Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A posting to honour Veterans Day ...and HELL YES ...HAPPINESS!! Veteran's all over our great nation and abroad can stand tall today and be reckonized for their service's to their families,communities,our country ...and our allies, and in representation to their comrade's who have fallen and given the ultimate sacrifice for the shared cause.Where in Hell would we be without these guy's and gal's?!!!

American's and our veteran's will celebrate today coast to coast ...from the smallest town's to the largest cities..and all those who are alive this moment that are veteran's can certainly appreciate what they have done...even more from their experience's in these battle's...and witnessing first hand from being in these foreign land's that are less fortunate, how well worth their effort's were and how great it is to be living here at home in America! Congratulation's to ya'll for a job well done! Grab a beer and a bite and lay back and enjoy for a day.

I also hope still to see more effort's from our representation in Washington ... as I have posted in the past like a broken record ... to assure our veteran's a little more than just lip service support and make sure that an end is put to this nonsense of seeing figure's such as in Los Angeles of the thousand's of homeless vet's that line the street's ... THIS!! ... IS TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!! I will say it again ... THERE IS NO REASON THAT ONE VETERAN SHOULD BE WITHOUT A ROOF OVER THEIR HEAD!!

There should be no excuse for this homelessness of veteran's or ANY lack of needed assistance! And dont give us this BS about cost's, budget's or other crap!! Cost my goddamn ass! Half you overpaid stuffed suited SOB's dont even earn your paycheck as far as I'm concerned.I dont care how ya'll do it ...get the goddamn job done! ...our veteran's certainly done their job's! Could you imagine what the hundred's of million's it probably cost to crash that rocket into the lunar surface a week or so ago to see if there was ever water there, or still is, could have done being spent on our veteran's instead or a number of other project's that are a waste of money in my opinion? I dont see any damn scientific victory if there was water on the moon or not(and yes, I've read the reason's), and I am VERY pro-science/ space/ NASA funding as well. Water on the moon!! Geeeez .. sometime's I think there's water filling ya'll's brain's!


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