Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RUSH: "Spirit Of Radio", "Tom Sawyer", "Working Man" (live)

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be an honour past due to look at the iconic classic rock band RUSH ... who of course influenced some of the great's  as well, and Rush has been around longer than some realize ... since the late 1960's actually ... coming out of the great City of Toronto. Rush basically is a class act ... and so well known for his work especially is Neil Peart who is one of them huge kit/ ensemble percussionist/ drummer's ... who probably made it a nightmare on road tour's for his tech to set up and break down : ) ... but of course, frankly there is no match when it come's to this drummer ... you can say he is in a category of his own on that : ) But what really amazed me that I hardly ever hear a thing about, was Geddy Lee in concert ... I seen him up close back in the 1980's once at a show, and I sware, he was one of the most coordinated artist's that I have seen ... he was doing his vocal's, plus his bass guitar, while also footing a bass pedal synthesizer,and working on and off a keyboard as well. Of course also the guitar work of Alex Lifeson is fitting, but especially the explosive power chord's that he throw's in mixed with his lead's.

Rush is like 3rd behind the Beatles and Rolling Stones as far a consecutive Gold & Platinum sales number's ... and the thing about this group ... is they are an "arena/ stadium" type venue band ... they are just an explosive type that dont fit in any other setting as well in my opinion. I have so many choice's that I had to decide on, and so many video's to revue as far as for appropriate audio/ visual's ... but defintitely wanted to try to keep it all as "live" performance's. As far as their worx in the rock genre, they are more of a complexity in composition, however ... despite all ... they are not over- produced ... they are such a powerhouse also considering being only a 3 piece crew. I met so many drummer's who over the year's to this day alwayz bring up Neil Peart as well ... let the man influence you ... just dont try to duplicate him : )

But enough from my mouth, cause once I start, I wont stop on these great's : ) I'll let the Wikipedia handle the rest here. And of course below, 3 classic's that are some of their most well known and loved! Enjoy!

RUSH- Spirit Of Radio (live @ "Toronto Rocks" fest 2003) ... Thanx to GVBEZOFF ... really nice intro opening cover here of the Rolling Stones classic "Paint It Black" too

Rush- Tom Sawyer- Live in Dallas ... Thanx to RUSHWIRE

RUSH- Working Man- Live Rio de Janeiro ... Thanx to CHILSON SIRE


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