Thursday, May 24, 2012

PASTOR CHARLES L. WORLEY: ... FEAR'S, QUEER'S, & PRAYER'S in America! ... "HUMAN MORALITY" PT.8 (partly inspired by Nabil & Rasheed)

Pastor Charles L.Worley

Part 8 of the "Human Morality" series will take a look at recent comment's by an American Pastor/ Minister, Charles L. Worley ... where he suggest's putting gay/ lesbian folk's in concentration camp's and letting them die off basically. First his video statement which is clear and to the point where he stand's, and a couple news link's after, then of course Ranch Chimp's input on this. The title of this posting also inspired in part by the Revolting Cocks (Ministry) song "Beers, Steers & Queers" classic ... and by a couple guy's I know here in Dallas ... Nabil and Rasheed.

***** HUFFPOST/ GAY VOICES: Charles L. Worley, Anti- Gay North Carolina Pastor: 'Forty Years Ago (Gays) Would've Hung ... From A White Oak Tree'

***** THE NEW CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT: Pastor Who Suggested Genocide- Like Concentration Camps For Gays Loses Website




This is another case where the overly obsessed with ancient middle eastern morality code's get their panties in a bind over what someone else does sexually ... or let's just say morally ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Dont get me wrong ... even Ranch Chimp has moral's, it's just that mine are a tad different and havent anything to do with natural animal/ human necessity function's such as taking a shit, eating, sleeping or fucking. As far as thinking about the disgust as Pastor Worley put's it of a couple fella's kissing .... ohhhh ... that's "sick" Pastor Charlie ... give's me the chill's! I could show you a thing or two about heterosexual sex practice's that would make your skin crawl, I have met some of the most sexually deviant folk's that humanity has, even many girl's who were as sick as the men, and have been to gathering's of such folk's even many year's back ... I seen sexual depravity at it's finest, so this shit about two men kissing is like kiddie play compared to the folk's that I known and met ... my friend Joe Christ (also a minister registered in the State of Texas ... Joe also ran for Governor of Texas once year's back and actually got over 2000 vote's : ) is a hetrosexual and his film's alone would make a man like you puke ... because frankly, your a fucken wuss if this bother's you that much. I would encourage folk's like you to go into a number of American prison's and tell the heterosexual men serving time that are fucking other men in the ass that they are "queer" too, since ya'll hate queerism so much ... you will find plenty of it in prison, I can guarantee you, even by men that are married to women outside ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) I really dont mind that you dont like what ya'll call "queers", I'm the same way ... there are many folk's that I dont like, such as many preacher's ... but they dont bother me so much, because I frankly dont give a shit what their into, sexually or morally, or care about their mythological archetype's, fantasies, or their man written morality code's and Holy Book's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I just dont give a fuck Bubba : )

The reason two buddies Nabil and Rasheed came to mind, is because they used to get into these morality debate's late at night when we worked together, I would listen to them and get a laugh out of it, both were religious and Muslim Arab's, both immigrant's from Morocco, they ran a "valet" car park business with a guy named Youness (brother of Rasheed) and another guy named Lotfi ... and I worked security with other security and off- duty DPD moonlighter's. But Rasheed was a hardcore religious guy, and Nabil (my buddy still to this day) was a liberal moderate type Muslim who hated fundamoralism and religion in government, even protested it back in Morocco and told me he was held against the wall with a knife to his throat. But at night where we worked in a Uptown Dallas nightclub district called West Village ... it was common to see gay and lesbian men and women holding hand's and hugging, kissing, etc .... in only a "romantic night" type way, like any young couple's do, and of course Rasheed would get sickened to see it. Rasheed would have to turn his head, and actually get nauseated from the sight of gay men holding hand's and kissing, yet at the same time he had to smile, greet them and fetch their car for his tip, it really psychologically bothered him and he would come back and tell us how it was so sickening, and of course Nabil would tell him to shut up and act like a man, instead of a baby whining about it. Then the religious talk would come in from Rasheed, then Nabil would get mad ... after that I didnt know what they were saying, because they then would talk in Arabic when they got mad, but I can tell you, it wasnt friendly chat either : ) I jumped in between them one night to break it up and said something like "... c'mon guy's, cool it, let's just be happy and gay ..." that got them to laugh and forget about it : )

My point is ... these folk's like this who get all bent out of shape over a couple guy's kissing that they dont even know, are usually that way not by nature, but by religious brainwashing. What I mean is, a heterosexual may not naturally agree with same sex activity, but it's not really enough by nature to make him go psychologically ill over it, just not want to participate in it. Hardly nothing human's do either sexually or otherwise is really in tune with nature to begin with, and those who argue about same sex marriage ... marriage is not even natural, only mating and reproducing ... not life long commitment's, of "till death do us part", only to be later a hypocritical oath of sort, being that so many divorce and re- commit, over and over and over, and the same doctrine that tell's them to make this commitment and not break it till death, then let's them also break it in another chapter ... were so fucken twisted to begin with ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Same with Pastor Worley ... in another statement of his along with talking about putting queer's in concentration camp's, he also sayz that he love's homo's more than they love themselves and pray's for them too ... so I cant tell you the full agenda of the Pastor .... I mean ... put them in concentration camp's, then pray for them as you kill them? ... for what ... to go to Heaven to be with ya'll after ya'll die too, so ya'll can be one big happy familia? And why are all you mother fucker's so fascinated with sex/ homosexuality, death, and torture camp's? Meaning that your own morality by your own word's is nothing more than a sado/ masochistic fetish, eh? Another reason to congregate, have a few prayer's, and rant about your fear's of queer's.

Word Out ....

Beers, Steers, and Queers (Revco/ Revolting Cocks) Thanx to REVCO1000 ... This video/ song I wanted to dedicate to Pastor Worley with Love & Hate : )



Beach Bum said...

Great post! In many ways Christianity is an antiquated and maybe even a dead religion in modern American society. Far too many people who call themselves Christian seem wholly unaware of the teachings of Jesus.

This concentration camp idea is beyond bizarre and suggest to me our society is far sicker than we might suspect. I've said it before many times if I had an available means to leave the country I would gone in a second.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum! ... "Great post" ? ... well Thanx Bum, I didnt expect any compliment on this post. But yes, most of these folk's are so unaware and probably more confused on the teaching's of the Nazarene Christ figure, and so many folk's only take certain chapter's and verses as fav's, plus if you read the 4 Gospel's, each has it's own distinctive way to portray the Christ figure as well ... I reckon the Gospel of Matthew is a favourite to most these dayz. I've touched on this in other posting's here and there, simply because it's so easy to create anything or any phobia you want with the Holy Bible, since it was wrote by so many, over so many year's and so many cultural variation's, later hand selected and compiled to what you read today by the Roman Emporer Constantine (early 4th century) and a hand selected council, so much of the teaching's including Gospel's in particular by "women" were excluded from what you read to begin with ... it all basically was sugar coated is what I'm saying, more or less as an ancient way of political correctness. Bottom line is if any of the teaching's of the Christ figure are true to the word, he would have been more like an Oppupy Wall St. leader of today, and the same corporate communism and mega religious institution's of today would be out to persecute and kill him, the same way that the Jewish temple leader's had influence (lobby) so strong in the Roman government back then to eliminate him.

Thanx for your input here Bum!