Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Extreme Makeover"...the United States Government edition...

I call it "Extreme Makeover"..because that is exactly what we need.Once we repair our image and how we conduct business...we will find it much easier to do needed business..and renew alliances abroad...especially in the Middle Eastern part of the world.This is what I am hoping Senator Obama can do if elected President too.

I know it's a crap shoot...and Sen.Obama hasnt near the experience as far as foreign affairs are concerned.The flip side to that is Biden does..and I feel Biden is a fairly straight up guy..and can offer some important tips to Obama.My petty objections and questions about Obama are not really important..such as more specific's on health care...right's to own guns,etc.I believe right now...besides working on a speedy as possible recovery of our domestic economical situation,our other most important to try to patch up our image worldwide.This has cost us a bundle.The amount we spent on this war for instance is incredible.And I feared this from day one of this invasion of Iraq...the costs of it.Obama was against the invasion as well..and very skeptical of the length of occupancy as well as the costs and lives of our finest defenders.But we cannot turn back the clock...what is done is done.

And Bush is not a commi or dictator by any stretch of the imagination.I sure as hell dont agree with his approach..but I believe I understand what he is trying to do.As I said in my earliest posts...understand the mentality of the long term investor.Let me make this simple and brief.A good economy globally means more folks with food at the table...and occupied with a job...less chance of being recruited by radical extremeists.Bringing this to a region like the middle east...creates stability in the longrun..but..IT TAKES TIME.The amount of suffering domestically Bush views as mild...why? Because he looks at the rest of the world and how little many others have,in a way..he see's us as spoiled.I disagree with this strictly is we...who brought ourselves to this level...through hard work..I dont believe we should feel like we have too much...we have much because we worked our asses off and fought and struggled for decades to achieve all we have.Bush dont like communism...he feels that getting the Chinese involved in the world arena more will make them slowly dissolve their system and choose to be a part of a thriving system that will better the Chinese peoples lives over time...again...the "long term".While our standard of living might go down "some"...these peoples standards will go up some creating a more balanced quality of life...again,"over time" for the peoples of the globe.Why did he spend all our surplus? He looks at it as an investment...he see's business...not what truely makes the world go around. He seen Washington as just ratholing billions and wasting money on pointless projects and such..and figured to put it too use and let business use it to...well...what he thinks..generate more business.

One of the problems with all of this I over spending..and neglect of the interest's of those who employ him.Another thing...his diplomatic ways are not the best way to deal with alot of folks in other regions.This man isnt what you could call.."Mr.Personality".His actions have helped these radical groups to create a "cause" and to be successful on creating propaganda to make us look like bullies who are only interested in raping the world of natural resources like petro. The religious factor plays another big psychological role in the success of this.They can use this to say we are disrespecting their culture...the money factor plays out to look "evil".When folks are hungry,lots of time on their hands since they have no employment..and always in fear of bombs raining down on them and their is easy to recruit them to oppose someone like us...and see us as evil.When we leave hundreds of innocent people locked up in prisons...for 3,4,5 years...without charging them with nothing as well...what do you think those who were incarcerated will say when they get back home?...and what will it make people believe? All the refugee's that have had to flee to places like Jordan..or Syria from Iraq who these countries like Jordan for instance are stretched now to the gill's..because they cannot handle financially the 100's of thousands they had to take in feed and educate.So what do allies of ours like Jordan think? I could go on and on.

I talk one on one to several folks from these regions...and they explain things to me...I never thought about before...simply because I live in the American mindset,so I cant feel how they must feel and think...just like I said in the past..about trying to feel like a poor black person feel's caught in an urban hole...that they feel lack of hope ever getting out of.This is why I try to hear everything straight from the horses I have a clearer picture of the reality around me.

I am hoping that Obama can share his so called personality..and listening traits with others around the globe...and show that we are not only about what our adversaries portray us to be.And sitting down and talking with folks is not wimping out at all.It's only fair...and the proper thing to do...after all...thats not our territory or our culture...we should respect that.I am banking on it that Obama as President will be a very good communicator with others abroad..and a man..who will at least try to listen for a change.We have nothing to prove acting like roughnecks with everyone...why? Because its no secret how powerful we are..and our weaponry/
military power and such.Everyone KNOWS our power..and know when we DO bomb...we really lay it down.

We should not let these politicians pump us with fear either.Terrorism exists...all over the world...we have to live with this point of our evolution,life is too short to spend it all dwelling on our will not make it all go away...TIME...will heal things...not worrying.But yes...our sourpuss government really needs a face lift.As far as Senator McCain...well...he speaks clearly what he's about...and in my opinion...far from a solution. Nor do I think folks around the globe will be waiting for him with open arms.We can do much better then we are,we have all what it takes...just the wrong old sourpusses running the show like it is 1965.

The money we have unecessarily spent on wars...only a fraction of that used correctly...could have bought millions of folks and have them working for us..and bettering their own lives..just a fraction!But to do that you need a good sales person...if you cant "sell" cant push your product..and you wont profit...bottom line.And over 4000 of probably the finest trained troops in the world died over this...troops that are supposed to be defending the USA.We cant get them back now! But our sales really pathetic...experienced or not.And we just need an extreme makeover.

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