Sunday, August 31, 2008

The "Current Political Mess" ... and America's REALITY ...

No doubt that this election should be alot of fun ...because the closer we get to election day ... the more crap we will be fed by both sides of this. And the sad reality is this ... no matter who win's this election ... it isnt going to do much of anything for America ... especially the people. With the democrats there is at least a chance, of maybe getting a little break financially ... but we cant expect much. I know that the greener pastures are ahead ... I just dont know when. The political situation we are in ... is basically a rehash of the same. We have 2 sides desperately wanting to get chosen ... and making some great speeches, but where will we be in 4 years from now?

I like Palin alot too ... as an outspoken person. But I am sure this is deeper then we see right now ... and of course the present administration ... and probably the first Bush President along with Cheney got their paws in this. They want Anwar ... bad ... and Palin can make a great arguement ... especially to a desperate American people that are suffering from gas prices. Yes ... it can create jobs ... but what is the actual reality of getting much relief from the oil prices? The global market determines the value of our dollar ... the cost of a barrel of oil. Who will all be involved with the drilling? Who do you think? The large oil people ... who has always been in charge. We will be less dependent on foreign oil? That's very clever wording ... because the reality is ... the world oil market has no boundaries ... it's a "global" market, period! The Arab's as well as the Chinese and everyone else all will have their paws even in our domestic energy. We have NO surplus ... we are broke ... we are tapped out on credit, we already owe everyone from the Arab's to the Chinese ... and to top it off, despite Iraq's new wealth from all their oil ... we are still obligated to paying their way ... and now to add to it ... we are going to have to reconstruct any infrastructure the Russians destroyed in Georgia. I put money on it ... that we are going to be no better off 4 years from now then we are now ... besides maybe getting a couple government handouts. The worst part is the proposals of the republicans ... because there is no possible way ... with how and what they propose ... that it could make the peoples of America ... have any better financial situation ... and what the democrats have to offer ... is a little air ... but not much.

If we continue to support these large corporate giants that only send work out of the country ... we will need to support some foreign countries to try to give us jobs here. The dollar is low ... foreign investors are buying up America ... like a yard sale ... and it might be the only hope for an increase in jobs domestically. In other words ... just having to work for foreigner's .There is much wealth in this country, it's just that alot of the major American investors ... are not necessarily spending here like they did before. This is all a result of the globalization. The reality is that the world economy is much different now ... then even 20 years ago. We have to try to rathole every dollar of our taxes that we can too. Because we are not doing nothing no more for ourselves ... all our money is being used up to ... well ... take care of the rest of the world ... and the controlling corporate interests. This is why they want republicans in too. We are all blindsided without realizing it. They have us at each other throats on things like ... women votes, moral votes, Hillary votes, Obama votes, helping the troops ... etc. We are not even getting any help for our troops. You wouldnt believe over the years ... now many I have talked to in the streets and knew that were veterans ... and are sleeping on the streets. A country this wealthy ... should not have one veteran that has to sleep on the street or under some bridge.

2 to 3 days after Russians invaded Georgia ... Secretary Rice got on national tele ... to say we are going to rebuild the damaged infrastructure ... and already had a billion dollars for a down payment ready. Imagine that ... do you know it took twice that long just to get drinking water to the folks of New Orleans that were hit by hurricane Katrina? And thats in our own damn country. Today we have McCain and republicans taking advantage of this Gustav hurricane about to hit our Gulf Coast ... hoping for their ratings to go up from it. When will we wake up and realize that none of these folks give a rats ass about us except for what they can milk us for?

The real fun of this race for the White House has yet to come as well ... I think Palin was a great choice for the republicans ... and between her and this hurricane that is coming our way ... they think they have a cake walk. She said she will focus on the Hillary voters ... and alot of them are already hungry for her ... and they are still angry after weeks ... or maybe even month's now ... and will probably continue to stay angry since we still have these anti Clinton people bullying them, so this crap will just go back and forth ... back and forth. What is really going to be hilarious is seeing liberals (Hillary supporters) actually voting for a candidate like McCain ... who said he wants to mold the Supreme Court to abolish Roe/ Wade ... who has a running mate ... that would probably try to get "creationism" and "intelligent design" to be taught in public schools alongside with science ... and I think its safe to say from her record ... that she does not favour Roe/ Wade either. As individuals ... I see qualities in both I like ... but to actually get elected ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I think we can do without them. Obama ... I like his attitude and words ... but in a screwed up political system like we have ... with all of its old deadwood ... how far can he actually get? Our politics are a mess ... and that's America's reality.

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