Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TIM LARKIN: Self Defense Instructor BANNED from UK ... & The Growing INSANITY of HUMANITY, "Civility & Sillyism" (SELF DEFENSE PT.11) ... partly inspired by Abel

Part 11 of "Self Defense" will be to look at a recent issue when self defense expert instructor Mr. Tim Larkin was banned from the UK basically because he teaches folk's how to properly defend themselves, and mind you that this wasnt even defense using firearm's, but basic hand to hand combat ... it is said by some that he advocate's "violence" ... and it is assumed through reading these article's that are anti self defense, that defending yourself without waiting for a response crew from law enforcement is barbaric and even neanderthal- like to do, by some folk's, but Tim is also a former Naval Warfare Intelligence Officer. This posting also partly inspired by my nephew Abel ( sitting in top picture on floor between Santa's leg's, and yes, I'm Santa Claus : ) who is a Dallas area martial art's instructor, that just recently relocated and took a job in the City of Beijing (China) for awhile. Abel is also a die- hard voting liberal, and also pro 2nd amendment.

When folk's hear your into fighting as sport, occupation, or self defense, it trigger's the thought of violence with many ... even just the idea of folk's having firearm's for self- defense in their home make's some think ... you must be a radical violent extremist of some sort ... no shit ... this is true in many cases. Defending yourself is NOT pushing violence, the thought that you would NOT try to defend your own life I would think is kind of insane ... unless of course your suicidal or something. But the fact is that there is quite a bit of violent crime's out there, and alot of folk's vulnerable to it, and alot of these folk's in area's where it has more, dont have the protection of law enforcement as maybe other's do. I think that the UK will ultimately see that this is simply more sillyism than having a thing to do with civility, and that they got carried away in their decision, I'm sure alot of UK folk's think so as well.

In the extended length video with Alex Jones, Tim also talk's alot about how law enforcement today isnt trained properly to deal with thing's like protest's, and this is why you have a few bad cop's who use excessive force, then not enough of the good cop's trying to do anything about it, resulting in injuries and death's that are not necessary. But the idea that this man is out to teach folk's how to murder is insane ... and why do all these people who claim this also use folk's like Tim to train their force's ? ... meaning again, plain hypocrisy on top of it. Instead in this country for instance (USA) we create a "hate crime" to protect the murdered victim ?, when the victim is dead ? ... these gay folk's or victim's of hate related offenses that are attacked as well, should also start to fight back to defend themselves, and if that mean's your a gay man, if you have to, carry a weapon of somekind, training, etc ... not wait to die and/ or be beaten or robbed. I just cant even understand this mindset, due to the reality that many of us have to live in ... if we were in a more peaceful type society, sure there wouldnt be a need, but that's not the reality here and now. Enough from me.

Britain closes borders for American martial arts guru ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** METRO: US Self Defense guru banned from Britain

***** THE INDEPENDENT: How this man taught me to kill in four moves ... an article like this from 2009 is what also can make one think in the realm of hysteria over these techniques/ training that may be a matter of saving your life when no responder's are there to recue you.


Policing Bad Cops with Self Defense Expert Tim Larkin ... Thanx to THE ALEX JONES CHANNEL



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