Friday, April 20, 2012



This posting will be another for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" to take a look at the longest and largest guitar show in the world, the DALLAS INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL ... which run's from today thru the weekend here in Central Dallas. I have attending so many of these over the year's is why I wanted to highlight this ... these are excellent ... and no tellin who you will run across at these ... you may see someone like Jeff Beck or Bugs Henderson sitting solo on some stool and picking away ... a number of performer's and stage's throughout the weekend. No real stage show's, no dress code's, not much pro- production at all ... except for the line- up of pro's who will just stop by and run off a few lick's, chord's and solo's ... probably just wearing their house shoes and an old t- shirt. It's a as raw and down to earth as it get's, lot's of food and beer too, it would be too long to list here the folk's that have showed up here and some of the great performance's that I just happened to catch ... meeting folk's of interest's, and some that you may have wanted to meet and ask a few question's ... from young children playing off Marshall stack's to some of the older legend's in the industry ... you pretty much name them ... they been to this festival at some point.

You can get ticket's to attend only a day or two or the entire weekend of event's, there are clinic's, network's, trade shop, contract's and contact's, and just about anything related, and it's reasonable in price ... the best bang for the buck for any music lover. Today a lil rain and overcast, but should clear all out by tonight and the rest of the weekend should be drop dead gorgeous, sunny, nice breeze. Below a few random clip's I selected off YouTube from the previous festival's, and the first video sort of an intro ... Enjoy!

***** MUSIC TASTER'S CHOICE: 2012 Dallas International Guitar Festival @ Market Hall, Dallas, TX (read and photos) April 2012 Guitar & Musical Instrument Auction and Dallas International Guitar Festival ... Thanx to HERITAGE AUCTION

Ryan McGarvey "Houston Strut" ... @ Dallas International Guitar Festival 17 April 2011 ... Thanx to BLUES71

Lord Tracey bass solo ... Kinley "Barney" Wolfe (bassist of Lord Tracey) with Chris Craig on drum's  (2008 DIGF) ... Thanx to BOBBYYAT

Yngwie Malmsteen- Dallas International Guitar Festival 2008 ... Thanx to JEREMY DUSEK



Tim said...

awesome...wish I were there...

Ranch Chimp said...

I know you could find alot of love's there Tim : )