Thursday, November 19, 2009

MR. SID VICIOUS ... does ..."MY WAY" .... and SEX PISTOLS ... "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" (Live) ...


One that I cant avoid for this journal, and most deserving would be Mr.Sid Vicious also known as John Simon Ritchie ...former vocalist/bassist for the music group "Sex Pistols". One of the great's of 20th century entertainer's.The title of the song "My Way" originally done by another legend Frank Sinatra ...was most fitting to describe Sid's life.Even though some look at his life and death as tragic perhap's ... understand that Sid done thing's his way ...and created his own reality and destiny and his death as well ...he done "what" he wanted ...which make's this piece so appropriate.One of my favourite entertainer's who will alway's be with me in spirit! Enjoy .....

The Sex Pistols- My Way ... Thanx to HOPELSFUTILE

And another piece here as one of my favourites of the group doing "God save the Queen" .... Thanx to F@1$0F!10$0F0


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