Thursday, November 5, 2009

POLITICS OF PRO-POLLUTION (PT.1) .... What is the Point? ....

This video is presented by journalist/ reporter John Stossel, who is kind of known for his investigative reporting. I wanted to post this to show just a fraction of all the media that is out there on this "Global Warming Hoax" movement ... and has especially been going after Al Gore the last couple year's. What we are seeing of course is "politic's as usual" only. So I call this ... The Politic's of Pro- Pollution". They accuse the global warming theory advocate's here of instilling fear into children and such. This is another reason why I have alway's pointed out how we use children as a commodity and show no respect to them.

Global Warming Theory DESTROYED By  20/ 20's John Stossel ... Thanx to JEDIWITNESS

Now of course my question is ..."What is the point here?". The only point in any of this could only be ... to make sure we have no one interfering with our filthy habit's and excessive greed. This dont have a goddamn thing to do with saving the children from brainwashing ... we as adult's always use that crap ... and use children as a commodity for the most part of our society on every level as well.

We have folk's here wanting to sue each other over their theories? All the arguement's whether the earth is getting warmer or cooler over the decade's and centuries ... and all our effort's and energy we spend on pointing finger's at who's right and who's wrong. I can assure you ... that nature dont give a rat's ass about our petty primitive indifferences ... nor give's a rat's ass about the human species for that matter ... it evolve's and act's ... there is no politic's to it, no good and evil, no left nor right.

My bottom line question is ... what is the purpose to continue to throw million's of ton's of pollution into our land, air, and sea's daily? I actually would like to hear any of these theorist's answer that. I never hear any of them even discuss that. Even if we didnt have global warming or cooling ... is there a reason besides politic's and money to keep trashing the planet? Can the earth survive without our filth and disregard? Will we be doomed if we just happen to find a more efficient and cleaner way of doing business and supply of energy? Isnt that just basic common sense and actual progress?

The bottom line is ... we are a filthy destructive species ... and as far from nature as you can get ... we believe we are special ... nature's little chosen lovebug's ... who can do any damn thing they want ... and suffer no consequences for our action's. That is the real INSANITY. Like it or not ... our future will look at our past mistake's and look for way's to clean up the mess we made ... we have a habit of leaving alway's a mess on every level for the next generation's to have to deal with. There is nothing awful with these children who think that we need to clean up the enviroment ... what is awful is us.

That's the REALITY ....



Infidel753 said...

Global warming is a hoax! Evolution is a hoax! You can't really be harmed by other people's cigarette smoke! Air pollution is caused by trees! Destroying the environment doesn't matter because Jesus is coming back soon! America has the best health-care system in the world! Obama isn't really the President because he was born in Kenya! And we found a few scientists who agree with this stuff, so never mind what 99.9% of scientists say!

The fundamentalist right wing has a solution for every problem. Just announce that the problem doesn't really exist, and if people keep talking about it, call them names.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yep ....that pretty much sum's it up.This is exactly what our game is about. Kind of sickening ... but reality.

That's another big problem too that you mentioned ... this mentality that has set in, that Jesus...or whatever name one chooses to use ... is coming to destroy us all anyway's... so who give's a rat's ass. Basically a massive cult type mindset with nothing more than doom and gloom as a final goal.

Thank You for you comment's here Mr.infidel ............