Thursday, September 11, 2014

DALLAS Voted Best International Skyline 2014 ... The "BRANCH of the RANCH & COLOUR'S of DALLAS" Edition (TASTE OF TEXAS PT. 26)

Part 26 of the "Taste Of Texas" series will be a look at downtown Dallas that was voted as the best international skyline. I was surprised actually, of course I see downtown Dallas daily and not give it much thought, and alot of these other downtown's are larger than Dallas', many large cities put most of their highrise development in the central part of the city, Dallas scatter's it over a 30 mile area or so, so downtown is not as compact or congested with such. And Dallas is not located on a coast/ ocean like most, or has the natural beauty of mountain's ... understand that this was nothing but an empty dull prairie and forest land as of over 100 year's ago, that I call the "Ranch", and this is the downtown branch of the ranch ... all the large area lakes, and everything else is "man- made'. But still, the downtown here which seem's to change like the season's is a pretty scene ... I think alot of it has to do with the colour lighting or such. Congratulation's to Dallas and some newsread/ video below, along with some images I grabbed of the downtown here.

WFAA8/ ABC DALLAS: Dallas voted 'Best International Skyline' ... (newsread/ video)


Image result for Main Street, Downtown Dallas, 1872

Main Street, Downtown Dallas, 1872




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Related image

Image result for DALLAS Voted Best International Skyline 2014 ... The "BRANCH of the RANCH & COLOUR'S of DALLAS"

Image result for dallas aerial



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Infidel753 said...

It's an impressive-looking city to be sure, and some of those buildings are very unusual. I don't think I've seen those vertical lines of light outlining some of the buildings anywhere else.

What's the cube-of-light structure in the 4th photo?

Ranch Chimp said...

The "cube" is a performing arts building, they have a multi level/ story circular performance hall inside with several stories of balconies going upward. Thanx for your visit Infidel ....