just include auto theft and robbery, assault and related, but the victim is also first seduced by female's as well who participate in the various offenses and then is stripped naked, and even the females who were first seducing him, later sexually and physically assaulted the victim ... of course the victim being male here also makes me question if this can also be considered as a sexual assault?, it certainly would be if the victim was female.

This hasnt got much mainstream publicity at all ... but is this a "hate crime"? ... to me it clearly is racially motivated, however I would question if it's based off hatred, only because all participant's and the crowd seem to be having a great time and laughing, cheering, encouraging more, etc ... so it may seem more like entertainment or perhap's a crime of "fun" or "entertainment" (?) ... but still ... by "definition" should fall into the "hate crime" category ... yet I dont hear hardly a thing about it. This clearly show's me as far as how this been covered ... that both race's and the left as well as the right exhibit a parallel hypocrisy of sort ... I mean, what can I say ... the video's speak for themselves. But in large ... the polarized media's mostly have ignored this as far as coverage of such related offenses.

NYDAILYNEWS: Caught on Tape: Tourist robbed, beaten in Downtown Baltimore on St. Patrick's Day

****NOTE: I had to replace the 2 original video's I had below, with only one from CNN, because the other 2 video's were taken down ...

Savage beating, robbery caught on tape ... Thanx to CNN


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