Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TEXTING While Walking with BUBBA BEAR ... Dont be ALARMED (PT.1) ... You're in Los Angeles! {: 0

Well ... anyone who know's LA, know's how unique of a town it can be ... I mean ... it's the kind of town where you can see just about anything at anytime (no shit either : ) ... it's the kind of town where I'm on the warm beach in the morning and later in the afternoon up on Bear Mountain enjoying the cold and snow of the local ski- resort, and later in the evening be on Hollywood Blvd and see a transvestite hooker (prostitute) playing with her pet Boa Constrictor ... you may be having a familia barbeque in your backyard and wild animal's or lion's may show up ... I've seen cattle grazing off the downtown as well. But ... dont be alarmed ... it's LA : ) Even just a laid back suburbia stroll while texting aint no different in La Crescenta as you will see below.

***** MAILONLINE: Watch Out! Astonishing video of California man so distracted by sending a text he walks into bear ....

Texting Guy Almost Runs Into A Bear ... Thanx to GLOBALCONNECTIONNEWS



Sabrina said...

I would be like a fish out of water in LA..I live in Pittsburgh which is boring and normal. To see the sites in LA might be more than I can handle. Needless to say, I've never been to LA, or TX either for that matter.

Texas is on my list of places to visit, California, not so much.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Sabrina (and I love that name! : ) Yes, Pittsburgh and LA are unique both in their own wayz, but for me Pittsburgh as a young fella was anything but boring (has to do with who you know and where you hang too), LA is a tad differnt, because it's the kind of town where you dont need to know anyone to find a good time, Pittsburgh, it's good to know someone. California and LA is actually great and such beauty, LA is the largest urban "jungle" in the world too (as far as terrain, plant's, tree's, etc) yet bordered as well by a very hot and dry desert and a beautiful ocean. Northern California is almost like a different state to me, seem's to be also a deep cultural difference between the two (north and south) ... but Yes ... I love LA too, it's rather old though also, but a very versatile town, ike any other place it has it's downside's too.

Texas ... is unique as california too ... very versatile and different all over the state, from wood's, to sub tropical, the ocean/ gulf to mountain's and desert, you just about name it. DFW like LA/ LB/ SB is saturated with freewayz, frankly Dallas' freewayz are better all around and much newer, and Dallas' mass transit/ rail system is better too. I'm in North Central Texas, called the DFW Metroplex, it's a good size town and like LA, very spread out (about 60 X 60 miles, up/ down and across) here though it's less crowded than LA as far as space and alot more modern (no coast in Dallas either) and it snow's here yearly (Dallas has 4 season's) population here is about half of LA's ... LA/ Long Beach/ San Bernardino is probably about 12 million(?) Dallas/ Fort Worth probably about 6.5 million (?)

However Sabrina, if you ever want to visit Texas/ Dallas ... feel free to contact me, I can show ya around ... even my home number is on the front page of this journal.

Thanx for your input here Sabrina ....