Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where can we buy.."intrusion detection software"? about "CHINA-MART"?

Now that we have the important issue's cleared up as far as peak sales on the Obama and McCain "flip-flop" sandal's that been selling like half price rock(crack).And that we have confirmed that John Edwards had sex..and confirmed that Russia dont give a rats ass what we think..I figured we could move on to another issue.So I figured to throw in my 2cents on foreign countries that like to spy,which has went on forever...but it should never be taken light hearted.As I mentioned in my earliest post's..America is being ganged up on..and we better wake up and be aware.

Lou Dobbs brought up an interesting point about why Americans visiting the Olympics in Beijing were having their hotel rooms gone through when they are not at their rooms? Well...according to the Government of the "Peoples Republic of China",any of the governments actions at the Olympics are within accordance of international standards..and they would have nothing to do with such allegations like espionage. And that's nice...I feel better that they responded to that..and properly..after all what else would I expect them to say? That they are obtaining all info they can when folks arent occupying their rooms?

Ever wonder how secure our intell is at our DHS(Dept.of Homeland Security)? Put it this way...securing "intell" is something I know a little bit about,not much..but enough to know that what we have set up from what I have gathered is so insecure that you could organize a bunch of teens smoking blunts(pot in cigar wrappers)to crack out key info on their PC's..and pay them in pot! Even according to Rep.Zoe Lofgren(D-CA)...we dont even have any "intrusion detection software" installed! This is no joke...this is the reality of our DHS..I could go on and on here!Even Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff himself submitted a memo of concern citing the problem of vulnerability of our defense intell.."CLASSIFIED" as well as unclassified. DHS'proposed solution is to create another department within the department,and to now require that Americans who frequent foreign countries(my daughter would be included in this since her job requires foreign travel as marketing coordinator for an international company)to report ALL contacts when travelling abroad. I support this 110%...but is it enough?..and most importantly it too late? It's NEVER too late...nor is anything ever enough.

We need to also understand that the new wave of terror will become more technically efficient .... 9/11 was a tragedy for us .... but it was also a failure for the group responsible .... why? Because with the population of the World Trade Center workforce/ occupancy .... 10's of thousand's was the terrorist's planned objective obviously ....more like at least 30 to 50 thousand casualties is what they were planning considering the plan's they engineered .... what happened is their timing was off by less than 2 hour's .... the mission obviously was to shut down Washington, being the Capitol and Pentagon, or at least to temporarily paralyze, as well as the market affiliate's in the Trade Center' to disrupt the market's .... then if all went as planned .... most likely individual terror cell's independent within say 48 hour's would execute several other terror hit's domestically, meaning .... yes .... there are far more sleeping terror cell's in the USA than we actually realize ... they didnt act because the 9/ 11 stunt actually failed and didnt go as planned, which crippled their mission, we had some luck you can say. Some of these sleeping cell's will stay here and for year's to come become more technically computer savvy ... and even new wave's or terrorism using cyberspace sabotaging everything from financial institution's to our power grid's, etc, and they will buy and recruit from anyone, they dont care if it's China (although China has an investment now and wouldnt want to terrorize us or have any to do with that, but individual's would) to folk's like MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) of the Niger Delta to any other inde that has a plan and something to sell .... the list is endless of possiblities. This is also why we need to be more on the "up and up", on what is happening ..... we havent seen nothing yet!

We currently have as well at least 3500 front companies of China operating in our country to acquire(some may say"steal")info on our technology..and what some may call"secrets"of trade and so forth. Imagine that! What a price to pay just to get cheap products and to try to get communists to change their ways ...heh? One day we will wake up...we have taken 6"inches already...maybe by 10" we will finally say ouch!...that's enough.One of the American tourists at the Olympics that had his personal belongings went through while not in his room for instance was Rep.Mike Rogers(R-MI).Why would they need to rummage through his personal property behind his back? And you can bet on it wasnt an underwear fetishist!

Recently former Pentagon Analyst Gregg.W.Bergersen was sentenced to 5 years for passing info/intell to a spy for the "Peoples Republic of China" who he thought was just a furniture salesman in New Orleans by the name of Tai Kuo. He thought that Mr.Kuo was aligned with the Taiwanese Government and the info/intell was to furthering the establishment of a new sophisticated air defense system for Taiwan ...supposedly. If you buy that nonsense.With tears in his eyes prior to sentencing he said he was sorry for what he done...Sorry?..well if he thought it was for Taiwanese defense and all that...why was he sorry? He was obviously sorry because he got caught!The fact is that Mr.Kuo spent thousands on Mr.Bergersens gambling addiction in Vegas...even promised Mr.Bergersen a "job" after he retires the Pentagon.Why he only got 5 years is puzzling...the initial prosecution called for around at least 7to9 years...maybe it was the tears..heh? Who knows...maybe the traitor will get lucky and get a pardon from Bush the end of this year.In China he probably would have been terminated. I could go on and on...but I made my point that we can NEVER feel secure enough...this is something we should not be so relaxed about...and stay always on top...after all...the security we talk about here is not about terror bombers..this is far more important...because it involves our investments and future financial security and keeping our economy vibrant...with our technological achievements...without that...we will live on our knee's to a communist or dictator regime...that makes Bush look like a boyscout leader!

You reckon "CHINA-MART" might sell some of that "intrusion detection software"?

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