Thursday, December 11, 2008

President Bush on "DRUG WAR" Progress...NAIVE, NONSENSICAL, RUBBISH ...

This "War on Drug's" that was started from the first President Bush ... has done nothing in my opinion ... that positively effect's the drug problem in America. He was on CNN News today ... talking about all the progress made, and while doing so ... I couldnt believe what I was hearing ... and what a Hell of a time to bring up this nonsense! Another example of just how blind those are in Washington as to the reality of the current condition in the country they govern.

Let me elaborate here ... and give a clearer picture on the "Reality of the Union" if you will. All this drug war consist's of ... is making a buck for many in the court's ... prison system's ... with law enforcement and dealer's. I could go on and on ... about the waste of money that could really go to combating drug addiction. Pres.Bush speak's of how they targeted cocaine and how much they removed from the street in major bust's. The reality is ... that many of these major bust's are set up by the drug cartel's themselves on the Mexican/ American border. Texas for example who has the largest border with Mexico ... say they make a so called "major" bust in El Paso one day of say a half a ton of clean cocaine (before the massive cut's it will take before it hit's the street). That 1000 pound's is a diversion in many cases ... so that when law enforcement is focused on El Paso ... 20xtimes that amount (10 ton's) is coming in through the Del Rio area ... hundred's of miles away. Same applies to marijuana and opiates ... and pharmaceutical's are even making their way across the border, even gun's, even child prostitutes for that matter ... anything that makes a buck. Many law enforcement on both sides of the border ... especially the Mexican side ... are on the "take" (pay-off's).

Presideent Bush said that drug use amongst teen's is down by 25% ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... these statistic's are political rubbish! And the drug use thing amongst teen's changes like the damn season's ... just like crime statistic's ... more rubbish ... good print though ... just meaningless. Many teen's get high recreationally ... and "score" dope from multiple places ... usually from their teen contact's ... who get supplied through the internet, the street, and many prescription drug's even come from home. And the interaction is a different world from the street dope houses in urban area's and curbside dealer's, and especially the clientele. Even speed/ meth these day's is coming in from Mexico (which was originally and exclusively a USA creation and market) ... trying to put the once local meth lab's out of business. Mexico has even gotten into in recent year's now ... the opium trade ... which for year's has been dominated by Afghanistan (after year's of the southest asian dominance, and grade's/ type's vastly vary ... asian being the popular white for instance, these dayz the Mexican tar, totally different) ... and still is ... but folk's south of the border with their pro- business and strongly competitive spirit are getting a piece of that action too ... why not? The cartel's military personel ... are better equipped weapon's wise and even technology wise than even the law enforcement on BOTH sides of the border ... and most importantly ... pay better!

The statement that drug use is down across America? ... and the dealer's are being rounded up etc? More nonsense .,. understand ... supply WILL meet demand. If one of your local dealer's get's busted ... a replacement will be set up the same day, why? Because the pay is great and folk's (addict's) need their stuff. Take the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex for example ... in 2008 ... there is no such thing as "dry" or "tapped out" these day's ... and info on where to obtain drug's if you dont have a steady line/ connection ... or say your new in town ... is better available than the internet info ... just on the street's. Dope houses and curbside drive-thru's/ walk-up's go 24/ 7 in this town as well as any metro area across America ... including ... not far from 1600 Pennsylvania Av. NW, in DC.

The talk about the "faith based" group's and drug intervention programmes making progress ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well ... bless their heart's ... at least their trying, but this current approach is another programme doomed to failure. Another thing ... locking up an addict in prison does not do much of anything ... and sometimes makes the addict more hungry ... because ... when it comes time for release and hitting the street's and they see their old homies/ buddies and have them "dope dream's" prior to release, they will be all over the next tempting bump/ hit like a cheap suit ... every dope fiend know's that the first hit/bump of the day is the best/ strongest! They can be monitored by probationary/ parole department's supervision? More nonsense ... info on how to beat screening test's and product's are as available as a loaf of bread in a 7/ 11.

I could go on and on ... but just wanted to make a few point's here. You see ... bottom line is ... when you do something like this "War on Drug's" ... and you do it for 20+ year's basically the same way ... and have nothing to show for your effort's and investment's ... you move on to "Plan B" ... and if you dont have a "Plan B" ... well ... duuuuhhh ... you create one! President Bush' statement today on the progress of the "War on Drug's" is only naive, nonsensical, rubbish.



Infidel753 said...

Alcohol prohibition didn't work;
Drug prohibition doesn't work;
Gun prohibition won't work.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your comment Mr.Infidel. Well...there you have it...short,sweet,and to the point.Ya'll see what the man said! And you cant logically dispute that! :)