Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DALLAS' ..."REUNION ARENA" ... Demolition ...A Farewell ...

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Dallas Reunion Arena (wikipedia)

This posting is simply memorabilia. It was sad to see it come down for me ... I couldnt even count to you how many events and concerts I have attended in this arena over a twenty year span ... and the memories touch my heart sincerely.As one can see they removed the inside and walls of arena itself first, and left the roof standing alone for this demolition, for environmental reason's and recycling. However this is the cost of progress ... and it, like Texas Stadium (Dallas Cowboys home for a half century) ... which will be next as you can see, is prime real estate. Awwwh ... what great memories of this place ... Farewell ....

Reunion Arena Dallas Demolition ... Thanx to ELITE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS


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