Thursday, November 19, 2009

"GLOBAL GOLD RUSH" ( PART 1) ... Hold your "GOLD" ... regardless of what your Told ....

America is a country of enormous wealth, and has alot for the taking ... especially the people. Now you may think that you dont have much and live a modest working class or middle class life, but you have more than many around the globe may have. An important possession to have in time's such as now ... which is only going to get tighter than what we seen in 2009 ... regardless of what your fed as far as the recession is over or other pop culture talk ... is your "gold". All across America, if you noticed recently are place's advertising to help you through these time's ... by giving you cash for your gold. Despite the variety of place's with various name's you see doing this ... it IS ALL orchestrated by only a handful of people behind the scene's ... and an attempt to buy up just about all the gold they can ... the more they can buy the better. They even say now that they will give percentage bonuses, like an extra 10% for every hundred dollar's worth you sell ... DO NOT BUY THIS. Your gold, and even silver is one of your most valuable asset's.

Understand that the dollar goes up and down like a yo- yo, and in a year from now say ... wont barely be worth the paper it's printed on ... why do you think China is so concerned? Because they have a crapload of American dollar's ... and we owe them over $800 billion as well ... their not dummies ... and neither should we be. They know they may be taken for a "ride" on this one. Our global economic's in the next decade is going to go through change's like we never seen in our lifetime ... and our standard's of living are going to change quite a bit as well ... especially in America ... this is all part of a long waited transition that need's to come about ... without it ... you will never get actual change ... understand, that nothing worth while working for come's easy ... never did ... never will. Our paper currency mean's more only to them who control it and manufacture it ... not the people. These folk's buying up all the gold they can already know what I am talking least they sense it, and whenever you have desperate people ... you have "game" to push. The more gold they can buy up ... the more control they have on it's worth/ value and over our live's even more ... because the worthless crap product's that we produce ... then consume ... to keep us all with food in our bellies ... is nothing compared to those more rare element's and metal's that are out there ... and it is truely something that you can spend in any country on the globe ... in any culture ... without no horseshit about the price of the dollar today verses the pound, euro, yen, etc.

In all our working class communites, especially first amongst latino's you have massive amount's of gold ... then African American's would come in second place (percentage wise) and then Anglo's, then Asian's. Latino's have their toddler's and kid's wearing alot of gold necklace's, such as crosses and other religious amulet's (to bring luck/ prosperity and ward off harm/ evil) ... if in tough time's you can get million's of these folk's to swap their gold for cash and just buy cheaper metal's to replace them, which would spread like a virus ... you are talking about billion's of dollar's. Those who are behind this ... also are working in all the free countries of the world ... in an attempt to get as much of the gold they can and they just melt it down into solid bar's. 10 year's ago you could get say ... $350 to $400 per ounce you sold ... understand that today you may get $900 for that same weight ... and that is only a decade (not sure what today's market rate this is a wild guess estimate but close). The more of these valuable metal's they get ... the more difficult this economic's transition will be on all the people's ... the only one's who are telling you the recession is over ... are those who make these prediction's and assessment's for a living or hobby ... and those at the top this only applies to ... the "have's" ... not the "have-not's" ... the only one's to feel the financial realities to come will be the people ... regardless of what you are fed to believe. And the less free the free market become's.

So ... why is this important, and why should you give a rat's ass if you need quick cash? Because ... if you think time's are tough now ... you havent seen nothing yet ... believe me. There will be a complete global change and the G-20 will orchestrate it ... and the market's and scammer's, speculator's, will all scramble to make sure they dont lose and only figure out how to obtain more wealth and more slave's. Then you will see ... new department's nationally and globally form to regulate more of what has been going on with all this corruption and outright thievery ... which will make them more desperate and cunning trying to get around new law's and investigation's. But understand that those in power who have the most are the one's also that "write" all the legislation ... this will also change over time ... and it may take time ... but eventually you will see a much more level playing field for all. It will be painful ... but the pay- off will be worth it. ANY valuable's you have such as gold in the meantime ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... are worth their weight in "gold". If you need to sell or pawn possession's ... sell the worthless crap they sold you and had you produce as well over the year's ... like those electronic's that become outdated and obsolete every year and replaced by the new and improved model/ version. Let them buy that crap ... not your truely valuable asset's ... you will WIN in the longrun!


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