Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mr.Mark Griffin (MC900FT JESUS) ...Too Bad (your gonna die now) .... (PT.2)

I wanted to post another song of Mark's here which was his initial motivation for creating his stage title as "MC 900FT JESUS" ... which was I believe around 1988/1989 (I first met Mark had to be around 1980? when he played in a local rock band here in Dallas, and when he was a store clerk at VVV Records) ... but if I'm correct here ... I would say it was 1987 when Oral Roberts (Evangelical Minister and Founder of Oral Roberts University up in Oklahoma) said that this 900FT tall Jesus visited him ... and told him ... if he didnt raise some $8 million dollar's or so by a certain time frame of just several month's ... Jesus was coming back to take him away ... death. It's been quite a few year's since Mark mentioned the story ... so I may have missed a piece or so. But this song is about Jesus coming back to take the Minister to a visit with the Grim Reaper. The gentleman on the left in this video photo is Pat Rollins "DJ ZERO", who does mixing and turntables for the music ... Mark of course is 900FT JESUS ... and obvious from his picture here, enjoy. : )

MC 900ft Jesus Too Bad ... Thanx to MAKAUK




Rita said...

Not what I generally listen to. Probably, why I hadn't heard of him before. Interesting music, though. I have to say I like the first song you posted better. I remember listening to a lot of garage bands when I was a teenager.I never knew any that actually made it big.

Infidel753 said...

Oral Roberts (Evangelical Minister and Founder of Oral Roberts University up in Oklahoma) said that this 900FT tall Jesus visited him...and told him...if he didnt raise some $8 million dollar's or so by a certain time frame of just several month's ...Jesus was coming back to take him away ...death.

I always thought this story was really funny because it makes Jesus sound like an extortionist demanding ransom. "You guys hand over eight million bucks in small, unmarked bills by July -- or the evangelist gets blown away!"

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Ms.Rita! Back in the late 70's, there was only one alternative and punk rock venue in Dallas(Dallas then was saturated only with hard rock/metal type joint's and disco) called the "HotKlub"(Actually ran by some Arab guy,imagine that)a real "dive"(dump) but fitting for the only few hundred folk's in this town who sought that type entertainment(me one). We all would put money then into a pot and collected enough to rent warehouse space off downtown (actually where both these are filmed)which is now called "Deep Ellum" from these old retired Jew merchant's who owned it all.A bunch of local garage type band's would come and play for free beer drug's,and sex.Several band's got some notoriety later, I will post more band's I am sure most folk's didnt ever hear of, but were a part of that "alternative scene" and did get some smaller label contract's here and there.Mark actually done this,kind of as a joke to some degree,and to see what it would sound like if you mix post modern industrial with a touch of hip hop,and a sprinkle of jazz,his main love was jazz from childhood actually,big icon's to him were Sam Cooke,and Aretha Franklin (at least from what he told me over beer talk, because we were about the same age..I am 6 month's older than him) but this ended him up with a record contract actually for 5 year's from "Nettwork Records" (a small but upcoming new label at the time who signed alot of these alternative type's)so it worked out well for him, as well as Pat, and a few other's.They didnt make it really "BIG" but enough to be able to live a decent life and have the time and support to work only on what they loved. He did end up as one of the first musician's on a new MTV gig called "Alternative Nation" on MTV though, which help's as well...they scouted these group's from all over the nation. Understand...that most band's when they do make it, by the time they pay everyone off that they owe...make about a middle class income living,much of your money goes back into the industry.Thanx for your visit Ms.Rita! :)

Heh,heh,heh,heh,heh ...Mr.Infidel sound like a "wiseguy" (name for gangster type hustler's and muscle)... but YES .. you are exactly right ... the story is precisely like that.What's remarkable is that there are enough gullible people who ACTUALLY buy this crap too!But, yep, that is basically what ole Jesus told the ole boy! :) Thanx for your input here Mr.Infidel!