Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pres.Obama break's one of his 510 campaign promises...BOO-HOO....

One of President Obama's campaign promises supposedly(of around 510 promises)when he signed the "Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act"...because he claimed that he would wait for 5 day's of public comment before signing any bill/legislation,was broken! My God! When I first heard this panties went in a bind...I didnt know whether to run to the toilet,wind my watch,or grab a kleenex to dry my eyes from the flow of tear's...I was "outraged"..."heartbroken"...felt violated...BOO-HOO.(just kiddin) This is some Obama watch cult...of I gather...mostly his supporting cult following...that have a list of all his promises check which he break's...offending of coarse his supporter's. I was an Obama supporter myself...I just didnt become one of the cult member's.

One of the most hilarious part's of what is to as I pointed out before he even got the nomination...that if this guy does make will be a celebrative opening...but down the road it will get mean and dirty. And it wasnt just Obama...this would have happened to...anyone who got elected in this race would get the whip.I just used Obama as an example to demonstrate how the tides shift...because of his enormous popularity at the time.As I also pointed out back in that same time period...alot of folk's are not listening to what he is actually saying...and many democrat's will be disappointed as well.Why? Because they dont understand his way of a matter of fact....most people dont...because most people can only think in term's right now of left/right.But I heard him loud and clear...early on...and I knew that is why I wanted him elected...because he is going to really shake up some folk's who need a good bolt of lightning in the ass to begin with! He's loved and adored now...but give it a year or two...then the crap will really hit the fan...and I will love every minute of it! Hell...he just started!

He or anyone else is forced to break cant keep all your promises. Understand...that the freeworld of our a trendy society. What is popular now...may be unpopular in 12 month's...we are a society alway's changing our mind's...and that is one of the great thing's about us...if it werent for this...we would be even slower than we are when it comes to changing some thing's that drastically need changing. We all know that no President can make everyone happy....nor can come into a mess like this and patch it all up.But...he has the right mindset of what it will take to pull through some of these difficulties. These difficulties are not permanent...their just what we had coming after year's of abuse and neglect...we are just suffering some of the result's of our action's is all.

Being pissed off is healthy in a vibrant democracy and to direct your anger where needed...but whining in your beer and acting like a 6 year old who just had their candy taken away from nothing but being a naive pansy! He's going to break promises...and make bad moves from time to time...period...get the hell over it! He's the right choice right now...for what we need...and Bush was also the right choice for his 8 year's...I think I'm nut's...but understand...this was all needed to come to face the reality of the times...if it wasnt for Bush...Obama probably would have never made the Presidency.This is what is all going to change the way we do thing's and prepare us to move forward in a new direction.

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